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    Ocarina of Time How to Get the Piece of Heart from Dampe Without the Longshot

    Race Dampe like you normally would, but in the room before the staircase like room is 2 big pillars with symbols on them.Instead of following dampe, turn right then left to get to the room where you turn left to get to the final stretch. It can take off 6 seconds! Even if you get hit with fire!
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    OoT-3DS In Game Ocarina of Time Hint

    Inside the house with the cow and the piece of heart, (Kakariko Village) there is a drawing of how to activate the sun switches in the Spirit Temple! This can only be viewed in the 3DS remake and you must press the view button to where you can see top-down.:) Just in case you didnt know
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    Would a Different Game Play Style Be Better?

    I have just read the article "Skyward Sword's Controls Are Fine" that Axle the Beast has posted.But were they truly "fine"? Well I realized that if a new game play style were to be in the game what would it be like? What would it be like to have not just one but 2 ways to play Skyward Sword...
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    New Link, New Game;Old Link, Old Game?

    Will nintendo make a new Link for the new Zelda for WiiU or an old Link for 3DS. Or vise versa! Tell me below! :)
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    Did They Go a Little Too Far?

    Now. The new deal about the motion is probably a little to much? I mean with directional swings. The watchdoors and other thing sure to come. The motion does not need to be so big with it. I think it was to much. Enough to make it almost boring.:dry::shake:
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    Twilight Princess Did You Figure Out How to Play As a Chicken?

    Alright... you probably think that I am crazy, but it is true. Hit the chicken alot of times. ( They are found mostly in Ordon Village.) It will not come to you and attack you. After all those hits, the reward is the ability to press A to jump and the control stick to move! (Wii version.) Have...
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    Is Phantom Hourglass A Good Game?

    I'm thinking about getting PH for my DSi. Is It Worth the Buy? Tell me please.:thinking: ( my first poll I wanted 5 options but I do not know how to do it)
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    I Am Guessing It Will Be Like Oot to Mm Tp to This Game Right?

    well i am guessing so. the first artwork i saw Link was back to back with someone. It looks like it is a follow up=\?
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    Did You Figure Out How to Be a Chicken?

    If you slash your sword to many times on a chicken in a certain Zelda game you got attacked. Not TP though! If you found is there anything usefull for that?=\
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    Ocarina of Time What is the Hardest Boss in Oot for You?

    bongo bongo that cool looking ful of energy yet quite oh violent:devil:don't you think
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    What is Your Favorite Boss in Oot?

    choose between gohma king dodongo barinade phantom ganon valvagia morpha bongo bongo twinrova ganondork or ganon in beast form
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    Bongo Bongo What Did You Think?

    He was really the only reason why i keep playing oot today:) my favorite boss and thing to do in oot
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    What Do You Think of Bongo Bongo

    i would say alrighty he is quite a challenge but a great boss
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