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  1. Ninten*

    Yiga Frequency

    I've noticed that they show up more after raiding their hideout. Before, it was just the travelers in disguise. Now Blademasters and Archers show up frequently.
  2. Ninten*

    Justice Antonin Scalia Dies at Age 79

    Although Scalia's logic is flawed, he isn't saying murder and homosexuality are the same thing.
  3. Ninten*


    "4chan is evil, tumblr is better" That being said, 4chan isn't full of saints.
  4. Ninten*

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but it's even worse than the CDI games. I wish I could join the Bluecoats.
  5. Ninten*

    A Moral Devil?

    -I'm not trying to offend anyone. This is purely an idea to be debated.- There was a similar thread to this, but I figured this was more of a different topic than that thread. The original thread was on the Bible from a literary standpoint. Your religious beliefs are irrelevant to this topic...
  6. Ninten*

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    Totally don't have anything to do. No exams to study for, no notes to write, nothing to read. Nope.
  7. Ninten*

    Should America Stick to its Christian Roots?

    Christian roots? Like the roots of the Puritans and Separatists? The framers wanted to avoid a theocratic state because it would lead to corruption. It started with the concept of divine monarchy. Under a corrupt leadership, a country could do whatever it wanted because it had a right to rule...
  8. Ninten*

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    You're banned because sleep is beautiful.
  9. Ninten*

    Minimum Wage and First World Poverty

    Actually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate as of last month is 5.5%, which is healthy for an economy. There will always be unemployment. Someone may be frictionally unemployed (in between jobs) or structurally unemployed (those that have lost their jobs because...
  10. Ninten*

    Is Communism Really That Bad?

    what you're describing is socialism, which originates from communism, but not the same. in a communist economy, there isn't any different manufacturing businesses. if you want a car, the car is manufactured by a company which is funded by the government. this way, everyone would be equal...
  11. Ninten*

    Scrubs Mafia - Sign-ups

    if only someone told me about this....
  12. Ninten*

    A Solo He Can't Refuse: Marching Band Mafia

    someone made a game like this, and didn't tell an obsessed band geek like myself? could i be a replacement?
  13. Ninten*

    Pirates Mafia: Curse of the Black Pearl

    VOTE: Josh
  14. Ninten*

    Other Life in The Universe

    Life definitely exists outside from our own. Your definition however, increases chances of finding it, unless we look at the habitable zone by comparing the Earth's distance with the sun. The universe is just too big to not have life.
  15. Ninten*

    Mafia Game and Mod Queue

    i'll try it again. i'll need a co-mod. i can only begin after the end of may, when summer break starts Walking Dead Mafia EDIT: scratch the co-mod. a consultant is exactly what i need
  16. Ninten*

    Throw Something at the Next Poster!

    *uses energy force field* *throws Anti-Master Sword thing that Demise had*
  17. Ninten*

    Your Opinion On Facial Hair

    i try to grow it, but i get an unbearable itch, so i have to shave it. i have a sideburn on the right side of my face, but not my left. i don't know why.
  18. Ninten*

    Beginner's Mafia 7 - Game Thread

    i'm the godfather *for the second mafia clain
  19. Ninten*

    Beginner's Mafia 7 - Game Thread

    guys... i'm the godfather
  20. Ninten*

    Has Anyone Here Ever Considered Suicide?

    yes. so. many. times. have i ever attempted it? no. i feel as if i'm completely alone with everyone against me. it's still happening today. not the suicidal stuff, but all the drama. most of my friends are either studying or off campus. no one's ever around. and to make matters worse. i'm...
  21. Ninten*

    General Mafia Discussion

    I'll take a numbered Mafia, but I won't be able to do it soon because AP/finals are next month. If someone wants to do it before me, then they can do that. Walking Dead Mafia I might need someone to help me to make sure this doesn't blow.
  22. Ninten*

    Water Crisis by 2025

    he was referring to a small scale filter, and not a large scale. i don't think that a large scale desalinization plant will be that expensive, unless in a third world country you only need a good irrigation system. irrigation has been helping agricultural methods throughout human history. using...
  23. Ninten*

    How Much Money Would It Take You to Accept Someone Being Killed at Your Choice?

    what if it's someone you care about, or even the only person you care about? would you still take that chance?
  24. Ninten*

    How Much Money Would It Take You to Accept Someone Being Killed at Your Choice?

    i'm not taking that chance. what if the target is someone i care about?
  25. Ninten*

    Explosions in Boston

    The last time a major terrorist attack such as this one happened, was in 2001. That was the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. Countries like Iraq get this on a day-to-day basis, without any type of government help at all. Countries in the Middle East are run as if it were the...
  26. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    so we won. that mafia win was fun. unlike mafia 12. that was too easy. what do i do with my life?
  27. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    I just realized. We need a proper burial service for Thareous. Could we get the roles for everyone else?
  28. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    the game still goes on. it will end tonight. as soon as a few minutes after erebea ends the day.
  29. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    what made you think i was scum?
  30. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    pendio, yeah. it wasn't that hard to figure it out as for xin, it was harder, since she looked innocent to the cop
  31. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    so why didn't you vote for us?
  32. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    Austin was the one who was tied up. we knew that if he investigated someone tonight, pendio would be lynched today. no matter who it was. but plans went better than expected i am the immobilizer. the one who tied Austin up.
  33. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    we're hunting town
  34. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

  35. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    VOTE: GWAF nuff said
  36. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    VOTE: Josh EBWODP: *VOTE: Josh
  37. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    VOTE: Thareous
  38. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    2 WEEKS!?
  39. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    for today, yeah. since no one got lynched. if we don't lynch anyone tomorrow, then it's at my house.
  40. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    guys. eat lunch and go to sleep.
  41. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    did we plan anything for lunch? or is there nothing since there was no lynch.
  42. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    Killjoy is getting replaced, so Unvote: Killjoy Now: VOTE: GWAFfor all the e vidence that I posted (a page ago?).
  43. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    sounds good, but what if the lynched is guilty? will you still investigate?
  44. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    just a vote. no evidence at all. no activity since. except for the post asking for a definition of bandwagoning. most of his posts are mostly fluff, just agreeing with everyone/bandwagoning seems legit. VOTE: Killjoy as for GWAF, her behavior does seem scummy, i mean if you're just getting a...
  45. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    What about Killjoy and Atticus? They also pushed this bandwagon for little evidence.
  46. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    actually in the last game, Furie gave out the QT right before she was lynched. ugh. that gamewas a failure. you also died because the unlynchee died. no one voted for you
  47. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    oh sorry about that, i was looking for potential scum by bolding, then i posted. i removed a lot of them since i had no leads, and you were investigated by austin, so yeah.
  48. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    to those who will find this useful.
  49. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    i don't know who was suspicious. i think we had a few leads on Dracomajora, but i don't know if there was someone else.
  50. Ninten*

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    at night. hm.... so you're the cop. i guess that makes dracomajora innocent, but we don't know your sanity, or if he's godfather. but i guess you're innocent.
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