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  1. Christopher Oates

    Where does Ganon/Ganondorf go from here?

    Day off work today and had nothing to do (except putting up the Christmas tree), so have just spent the last couple of hours just reading this forum and other Zelda dedicated ones. It very quickly became a Ganon oriented one, as I feel that he's always a good talking point. While Link and Zelda...
  2. Christopher Oates

    Do you think we'll ever see Ganondorf again?

    I was happy to see Ganon return in Breath of the Wild (as he is, after all, the main antagonist of the series). But what about his human form? What about Ganondorf? Ganon himself may be more iconic, but I've always preferred the Gerudo man to the rampaging boar. We were spoiled with him back in...
  3. Christopher Oates

    What did you think of Ganon in this game?

    Personally, I'm a little disappointed so far. I haven't finished the game yet (I have another two Divine Beasts to go and a few more Shrines to do). I love the game as a whole, and I even like the story (even though it is a tad weak), but the villain situation is by far the biggest problem for...
  4. Christopher Oates

    What order do you recommend completing Divine Beasts?

    I've only beaten the Zora one so far (spending most of my time doing side quests and completing Shrines). Where should I head next? Most people seem to think the Gerudo one is the hardest, would you agree with that? Basically, I want the last one I beat to be the best experience, the most...
  5. Christopher Oates

    How would you feel about a Zelda game taking place in our world?

    First of all, I'd just like to say in advance that this rather crazy idea doesn't belong to me, it belongs to a friend of mine (who isn't a massive fan of the franchise (he's only played Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess)). He brought it up to me the other day and I'm finally starting to...
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