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  1. Giri

    Scrapper notifications for social groups? (Poll)

    Unlike Mature discussion, social groups don't get much posts and don't get heated up. The discussions would be chill. And also, some groups have potential to be great place for discussion. So I think it's a good idea. What about you?
  2. Giri

    Microsoft Mixer is shut down :(

    As y'all know mixer is shut down as of 22 July. I haven't been able to follow the incident much for some reasons. All I know is that it has moved it partners to Facebook gaming and Ninja gets 30M.
  3. Giri

    Spoil a name by changing, adding or deleting a few letters

    https://youtu.be/uW40_CZ0Bx0 The basic idea is to change a name into something hilarious (or an attempt) Eg P1:Sailor Moon P2:Sailor Moan I'll start Lord of the Rings
  4. Giri

    Leafyishere terminated

    Shockingly, Leafyishere channel was terminated. It's also notable that YouTube may have took his old content into consideration before the ToS and community guidelines were properly laid out. It's unlikely that his channel will be reinstate RIP Leafyishere
  5. Giri

    What do you think about archery?

    I loved archery in SS and TP. I'm glad I stumbled upon Hawkeye. I loved sniping with it. Using bomb arrows was fun too. I regret not having used bow in botw :(
  6. Giri

    What are the vegetables and fruits you like?

    Vegetables: Banana (sauteed, or as chips) Mango (pickled) Brinjal, Beetroot (curry) Cucumber, carrot (raw) Ladies' finger Yam Fruits: Watah melon! Banana (Rasthali, Nendran-as chips) Mango (Banganapali, Imam pasand, Neelum, rumani) Jack fruit Chilli Lime, Lemon Grapes Coconut
  7. Giri

    Bikes or Cars? Which do you prefer?

    Admit it, Learning to drive a bike is way easier than learning to drive a car. For me, I suck at handling cars. I'm probably gonna mess up driving exam when I'm 18 XD Whereas it's a different case for bikes. You can learn to drive it within two-three days. Also, you can feel the wind graze and a...
  8. Giri

    What should I watch before One Punch Man?

    Lol! As we know, it's a parody anime. And a spoof is best watched after the movies/anime it spoofed. So what anime are being spoofed in opm? What should I watch for lmao totally? I noticed it opens with a piccolo reference XD
  9. Giri

    How were you as a student?

    Were you obedient? Do you ask a lot of doubts or were you hesitant to ask doubts? Were you the lecturers' favorite? Which subject was your favorite? Were you punctual? Were you hard working? Do you listen very seriously? Have you slept? Did you have a lot of friends? I was the one who was the...
  10. Giri

    What's so great about FIFA? (T_T)

    I've played the game a few times, but I never really felt it was interesting. Even as a guy who likes multiplayer, I felt the game was boring af. But, if you say to people that you don't like FIFA, there's an over-exagerated response of "WHAT!?WHY??". So whenever there's a conversation about...
  11. Giri

    What's your favourite anime demographics?

    Mine is shounen. I've watched a few great Seinen but shounen continues to be my thing. I've watched a few shoujo out of a few which I disliked. I plan to watch Fruits basket, Ore Monogatari and Nana Haven't watched josei, suggest one maybe? I used to watch kids. Some of them are Doraemon...
  12. Giri

    SAO/.hack irl

    With the increase in usage of VR boxes, will a Neurally simulated mmorpg like SAO or .hack come out? How long do you think it would take? Who do you think would make it the best? What features do you think it should have? Do you think there would be any problems? Don't have any idea when it...
  13. Giri

    English Medium versus learning in mother tongue

    While there is an argument that learning in English will help in increasing the job prospects, it would give the students a hard time to learn the subjects. The child would be trapped in two different learning atmospheres. In school, everything would be explained in English and in home, while...
  14. Giri

    Sign Ups A day in a life of a corsair

    Ahoy!! Hark mah mateys. This is a legend that happened long long ago during the opium wars, a legend to be forged by your own hands. The EEIC exports opium to China against the wish of ruling dynasties there. After 15% of the population gets addicted to Opium, the Imperial court decides to hire...
  15. Giri

    Should underage dating be banned?

    Yes. Underage dating will probably lead to sex at some point and the birds would be busted A person is immature at that age and can't take decisions properly cultural crisis Less time towards education Moving away from friends' circle. (Believe me, this is true) significant drop in human...
  16. Giri

    Do you expect a(n) movie/anime adaptation to exactly follow the book/mang(hw)a?

    No definitely no, I liked Harry Potter movies much more than the book Maze Runner movie #1 adaptation was also great. Doraemon anime is better than the manga Tokyo Ghoul re is hated for a stupid reason for not following Manga. Sufficient seasons have not been released yet for me to decide...
  17. Giri

    What should be the rating of BotW2?

    Imo it should be M+17, because the one thing I was able to notice was ,the game had minimal violence. Even the goats(?) which were shot went poof and directly turned into a....steak. So, do you think the developers should add more violence to the game?
  18. Giri


    So? How're cops in you're country and what's your impression on them? Also, post insignia and uniform if you will Here, in my state, there's no corruption amongst cops at present and they're doing great. The Tamil Nadu police force is one of the best police forces in the country. They're...
  19. Giri

    Inability to save the game after end

    So what do you think about this? I feel this sucks because it causes a feeling of being incomplete. I think zelda games should allow players to save after the ending.
  20. Giri

    Your political involvement and what policies would you make if you're a member of politburo

    Are you a part of political party? Are you intrested in serving a political party after retirement? If yes why? If no why? I'm going to join the youth wing of DK party when I turn 18. And after that I'm planning to join CPI. If I were a member of politburo, Labour laws will be updated and more...
  21. Giri

    Do you have a waifu?

    Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul https://mywaifulist.moe/u/giri Waifu Top hearts Touka Kirishima Definitely a badass that's my type. A whole season failed due to her absence Nikaidou She even excelled Caiman as a character in Dorohedoro. Annie Leonard, Hange Zoe, Mikasa Those who've watched AoT...
  22. Giri

    Looking for forgotten anime titles

    I forgot the names of anime I watched few years back. What is the name of the 20th century anime anime where the hero is high schooler, turquoise uniform,, bangs. He saves a child from car accident and himself dies in that accident. He still lingers in the world as a ghost. What is the name of...
  23. Giri

    What is the relationship between Link and Zelda!?

    Some think they're lovers, some think they're friends. Some including me thinks Link is the chosen one, the servant and that Zelink ships should not go beyond Manga and should not be in game. But, Skyward Sword, the first game chronologically gives some romantic hints at the game. But it didn't...
  24. Giri

    YouTube icon below usernames

    In ZD, the icon that appears below username doesn't redirect to their respective YouTube channels when you click them.
  25. Giri

    Microsoft Project xCloud

    https://www.xbox.com/en-IN/xbox-game-streaming/project-xcloud I'm not excited because it's not confirmed for my region yet. screams internally The project promises Devil May Cry 5, Tekken 7, Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, and many more. If this happens then it's a revolution in portable gaming...
  26. Giri

    Bokoblin civilization and their God Demise

    Why are Bokoblins and other races fight? This question arose in me after I watched AoT and Tokyo Ghoul Ok, we know Hylians are a civilization and that they worship Hylia What about Bokoblins? Let's see 1) Community: Bokoblins have the sense of community, we can clearly see this from the camps...
  27. Giri

    Languages you know /Languages you want to learn

    (Old thread by Cynical Squid) Languages I know(ranked by proficiency) : தமிழ்- Tamizh(complete dominance, can compose poems know grammar in and out) English (can speak but with heavy accent ,amateur in creative writing) Hindi (stammering, can read, write and understand) Sanskrit (cannot speak...
  28. Giri

    Count to 300 before an Admin posts

    The count has been extended cuz the admins are a bit less in activity when compared to moderators Edit : Moderators can count too Consider it won
  29. Giri

    Mayday, Mayday...How do you feel?

    Today is international workers day. Some of you might be working from home and some outside like health workers etc. Some of you get to rest some of you may not. What's your plan for today? And what would have been if the situation was different?
  30. Giri

    Your favourite movie scenes

    Watched any movie today? Which scene do you wanna share to the community? -Aditya Varma How was that?
  31. Giri

    Have you been through accidents/ Lost a fist fight with a terrible injury?

    While I was 5, I was told to wash my face after drinking juice or something. I couldn't reach the sink so I jumped and grabbed it the sink gave away and fell on my feet. A severed nerve and hairline. None was in kitchen and it was dark. So I had to crawl back to the drawing room. when I was 15...
  32. Giri

    Watch or Read?

    Some people like to read a Manga, some people watch it as anime, some do both! I generally prefer to watch anime. But if I'm supposed to read a Manga then I shouldn't have watched it's anime adaptation cause reading after watching is boring for me.
  33. Giri

    The rage quit moments

    So, tell us your occasions of rage quitting. I do that a lot with my elder cousin while playing boxing in Wii Sports. But now I'm way beyond pro lvl and got platinum in training In Zelda, I remember three occasions right now Race with Yeta The diving through rings and landing on a roulle While...
  34. Giri

    What Foods Do You Dislike?

    Banana and chocolate nutrition bar, fruits on pizza ,cucumber Bhajji. And any other **** that's meant to fuse Junk food and tasty healthy foods. For eg, I like banana in it's pure and pristine form and not when it's some science channel Food factory ****.
  35. Giri

    What do you think about plague inc?

    We all know plague inc has reached peak of it's popularity at this scenario. But it does have some offensive content in it. For eg:- Evolving diarrhea, sneezing, coughing symptoms when the virus has reached England will trigger hard brexit. Even worse, it refers to South Africa as "under...
  36. Giri

    Unresponsive screen, Ghost touches DX

    I'm using a two different tablets one is Samsung and the other is a Lenovo Tab 3 7 essential. The latter is responsible for the problem. I couldn't even type properly with that. Now the other one is for educational purposes and browsing which I can't install any games. I couldn't progress in...
  37. Giri

    Which subscription is your favourite?

    Specs Playstation Now Xbox Game pass Price $60/year or $10/month $120/year or $10/month Number of games Over 800 Nearly 400 Download Only certain titles Yes (all games) Streamable Yes No Previous generation games Yes (PS2, PS3) Yes (Xbox, Xbox 360) Available regions 19 countries 40...
  38. Giri

    Do dungeons open without keys?

    So here I'm talking about the original Zelda. Can someone explain me how to do this? http://retroachievements.org/achievement/33399
  39. Giri

    Nintendo Will Switch pro provide backwards compatibility?

    Nintendo has been a sore spot when it comes to backwards compatibility. The Wii was backwards compatibility with Game cub, the WiiU was backwards compatible with Wii but not gamecube. The switch isn't backwards compatible at all. Are you worried?
  40. Giri

    ZD members representing characters.

    Not sure if it's the right place to star this thread. Well Tag your favorite ZD members with a homologous character. @Giri Groose @Ezlo Gully @Pen Beedle @Satan Strich @Spirit Fi @Jimmu Link @Echolight Agitha @Sheikah_Witch @Twilight Shadows Happy Mask Salesman @Doc Pipit
  41. Giri

    Some people's blog doesn't appear in the SB

    Unfortunately, @Giri 's Giri Meishu Shrine, @Sheikah_Witch 'a The witch hut, @Echolight 'a blog are facing the malfunction. Will you please look into this?
  42. Giri

    Assess ^ signature

    So basically you've to post what the signature of the above poster tells about them. Rules: You cannot give the same description twice
  43. Giri

    Nintendo Do you want Nintendo to provide achievements and trophies?

    Recently my friends had a debate about why getting Nintendo is a bad idea vs great idea. One of my friends pointed out that Nintendo doesn't have any game achievements. What are achievements? An achievement is a meta-goal defined outside a game's parameters. In other words the pop ups that come...
  44. Giri

    Who is your favourite actor?

    In Tamil, My mother tongue, I'm a big fan of Vijay or Thalapathy. In Bollywood I like Alia Bhatt When it comes to Hollywood I like Will Smith, Jackie Chan , Stephen Chow, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise. And Gal Gadot is my favorite actress.
  45. Giri

    Under Rating someone or being under rated

    im under rated a lot by my teachers after sometime they realise intelligence isnt necessarily related to academical success. so have you under rated someone or have yopu been underrated by someone?
  46. Giri

    Google Stadia

    https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/16/21068913/google-stadia-120-games-2020-10-exclusives-4k-controller As you've seen there would be exclusive games for Stadia. Would you buy it for that cause? For me I would buy it only after my friends' got subscription and ive tried it. i wouldnt be...
  47. Giri

    single player games vs multi player games

    So LoZ, GoW, PoP, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper are some great single player games (as far as I have seen) Wii sports ,Mariokart Wiimmfi, Fortnite, Clash Royale, CoDMW and PUBG are some great multiplayer players I know I personally like Multi player games as I'm a bit friend centred guy...
  48. Giri

    why the hell does EU interfere with internal affairs?

    Recently our government has passed CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). And the European Union has infuriated the government by starting a motion against it. However the debate has been postponed to March. EXCERPT Now coming to point CAA is only coming to effect for Muslim immigrants who seek...
  49. Giri

    Suggest a place for holiday trip

    After school gets over, I'll probably go to a place to revive myself. so what place would you like to suggest me? I'm more likely to travel somewhere Asian but Vegas is always on my list
  50. Giri

    Corona Virus- Is your country safe?

    AIIMS(All Indian Institute of Medical Science) in New Delhi has kept ready an isolation ward and kept ready all the protective gear to handle any spread of the virus According to estimates, around 23,000 Indian students are studying in China a considerable number of them in Wuhan medical...
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