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  1. castigear

    The Zelda Pantheon

    I don't disagree, although I feel Hylia is a tier below the Golden Goddesses....If they are Zeus Poseidon and Hades, the eldest of the Greek Gods, then Hylia is like Athena. I would even go so far as to say she is a minor deity, albeit probably the strongest of them. The Golden Goddesses are...
  2. castigear

    Character names that annoy you

    So like Cloud Strife? (Waits for the fanboys to attack)
  3. castigear

    "10,000 years"

    I never said the people of 10,000 years ago didn't build the divine beasts and the guardians, just that the technology itself could have been uncovered in a cyclic manner. It is obvious that the Sheikah and others of Skyward Sword were technologically adept (the gate of time, the Lanayru Mining...
  4. castigear

    Spoiler Zelda's Power

    Never said you did, I was just expressing my internal dialogue regarding what exactly she was doing.
  5. castigear

    Old Rito or New Rito?

    Buh. Buh rito is my favorite. Kidding. I prefer the new ones. I loved part of the WW art style, but overall it was hit and miss to me. Ganondorf for example, I liked his characterization but not his design. And I wasn't a fan of the WW rito at all.
  6. castigear

    Spoiler Zelda's Power

    It certainly doesn't seem that she possesses the full power of the Triforce. To me the two most likely possibilities are that she is just harnessing the Triforce of Wisdom (despite the fact that the entire Triforce seems to be shining on the back of her hand), or that the royal family has...
  7. castigear

    BotW Future Story and Triforce Theory

    To be fair, any three points form a triangular shape :) But I know what you mean. I think it is coincidence, but it would be interesting if perhaps Mount Rhoam is important in the upcoming DLC story.
  8. castigear

    "10,000 years"

    IMO it wasn't a well thought out thing, but the intention was to separate the game from the rest of the series, creating a soft reboot of sorts. With legends, prophecies, etc, the idea is that it is so far removed from the events in other games, it "doesn't matter" what timeline it is in. That...
  9. castigear

    Proud Dad Moment

    So I just had to post this proud dad moment...I only get my 9 year old son every other weekend, and his mom isn't a fan of video games (I on the other hand have been a gamer since 1985). My anniversary and his birthday are march 6th and march 8th respectively, so we got ourselves a switch. He...
  10. castigear

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Persona 5. 10/10 I've been playing the persona series (and SMT) for a long time. This has the best battle system/dungeon diversity of them all, a compelling story, and a bigger injection of SMT than the series has had in a long time.
  11. castigear

    Switch or something else?

    Personally, if you have been saving up for a Switch for a long time, think about how you will feel when you have spent that money elsewhere. Personally, when I have been saving up for something for a while, I buy the pieces as soon as I can, to lock myself in that decision. I cannot decide for...
  12. castigear

    What Annoyed You Today?

    It's been a rough day or so, that's why I am here. Ready to relax again and talk Zelda!
  13. castigear

    Outside of Nintendo, who do you have your eye on for E3 2017?

    I personally am an avid rpg gamer, so I hope that (keep in mind these are just shot in the dark hopes and dreams) that Atlus reveals remasters of Persona 3 and 4, Square has a few more surprises, Konami gets their heads out of their asses and has a new Suikoden in the works (like I said I am...
  14. castigear

    General Zelda The Zelda Game That Took You the Longest to Beat.

    Technically LoZ, because I first played it very young and later came back to it.
  15. castigear

    Spoiler Fi Could Return, but When?

    In a manner of speaking, every Link that has wielded the Master Sword has met her. That aside, I fully expect she has the ability to re-emerge, she just hasn't had the need to or is waiting for a specific event.
  16. castigear

    DT Theory - Link's Wish in ALttP

    It's actually not bad, and it is somewhat supported by the chronology of actual games. I've always thought that ALttP Link must have not made a very good wish, as evidenced by the events of LoZ and AoL. So basically you are saying that he wished for Ganon's defeat prior to the imprisoning war...
  17. castigear

    Why OoT COULD NOT Have Started the Imprisoning War

    I think so. I only mentioned HW to illustrate that I agree with you about the "co-produced" games, not to derail the thread. Nothing to see here.
  18. castigear

    A True New Sequel

    They should do that: Make a direct sequel to AoL and call it "Zelda 3: the blank of the blank" and watch people lose their minds at the title choice. All joking and crazy time split stories aside (because let's face it, they will never make a game more complicated story-wise than say, Oot), I...
  19. castigear

    Why OoT COULD NOT Have Started the Imprisoning War

    Agreed, I always get a bit worried when they contract games out. The canon debate for Hyrule Warriors will haunt us for years.
  20. castigear

    Why OoT COULD NOT Have Started the Imprisoning War

    1. I'm quite sure the format of my post made it clear it was part of an interview, making it, for all intents and purposes, a quote. 2. I don't think the backstory is a direct account of the Sages. The manual of ALttp makes it clear the backstory is an amalgam of various legends and sources...
  21. castigear

    Why OoT COULD NOT Have Started the Imprisoning War

    Sweet, I had fifty bucks on "he's gonna say 'I don't like that quote, find me another quote'"
  22. castigear

    Why OoT COULD NOT Have Started the Imprisoning War

    TSA Camp Hyrule: A Link to the Past sufferred a bunch of changes from it's Japanese counterpart, Triforce of the Gods. One example is the Japanese manual says the Master Sword was forged before the Imprisoning War, where in the US version it says during the Imprisoning War. Which version is...
  23. castigear

    A True New Sequel

    Let me precede this by saying I agree with you 100% in that I choose to consider any game I play canon, just because I enjoy it more that way. That being said, asking people in a forum about discussion and speculation to NOT discuss something you don't want to talk about is a bit unrealistic...
  24. castigear

    General Zelda New to Zelda... Tell Me What to Do Next.

    I would go with A Link to the Past.
  25. castigear

    The Existence of a Fourth Goddess

    Not a bad idea. Another possibility is simply that the void in the middle of the Triforce represents a fourth god/goddess, one who was left out of the creation of the world or was abandoned here (the old stories always said that the Triforce was what remained at the point where the goddesses...
  26. castigear

    Why OoT COULD NOT Have Started the Imprisoning War

    While I appreciate fervor as much as the next person, Nintendo is officially the author of the entire series. "ignore the fact that HH is currently canon" is a very strange argument to make. Everyone is entitled to create their own head canon or fan fiction to rationalize inconsistencies, but...
  27. castigear

    A True New Sequel

    I obviously don't think the reboot thing would ever happen, and like I said, the last part was me just going out into left field. Only the first two paragraphs were serious. Like I said, I would be more on board with the merging idea, but it wouldn't work for the Adult timeline due to the...
  28. castigear

    Possible Subtitles?

    Several recent titles have been named after the new game mechanic/item. so... The Legend of Zelda: Shield of Eternity The Legend of Zelda: Dagger of Destiny The Legend of Zelda: Cloak of Possibilities The Legend of Zelda: Hylia's Harp
  29. castigear

    Spoiler The Triforce is the Controller of the Gods.

    This may be unpopular but I prefer to think of the three goddesses as "above good and evil". To me that is preferable to the idea that they are forced to respond to the Triforce's wishes. IMO they feel that in order for a person to obtain the Triforce, they either have to have the three virtues...
  30. castigear

    A True New Sequel

    I have been thinking about this for quite some time, and what I really want to see next is true forward progression in the series, a new sequel. I love playing prequels because they flesh out the backstory, but as a longtime Zelda fan I really want to move the story forward. I also want to see a...
  31. castigear

    The Existence of a Fourth Goddess

    A few points: 1. It wouldn't really make aesthetic sense for there to be a fourth main deity representing a fourth, evil triforce. Typically in mythology there are three ways of doing it: Gods who are above the concept of good and evil, a yin yang concept with a good and evil deity of equal...
  32. castigear

    Why OoT COULD NOT Have Started the Imprisoning War

    Agreed. The way that I rationalize it in my own head canon is that the backstories of each installment is just that: a legend. Altered and changed over time (Fi herself said that oral tradition was the least reliable methods of information retention and transmission). The games that we play are...
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