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  1. Abbey

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "Alas, though I am already age 35, no fairy has come to me yet... My father tells me to grow up and act my age, but why?" -Tingle Majoras Mask
  2. Abbey

    Kids Named After a Zelda Character?

    I would probably give my child a Zelda middle name out of fear that any offspring of mine would be angry with me for chosing a name such as "Malon" or "Link". So probably a middle name like Majora or something along those lines.
  3. Abbey

    Does Ganondorf Pay His Minions?

    Most of Ganon's minions don't seem to have the mind to want to just pop by the grocery store after a good lurking session in a temple or a cave. Maybe this is because of their lack of brains, or their lack of the ability to speak. I don't remember too many of them actually talking. (Maybe their...
  4. Abbey

    1000 Things to Do when You Are Bored.

    1076 Get accepted into Hogwarts: 1077 Bother Snape
  5. Abbey

    The Internet Memes Thread

    Happy Halloween erry'body. ;D
  6. Abbey

    What is Your Favorite TV Show?

    'Nuff said
  7. Abbey

    Ocarina of Time What Locations Would You Visit in OoT?

    The fairy fountain, Or Kakariko Villaige Permanently stuck at sunset. Though, it would be really fun to visit all of the Gorons, you know.. without the whole maybe getting bowled over by one aspect of it. :D
  8. Abbey

    Ocarina of Time Reverse Order Run????

    Oh my goodness... I might be in love. lol Just kidding of course, but as soon as he mentioned Alka Seltzer in the first video, I was hooked.
  9. Abbey

    What Are You Most Afraid Of?

    Seriously... I cant walk anywhere outside without keeping my head down. I hate looking at clouds. They are terrifying.
  10. Abbey

    Zelda Art The Official T-Shirt for Zelda Dungeon

    My favorite by far. I would buy these and roll around in them.
  11. Abbey

    Westboro Baptist Church

    I can't hate them, because then I would be just like them. And I refuse to stoop to their level of hatred.
  12. Abbey

    Do You Nickname Your Pokemon?

    I only ever nickname the very first Poke'mon I start out with. That one is just more special to me. :) Not to say that I dislike any of the others, but the first just seems to be more significant.
  13. Abbey

    Show Your Swag! Make People Jealous!

    BOO YAH. *fist pumps* Banjo-Kazooie remains a favorite.
  14. Abbey

    What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

    I have a Lizard named Truck 20. :D
  15. Abbey

    Zelda Art Zeldahuman's Official Art Shop

  16. Abbey

    What Are You Afraid Of?

    I am terrified of Clouds. The way they hang in the sky all ominously and deadly looking.. I can't stand it. People think I walk with my head down because I have a low self-esteem, but it's actually because I want to avoid looking at the sky as much as possible.
  17. Abbey

    Your Bad Qualities

    Good one Ark! Let's see.... I am very conceited I am terrible at math I have a huge fear of commitment I hang out with the wrong kind of people I am way too trusting and forgiving I bite my nails A LOT and I am really disorganized.
  18. Abbey

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned for having a grayscale theme. MORE COLOR.
  19. Abbey

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ Has an awesome signature < Plays way too much dress up v Just had that curse passed on to them.
  20. Abbey

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    is this the largest thread yet? I would kind of hope so.
  21. Abbey

    Real Cucco Attack!

    This made me laugh so hard that Mountain Dew sprayed out of my nose onto my keyboard. Good find!
  22. Abbey

    What Was the First Zelda Game You Played and Was It Good?

    My first one was Majora's Mask and I hated it. It confused the heck out of me, and I didn't get the plot. (I was like, 5.) So I had a tendency to just put on the Goron Mask and roll around everywhere. My older brother would take over while I was sleeping and beat a section of the game for me...
  23. Abbey

    Majora's Mask Favorite Instrument

    I like the Deku pipes and the Zora guitar.
  24. Abbey

    Furry: Is It Really All That Bad?

    I don't have a problem with furries at all. The only time I've ever seen them being bashed in the media was on Spike TV's "1,000 Ways to Die." But, they pretty much bash everyone on that show. The only point where I have a problem with it is when it turns into beastiality. Animals can't vocate...
  25. Abbey

    Zelda Art OoT Texture Hack (A Link to the Past Style)

    great job man! keep it up!
  26. Abbey

    Why So Angry?

    Okay, so at first when OOT3DS came out, everybody was fairly happy to be reunited with an old N64 game now with the convenience of their Nintendo DS. Then, the fake Majora's Mask DS case was made and people were interested in seeing MM go down the same path. So why is everybody getting...
  27. Abbey

    Majora's Mask Why is Majora's Mask So Underrated?

    I keep seeing the whole "Zelda wasn't in MM as much as OOT, so that makes OOT better." Okay, I don't see how the princess being in the game automatically makes it good. Yeah, I get it, she's an important character, but sometimes it's okay to have a game that doesn't have a damsel in distress...
  28. Abbey

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    8 is really great......... (30char)
  29. Abbey

    The Most Scared You Have Been in Your Life.

    Actually, a couple of weeks ago I got followed almost all the way to my house at night and when I picked up my cell phone to call my mom, the guy behind me turned around and ran off. We called the cops and they told us that the same thing happened on my street a few days before.
  30. Abbey

    WW-Wii U Lol How Do I Use Cheat Codes?

    You can find more ways to do it here. http://www.neoseeker.com/Games/cheats/GC/zelda.html
  31. Abbey

    WW-Wii U Lol How Do I Use Cheat Codes?

    SPOILER. (of course) Requirements: Grappling Hook, Song of Passing. Go to any of the platforms with the Bokoblins. Equip the Grappling Hook, lock on to one and use it. You will get a Joy Pendant each Bokoblin. When you get the Joy Pendants from all the Bokoblins, use the Song of Passing...
  32. Abbey

    Spoiler The Gossip Stone Behind the Deku Tree

    Link cannot read what the Gossip Stone says until he in fact, leaves the forest to get the mask of truth. that would mean that he would be the Kokiri who left the forest and survived.
  33. Abbey

    Do You Ever Have Username Regrets?

    I would just send the correct spelling to the moderators and then you wont have to worry about it catching on. :)
  34. Abbey

    Your Favourite Looking Place in Any Zelda Game

    I would always stand outside of Kakariko Villaige until it was sunset and then run up in there so I could walk around in pretty sunset lighting. :)
  35. Abbey

    My Majora's Mask Replica

    I second this! Could you give a link?
  36. Abbey

    Your Favourite Looking Place in Any Zelda Game

    I like the Deku Palace and the swamp in Majoras Mask. Very colorful. Well, I guess if I was going by color, I could also say the final boss battle room.
  37. Abbey


    I live in Oregon. SO MANY ZELDA FANS. Keep Portland weird!
  38. Abbey


    i liked grabbing the one by Gerudo Valley in OOT and flying for a long time down the cliff.
  39. Abbey

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    21 WEST SIDE. (I'm not really in a gang)
  40. Abbey

    Were the Earrings Really Necessary?

    I like the earrings there, they give him a girlish charm. and Xinnamin, you have fascinated me.
  41. Abbey

    Majora's Mask Concern About Majora's Mask 3D

    The only thing about MM 3D, is that I can see some of the functions with different masks and such being more difficult to maneuver with 3DS controls?
  42. Abbey

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    Seriously????? 4. *facepalm*
  43. Abbey

    Gay Marriage.

    I am not a Christian, but the term "marraige" is very much a religious matter to many people I know. I think that perhaps the homosexual community should fight for a partnership where they receive all of the legal benefits of a heterosexual marraige contract, just don't call it "marraige"...
  44. Abbey

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    38 is really great? (don't worry, I facepalmed myself on that rhyme.)
  45. Abbey

    General Art The Demon of the Shadows

    You are all-too-good at leaving off at suspenseful parts of the story. XD Can't wait for the next chapter!
  46. Abbey

    Majora's Mask Why is Majora's Mask So Underrated?

    I like MM better than OOT, and I dont think I could have explained it better myself PikminMastr. OOT, kind of feels like I'm just trying to get from point A to point B to save the princess. MM has a lot more plot to it, and the sidequests are much more fun. Plus, character and scenery design is...
  47. Abbey

    Walkthrough Help or by Yourself?

    I always do the main quests by myself, but I tend to use walkthroughs for sidequests. (example: gold skulltula's in OOT)
  48. Abbey

    Majora's Mask Racism in Majora's Mask

    In all fairness though, I would be freaked out at a few of Link's transformations if one of them approached me. But yeah, I get what you mean.
  49. Abbey

    Ocarina of Time How Quickly Did You Beat This Game?

    I'm currently re-beating the game. I do one temple a night and I would say it takes me about an hour each. but then again, I just got the Zora sapphire, so the actual dungeons will probably take longer.
  50. Abbey

    What Would You Think Link's Last Name Would Be?

    DelGado. As for a middle name, I think Hans. Actually, in all seriousness, I don't think he really has one. but, "Link Hans DelGado" kind of rolls off the tongue. Don't you think?
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