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  1. magiclink

    Make Suggestions

    This thread was created for the benefit of the Zelda Dungeon community to keep it creative and friendly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The rules of this thread is to make creative suggestions to member before you signature. I just...
  2. magiclink

    The Best Profiles on ZD

    This thread is to congratulate a member (or yourself)'s profile My inspiration for this thread came to me when I edited my profile. I thought I did a pretty swell job, but I think my favorite is A Link In Time 's profile for the excelent job he did with makeing it all match and the...
  3. magiclink

    Most Interesting FBI Case

    This thread is created for you to share which case you thought was most interesting A couple weeks back I purchased a book titled "PIZZA BOMBER" That was written by an FBI agent who was involved with the COLLAR BOMB case in Erie Pennsylvania. For those of you who are not familliar with that...
  4. magiclink

    What Country Are You Rooting for in the Olympics?

    Well the title says it all. What Country do you want to win in this years olympics? I pick Team USA because well I live in the USA Type which country you want below.
  5. magiclink

    What is Your Favorite Museum?

    I am well aware there are several museums out there, but just this week I have seen several museums such as the Holocaust which is my favorite so far... what is your favorite? ~ magiclink
  6. magiclink

    What Do You Think of the Holocaust?

    As you may know I am curently in Washington D.C., and while in D.C. I had the opportunity to visit the Holocaust memorial museum I had spent a good two hours there and I thought it was very sad, but I would like to here your positive and or negitive opinion of the Holocaust. ~ magiclink
  7. magiclink


    What is your opinion on self-destruction either over a long period of time, or fast in a split second?
  8. magiclink

    Did Anyone Pre-order ACIII (Assassins Creed 3)

    If you like the AC series and there are reasons you like or dislike the up-coming ACIII I would like to hear them. :)
  9. magiclink

    OoT-N64 The BIGGEST Con Artist in Zelda History

    I think the 'Carpet Salesman' as some people know him is the biggest con in Zelda 200 rupee's for a lousy bombchu I was furious what do you guys think.
  10. magiclink

    Has Anybody Noticed...

    Has anybody noticed that the man in castle town in Ocarina of time who runs around with a red bag says 'Huff huff! i'm late! i'm late! For a very important date!" resemble the theif from Majoras mask who stole the bag from the old lady from the clock town?
  11. magiclink

    Poke'mon V.S. Magic Cards

    I think bolth card games are fairly equal in game play but the art work on Magic cards always light me up. :) Whats your opinion? ~magiclink "A riddle is nothing more than a trap for small minds baited with the promise of understanding." - James Ryman
  12. magiclink

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time Getting Boring & Disappointing :(

    You all know that they made ocarina of time 3d right? Well I think it's truly amazing But what disappoints me :( is they didn't really change it at all, all they did is at picture Detail... But no new equipment, bosses, levels, characters, just small tweaks like details And texture “ now...
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