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  1. Quin

    Skyward Sword Hero mode

    Does anyone have a comprehensive list of EVERYTHING that gets transferred from a normal file to a hero file? I can't find anything online and most lists I see are at least missing some things.
  2. Quin

    Will the toilet feature a bigger role in the next game?

    We have seen the toilet in Zelda now and again, but very inconsistently and always regarding some ghost hand stuff. This destroys the immersion for me. We are already on the right track on this forum, but we should spread the word even more, so that our voices are heard and we will get more...
  3. Quin

    Real Talk: When does Link go to the toilet?

    In all the time you play as him he never ever has to go to the toilet? Why is that? Are Hylians magical creatures that have no toilet needs? Seeing the general discussion forum here make it seems they are missing out on a lot. Discuss.
  4. Quin

    Favorite equipment in the game

    If you played this game long enough than you must have at least a few weapons that you always pick up no matter what, if not for utility then for design. What are those weapons for you? Here is my top 3: (for the sake of variety I won't be putting in the Hylian shield and master sword, as both...
  5. Quin

    Favorite locations on the map.

    If you explored the map there must have been a few locations that you thought looked amazing, or just felt comfy. I have a few of those locations pinned on my map: (not in any particular order) 1. far eastern edge of satori mountain, close to the ground, is a ledge with a cooking pot and all...
  6. Quin

    Show your Zelda stuff.

    I'm surprised I didn't see any somewhat recent thread on this. (or I'm just terrible at using the search) Anyway, show everything zelda related you own, from books to figurines, anything goes. This is a photo from last year. I did forget a few tiny things to include but nothing worth...
  7. Quin

    How deep do you go into Zelda?

    (disclaimer: this is not meant to be a brag thread) So, like probably more of you, Zelda is my favorite franchise, and because I enjoy the series so much, I did not only feel the need to play and complete every zelda game, but also to atleast fully 100% them all once, well atleast the mainline...
  8. Quin

    Zelda remakes/(enhanced)ports.

    Zelda has recieved quite a few remakes and ports over the years. Now I ask, which one of them did you like and think of them now as your definitive editions? Before I voice my own opinion I would like to add that I think all versions of them are a good way to experience the game and you really...
  9. Quin

    Do you think the multiplayer Zelda games are spin-offs?

    I recently had a discussion about this, and there seem to be some people who believe FS, FSA and TFH are spin-offs.(note:spin-offs doesn't mean non canon) Do you believe the shift from single to multiplayer warrent those games being spin-offs? Personally, I don't. While those games have...
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