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  1. Nakkuru

    TFH Where is purple link?

    I cant accept they just got RID of violet link. I do like how their hair colors now match their tunic, but were is purple? I feel like someone at nintendo needs some... talking to
  2. Nakkuru

    I'm Having Problems on Portal 2 for PC!

    well... I was on chapter 6, the fall and I ( VEEEERY stupidly) was messing around with noclip... I went in an elavoter in noclip and than it froze, no WHENEVER I go in that ONE elevator it freezes... I've tried reinstalling it, restarting my file, I NEED HELP!
  3. Nakkuru

    The Giant Dodongo 2 RE-TRY!

    Well... things got full of CRAZY PILLS last time and need to retry... still 2 years later... and NO TRYING TO SET DA STORY PLEASE! *** Sarah: Look! its the border to hyrule! Rento: WOOO! CANT WAIT! *** Sarah: well... were in hyrule now! LAKE HYLIA HERE I COME! Rento: LETS GO...
  4. Nakkuru

    The Giant Dodongo 2

    NUMBER 2 IS HERE YAAA! Fierce.Diety and Elementic are in dis! takes to years later! Sarah and Rento are 14 now! Sento and Lin are 19! *** Sarah: YES! were finally back in hyrule! I wonder were the boys are these days? Rento: WOO! Sarah: yea!... Rento: wooo... Sarah: were do we go...
  5. Nakkuru

    LoZ: BEAST! RP

    (( we do not have our beast forms at the begining, we get them a bit later, this is TP's overworld, with SOME landscape diffrences though! )) Steel was chasing a Moblin as he breathed heavily, there was a huge sound of metal clinking as a chain wrapped around the moblin's neck "..." steel sat...
  6. Nakkuru

    The Legend of Zelda: Beast SU

    this is an RP were there are 3 people meet and figure out that there world is endanger ( people who sign-up ) and they decide to go on an... adventure! everyone must pick a 4 legged beast, (like how wolf link is ) to turn into! I have NO idea were this will go XD so yeah... I want Bout' 3...
  7. Nakkuru

    Who Wants Minecraft to Be on a Nintendo System?

    The Title says it all, it worked on the Xbox 360, why not 3DS or Wii U, pocket edition could come out on 3DS, and one simaler to the 360 on Wii U. What are your thoughts!
  8. Nakkuru

    Whats Your Favorite Nintendo Franchise? (besides Zelda)

    title says it all :D mines super smash bros
  9. Nakkuru

    Whats Your Favorite Nintendo Franchise Besides Zelda?

    Rules 1) Nintendo HAS to have made it 2) make sure you pet :ezlo: before you leave 3) take a free :minish: and HAVE FUN :D !!!
  10. Nakkuru

    The Giant Dodongo

    Hello, I'm making this roleplay. You can join in on the story whenever you like. EDIT: it is to late to join! number 2 will roll along soon though! Nick: WAKE UP, BREAKFAST!!! ???: Do I have two*with a grim look on his face* ???: Yea it's really early Nick*she says with her head in her...
  11. Nakkuru

    Four Swords REMIX!!!(sigh Up Here)

    I'm so sorry guys im canceling FS REMIX! I just can't handle running an RP right now so sorry :(
  12. Nakkuru

    What Do You Think About a Female Link?

    Ok ok!! please don't go hating right away and say I'm stupid!! I think it might just be cool to see a reincarnation of link that is a female:):):):):) what do you think ???? answer in the comments below ok please reply and thank you...wait.......maybe a whole gender switch!!!naw maybe thats a...
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