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  1. nicktheslayer

    Breath of the Wild 2D

    So, I should make it clear off the bat, I don't plan to release a publicly playable version of this, because Nintendo is a bit iffy about.. fan games. BUT, I may do a limited private release in the future for bug-testing purposes, so.. stay tuned? [[AUDIO WARNING. TURN IT DOWN]] This is an...
  2. nicktheslayer

    Spoiler Does Nintendo Have a Thing for Pixar?

    I've noticed in some recent Zelda games there seems to be some Pixar love. I can only think of two examples, and maybe they're coincidences, but... I dunno, can you guys find any more like these? The thing from this new Zelda Wii U trailer looks a lot like the mechanical monster featured...
  3. nicktheslayer

    General Art Plight of Sotham (Zelda-esque Game)

    Hey guys! It's been a while. I posted an animation recently, but whatever. I'm doing something much cooler. This time, I'm making a game! It's very much inspired by Zelda, (...and as of right now still uses assets from Zelda. All graphics/music/sounds will be original in the future.) The...
  4. nicktheslayer

    General Art Nicktheslayer Wants to Make Cartoons

    So uh, I'm doing things. Haven't been here in a loooong time, really, haha. But hey, I'm doing things, and while it's been a year or two since I've participated in the community, I thought I'd try to make a comeback. I animated my very first thing yesterday. It's a disappointed balloon. Check it...
  5. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art I Did a Painting.

    Here is a painting I did. It's based off of some official art from the original LoZ for the NES. Original: Mine: What do you think? If you liked this, and want to see more of my stuff (Zelda and Non-Zelda), like my Facebook Fan Page! https://www.facebook.com/nickmakesart
  6. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Minecraft

    I wasn't entirely sure where to put this, whether it should be either World of Zelda, or General Gaming. If it needs to be moved, go ahead. Also, i wanted to say hi to everyone again, its been a while, but im here. :) Now, with the ability to mod Minecraft and make something entirely new...
  7. nicktheslayer

    Deku Princess and the Loftwings

    I was looking through my Majora's Mask Walkthrough, and when i saw the Deku Princess, i saw her dress, (Mainly her sleeves), and i noticed they looked almost exactly like the Loftwing's wings. I don't know if this is another way to connect MM to Skyward Sword or not, but we've seen...
  8. nicktheslayer

    Spoiler Monster's Inc/Sandship/What?

    The Tentalus! Making my way through the ship, being bombarded by tentacles, hacking, slashing my way through, climbing up steep hills as the ship is ripped apart and is sinking until.. I make it outside... and the boss reveals itself. So seriously, is this MEANT to be a reference to...
  9. nicktheslayer

    Skyward Sword Pumpkin Landing 2nd Goddess Chest

    I've found the one right next to the door, and I opened it, but there is another chest i unlocked there, the chest icon is on the island. Where is it at? I've searched endlessly, but i cant find it for anything. I've been inside and out, and its nowhere to be found. :dry:
  10. nicktheslayer

    General Art Minecraft Pixel Art!

    Guys, i got minecraft recently, and im an addict. I kept losing my Diamond swords and pickaxes though, so i decided to do some pixelarts for a while.. :dry: Link from LoZ! Super Mushroom! Ill take requests, but keep them small for now, hehe.. i dont want to be thrown into doing...
  11. nicktheslayer

    General Modern "Faron This!" and "Faron That!" IM SICK OF THIS

    NINTENDO. FARON IS MY DAD'S NAME. Please quite using this name in your games. Please? 9_9 Its so weird, i was playing Zelda and my dad's like... "Wtf am i doing in your game?"
  12. nicktheslayer

    The Video Thread

    Well, i wanted a video thread to match the picture thread. Here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl0VAJDPito Pardon the messy hair and the fact that youtube destroyed the audio's timing.
  13. nicktheslayer

    Ocarina of Time Dark Link Secret?

    I found something out today! Dark Link not only copies your moves, etc, but he also has the same amount of health as you do! Im doing a 3Heart challenge, and i killed him in three hits! He never hit me once! Has anyone else noticed this, or is this new? I've only confirmed this for the...
  14. nicktheslayer

    General Art Nicktheslayer's Sketches

    Hey guys! Noone here really fancies me an artist, so i thought i should show off what i can, and have done. These two are new ones, i did them in the past few days. Obviously, i like drawin skulls and skeletons. I havent perfected them yet, but im working on it. When i post...
  15. nicktheslayer

    Doesnt This Guy Look Like Axlethebeast?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOnKCcjP8Qs Thats Dave Mustaine, the singer of Megadeth. The song is "Sweating Bullets" Doesnt he look like Axlethebeast, with red hair? I think he does at least, let me know what you think.
  16. nicktheslayer

    Ocarina of Time 3DS Car Problems Warning!

    This is just a heads up if you plan playing OOT3D in a car! I was using the bow, (while riding in the car), trying to kill those darned keese, and my aim veered off to the left! I was so confused, but i realized my dad just turned onto another street. When aiming, it registers the cars...
  17. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art OoT Texture Hack (A Link to the Past Style)

    I just revamped this first post, it will now be used to update the amount of things ive gotten done pertaining to the game iteself: Also, be sure to watch out for references to the original Legend of Zelda, and the Mario Series! Locations: Kokiri Forest - 90% Lost Woods - 90% Inside the...
  18. nicktheslayer

    General Art Easter Eggs (2009)

    http://www.Fanart-Central.net/pic-748038.html Theyre beautiful, arent they? Theres a "1-up" on the backside of the green one, but i cant find the pic for it. Too bad i cant retake it :dry: Theyre long gone, 2009 was a while ago, xD
  19. nicktheslayer

    UGH Insomnia

    I couldnt sleep last night, i think im slowly turning into an insomniac. Today, im running on 3 hours of sleep and a half cup of coffee. :yes: This sucks. :dry: I also dont have my school ID, so i cant eat lunch today. I didnt have anything for breakfast either. bleh. so very, very bleh. Is...
  20. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art Zelda Figurines to Be Sold!

    I plan to make Zelda figurines and sell them, so far i can only show off one of them. This happens to be the red Octorok! The red Octorok will cost 5.00$, and will be able to be sold soon, hopefully. Unfortunatly, i cant sell any just yet, but i may make an Etsy.com account soon, and start...
  21. nicktheslayer

    Ocarina of Time OoT Redesigns for 3DS?

    Should they redesign some of the things in OoT 3DS? I think they should at least redesign the Zora and Goron armors, to make them cooler looking, not just a recolor, lol. The Lens of Truth could look a little different, not that it matters. Im guessing the Mirror Shield will keep the Gerudo...
  22. nicktheslayer

    Light Vs Dark Worlds

    A Link to the Past: Light World and Dark World Ocarina of Time: Young Link and Adult Link (Present and Future Respectively, Future being Dark) Oracle of Ages: Present and Past (Past being Dark) Minish Cap: Big and Small worlds (Not sure if this counts) Twilight Princess: Light and Twiight (Most...
  23. nicktheslayer

    Spoiler My Take on the CIty in the Sky Being Skyloft

    While writing this document, i do not intend to write an entire "article", but its starting to seem like i may have to, to cover my thoughts. This document is about the City in the Sky = Skyloft theory. While i thought this theory to be extremely far-fetched, with little evidence as to how...
  24. nicktheslayer

    Spoiler Release Date: March 27. Photo Inside, of Release Date and Game Box Cover.

    http://img713.imageshack.us/i/imagephm.jpg/ This was found posted on the 3dsforums.com , by the member Foobrew Also what do you think of the games cover?
  25. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art Contest Idea, I Want Your OPINION (CONCEPT ART)

    My idea was, i would give a theme. Usually an enemy, something similar to that. And you would come up with the concept art for it. Say, i wanted you to design a Baby Gohma, for Skyward Sword. You would have to draw the enemy, explain how it would act, what kind of weapons it would be weak...
  26. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: A Spirited Hero

    Prologue: Here it is! The start of my prologue. The start of an adventure, as enlightening and disheartening as it was. It had to be done. The day of the mailman's arrival, bringing such a welcomed curse. I can't believe that this happened, over a VIDEO GAME. Just one! And i had WON it...
  27. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art WW Boss Desktop Backgrounds. Theyre Super Spiffy. :D

    I plan to make the rest of them, but heres what i have so far. What do you think? Gohma KalleDamos Gohdan Helmaroc King
  28. nicktheslayer

    What Happens in WW When You Shoot a ReDead with an Arrow from a Long Distance?

    What happens in WW When you shoot a ReDead with an arrow from a long distance? Ive heard some people talking about it, but i dont know what it does. Can someone give me a link to a video telling me what happens? Show me a pic? Or at least explain it?
  29. nicktheslayer

    Nicktheslayer's Sigs! (Up for Grabs, Get Them While You Can, Theyre SPIFFY)

    Let me know which one you want, and ill put your name on it, and send it to you: Gohma: Midna: These ones are already done: Bigelover88: I also take requests, but i DONT have to do them, just to let you know. Ill do my best to though. To make a Zelda Related Request, fill out this form...
  30. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Spirited Hero (A Tag-along Adventure)

    The Legend of Zelda: Spirited Hero Prologue: It finally came! The package I’ve been waiting for a week to arrive finally has! I ran into my house, slamming the door and running into my room. I plopped down on the bed, and stared at the box. It was small, and brown. I peeled the tape off...
  31. nicktheslayer

    Twilight Princess Slingshot... Not So Useless?

    Okay, so i was playing TP, thinking, UGH, slingshot, its sooo useless. SO i started ACTUALLY USING IT. Its not that useless, it really helps to save arrows, and it works great for Keese, Rats, and for shooting bubbles out of the air. I know the bow does this, but it really helps save arrows. I...
  32. nicktheslayer

    Collective Wanted Features Thread.

    Okay guys, heres the idea i had for a thread. Most suggestion threads for SS that ive seen were a little... out there. Sure, i want my customizable EVERYTHING, but its not likely it will happen. On the other hand, i have awesome ideas that i think would actually improve the game, and are very...
  33. nicktheslayer

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess, 3 Heart Challenge and 100% in the Same File?

    Is it allowed to Three Heart Challenge a game, (this time being twilight princess), then once its beaten, use the same file, collect everything, and beat it again, to beat it 100%? Also, does a three heart challenge include the cave of ordeals with three hearts? or just the main adventure?
  34. nicktheslayer

    Preorder Gifts

    I just pre-ordered the game, and im thinking constantly about what im going to get as a pre-order gift. The only thing i can think of besides the usuals, (Free Players Guide, Free t-shirt, Free poster), i thought, a Green Wii Remote, with a 'gold' plated Hylian Royal Crest on it, and a similar...
  35. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art "Skyward Sword"

    Nintendo Gave me a virtual reality tour of Skywards Swords various levels through the use of the Wii2's (Can tell you its real name), which will be released with a special copy of Skyward Sword when it comes out. This is me wondering around, not noticing the Bokoblin sneaking up on me. Im...
  36. nicktheslayer

    Unlockable Ideas and Customization (For Purely Cosmetic Reasons)

    I had an idea that Nintendo should have unlockables that are for purely cosmetic reasons. Using the Wii time/date functions, you could unlock certain outfits or functions on certain days. Say, on Christmas Day, (maybe Eve, or maybe in a time window around that date.), if you play, you unlock...
  37. nicktheslayer

    Original Items and Item Uses

    Are there any ideas that you guys have that have to do with the Items in Skyward Sword, what others you want, and if there are any new/original ideas that would be nice to have? My idea is the Hover Boots from Ocarina of Time. Id like to have clouds to walk on, and since that is pretty...
  38. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art Zelda Ipod Background Topic

    I didnt really like the ones already posted, (If you liked the blue one, scroll down, someone else posted the good version.) I made some that i really do like! They all feature the Triforce on a background representing an element, but the triforce itself also reresents that element. Check it...
  39. nicktheslayer

    Your Definition of Beating a Game 100%

    I started playing the Minish Cap again, but i cant finish it! When i get so far through the last dungeon, (Dark Hyrule Castle), the game resets itself! Considering ive beat it before, as long as i get everything else, (Kinstones, Joy Butterflies, Heart Containers, Figurines, etc, should this...
  40. nicktheslayer

    SKYWARD SWORD Signiature Set, Based Off of My Own Desktop Backgrounds

    http://s459.photobucket.com/albums/qq317/nicktheslayer/Sig/ Thats the entire set folks based off of me desktop backgrounds set: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?13610-Skyward-Sword-Backgrounds!-(These-Took-Me-a-While-So-Please-Leave-a-Nice-Comment-D)
  41. nicktheslayer

    Best Zelda Ripoff?

    The Best Zelda ripoff doesnt necessarily HAVE to be a 100% ripoff, but which Zelda-like game do you think is best? Mine would have to be BrainLord, for the SNES. Noone seems to remember this game. It was developed by Enix, (NOT Square Enix, but Enix before it joine Square.), and was pretty much...
  42. nicktheslayer

    Original Graphics Styles?

    Ive been thinking for a while, and i havent been able to think of ANYTHING. Considering Nintendo wants an original art style for every major game, what other art styles would you like to see? I cant think of anything original, but when i do, ill post it. Can you guys think of anything?
  43. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Backgrounds! (These Took Me a While, So Please Leave a Nice Comment ;D)

    Skyward Sword Backgrounds! (Now with LIGHT background! Its super!) I tried my best to make all of these represent the main 3 Zelda Elements, (Forest, Fire, and Water), while adding the new one. (Sky) I hope you guys like this, its 100% done by me, (Minus the logo) I tried to represent these...
  44. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Art My Desktop Backgrounds!

    These were all made at Sumopaint.com I may take requests, it depends if im busy, but it wouldnt hurt to try! SS Element 1 - Water: Oot Adult Link: Midna 1 (For my Girlfriend): Midna 2 (For my Girlfriend): Zant:
  45. nicktheslayer

    Things That Were Just Horrible Ideas in the Zelda Series

    My list is in no particular order: 1. The Chess pieces in LA that you were supposed to throw and stuff. WORST. PUZZLE. EVER. It was just so stupid, i didnt get it. Can someone explain them? 2. Not continuing the use of Magic Containers. I liked these more than just upgrades, i would like to...
  46. nicktheslayer

    Twilight Realm/Sacred Realm

    I know people have said this before, but i just kinda made a connection somewhere that may add onto this theory. The picture below is of the Twilight Realm. You cant see much, but you can see that the land explored by link is made of of several small floating islands. If you look out over...
  47. nicktheslayer

    Things I Want in or Think About SS

    1. I want the lens of Truth back! I want it to be used very differently, but i want it back badly! Since link can point with 1:1 while running, i think it should be used as a flashlight, and only point where youre pointing, rather than cover the screen. 2. My theory for travel between sky and...
  48. nicktheslayer

    Zelda Project (Working Name in Progress)

    Project Overview: The game i am working on is part of a Quadrilogy, similar to the Oracle Games. It is in a Minish Cap style, and will be played similarly. Programming: While the Demo is already playable, there are no downloads or screenshots as of yet, due to the transition of GB sprites to...
  49. nicktheslayer

    How Advanced IS Hyrule??

    Hyrule has had a few technological advancements that seem.. unfit. I am adding a list here to say what is out of place, and what seems too advanced for Zelda's era. I have just edited this topic so there is a section for each game. LoZ - Pocket Watches. (Pocket watches have been around since...
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