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    General Art Voting! GCC: Monsters!

    Oh Wow! Thank you guys so much for this opportunity to partake in this awesome contest!
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    Whats your favorite place in majoras mask & ocarina of time?

    On a more funnier note, and possibly more creepy is Lon Lon Ranch during the Alien invasion back in MM. Very very scary. D:
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    What is Your Favorite Legend of Zelda Memory

    Mine would definitely have to be the first time I killed Ganon in OoT. The epicness that was permeating from my room at the time was almost palpable. I pranced around the house for the rest of the day in my little Link outfit, lmao.
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    Zelda Art My 3D Arts of Zelda [3D Animations and Artworks]

    Watching these for like the umpteenth time! Makes me want to go and work on some stuff like this. Inspiration comes in all forms I suppose.
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    Zelda Art My 3D Arts of Zelda [3D Animations and Artworks]

    Amazing stuff! I've never seen so such professionalism when it came to this kind of fan movie, truly amazing.
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    Rate the Siggy!

    9.5/10 That story arc always makes me cry when I play Majora's Mask. ._. Beautiful siggie, with alot of deep meaning. Love it.
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    Zelda Art My First Post of Pics

    Ohh Zora, these are awesome!!! Specially the Link one! I like the shading of it as well. Triforce looks a bit squiggly, but that might just be my eyes, lmao.
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    Anyone Want to Help?

    Watcha need help with? I'd be willing to help with whatever you need.
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    What Do You Guys Think About a DARK Zelda Game?

    Ninjas, fairies, magic, swords, kung fu, boobies. Sounds like an awesome mix.
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    Dark Link?

    Link is left handed actually, just so you know. :D
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    Rate the Siggy!

    9/10 I loved the concept for Marth in Brawl, very very cool! And the background color mixes well with the text.
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    How Do You Pronounce the Username of the Member Above?

    Fri-jid Bla-duh, kind of straight forward there, lol.
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    Link's Pants NEW Theory

    Now there's an interesting theory..Skydiving pants. Could very well explain it, since Skyloft is, in the sky. @[email protected] And there's a scene in the game where he jumps off, right?
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    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Currently going through my 1000000th play through of Ocarina of Time, and when I plug in my Wii, I'll be playing some Brawl online.
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    Link's Pants NEW Theory

    Lmao, guess I'll just quote myself from the previous thread and have it take off from there. :D
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    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but it never saves your game. I wish I could play Wind Waker right now. ._.
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    Where Do You Live?

    I live in the Northeastern part of Louisiana.
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    Link's Pants NEW Theory

    We actually have a thread dedicated to Link's pants somewhere around here.
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    Spoiler Majora's Mask Ending?

    This was one of the major questions asked at the end of Ocarina of Time, and even more so after Majora's Mask came out. Where did Navi go? As hard as it is to say, I don't think Link found her. He's Hylian, a fact that made holding on to a fairy almost impossible, bonding aside. He's bound by...
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    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but it melts within a few seconds. ._. I wish I could fly!
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    Super Bowl XLV

    I'm excited to have seen how it all turned out. Twas an amazing game with some super awesome plays.
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    R U an Expert?

    Attending college for a degree in history. Having the ability to recall something from a specific point in time is usually an expert ability I have. Funny thing is it's spans to different aspects of entertainment, art, music, video games, so pretty much anything.
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    What's Your Style?

    I have a casual-formal to casual style, usually wearing a collared shirt, or a long sleeve since it's so cold. Varied colors, usually neutral to fall colors. A nice pair of blue jeans does fine paired with my leather boots. Accessories include aviator sun glasses, wallet, and my pocket watch.
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    3DS Point Shop

    So with the ability to buy games through the point shop on the 3DS, my question is. Will they be supported with the 3D ability, or is it just a direct port?
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    Dark Link?

    Ohh you have no idea how awesome SS would be (on top of it's already reputable awesomeness) if they added Dark Link to the game. The encounter would have to be monumental though, not just a little mini boss. I'd dare say for Nintendo to make him an actual dungeon boss, but that's just wishful...
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    Whats your favorite place in majoras mask & ocarina of time?

    Regarding OoT, It's the Lost Woods. Saria's Song playing through the whole thing is amazing. Back when I first started playing the game I was hopelessly lost in there, lmao. Aside from the graphical/awe of the area, the lore around it is incredibly creepy. For MM, it has to be Ikana Valley. I...
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    Your Opinion on Emulation

    Ohh heavy topic, very heavy topic. On the subject of emulation. I think it has it's wonders. Questions of morality and legal issues aside, I feel emulation is a ground opener to your nostalgic bone. For example, I love the LoZ series, have all the games, as well as the associated systems...
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    Water Temples

    I think one of the things that makes a Water Temple so interesting, and in a few cases difficult, is the intricacy they have within them. Usually a Water Temple, or anything closely resembling one has some element that makes the dungeon unique. In this case, with the Ocarina of Time Water...
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    Amusing Zelda SS Trailer

    Oh I love these videos! This LoZ one ranks pretty high in my favorite list, along with the Cataclysm one. Very funny stuff, lmao.
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    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I'm listening to Frozen Creek by Circa Survive. :D
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    Link's Pants NEW Theory

    When you take a look at what Link has to go through, I can see reason in why they're giving him pants, or at least something that looks like pants. Hailing back to the old games, you see the classic, iconic, green tunic, an amazing choice of style unlike any character design of the time...
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    Rate the Siggy!

    8/10 I love the intensity of that red!
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    GCC Round Three: Monsters Sign Ups

    Ohhh, you can count me in! This is gonna be awesome!
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    Oh my god..Look at that Star Fox box. Amazing!!
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    Miyamotos Favorite

    Oh, He could be developing a new Star Fox game and we wouldn't even know it!! That would be something though, I sure do miss that series. And I'm sure it would fall under one of his favorites, of course.
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    Miyamotos Favorite

    Oh no problem! It was a tricky sentence I think. I should have mentioned I was speaking in terms of Nintendo, and what not. As to clear up any confusion, my first post was also my opinion as well. When I think about it, Miyamoto has a foot in every game Nintendo develops, for the most part...
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    Miyamotos Favorite

    I wasn't exactly stating that Mario was his favorite. I was just giving the series props for being so successful. Mearly an opinion of my own, I suppose. Like the actual topic at hand, Miyamoto's favorite might be completely different then what makes Nintendo successful. It could be Nintendogs...
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    Miyamotos Favorite

    It's a tricky question, I'll give you that. After thinking about it though, you really have to give props to the Super Mario Bros. series, it's pretty much the driving force behind Nintendo.
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    Miyamotos Favorite

    I'm gonna have to go with Super Mario. :D
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    When you really give it some thought, Graphics now-a-days matter, purely for what you're paying for the game, as well as the public's view on how it should look. You're playing a next gen system, you're going to have some sort of improvement regarding the way your game looks. Plain and simple...
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    Rate the Siggy!

    Ohh I love signatures with Epona and Link! Can't forget the epic TP picture in the background! 10/10!
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    Three Heart Challenge

    Seeing the first on the list makes me want to play the game without a shield. XD
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    Graphic Requests

    Thanks!! ^_^ Ohhh, it looks awesome on your profile! :D
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    Most Annoying Zelda Character?

    The first 10 minutes of Ocarina of Time introduced me to... I couldn't stand him.
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    Best Music in Zelda

    Another one of my favorites is the Bolero of Fire, especially this Orchestrated version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWP0Hzat5QY
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    Which Look for Link is Your Favorite?

    Before SS was announced, it was definitely the TP version of Link. Older, with just a "I can kick your butt" look, lmao. Although, now that I think about it, in terms of when an LoZ game is released, that character design of Link is always my favorite.
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    Three Heart Challenge

    I completed the challenge for Ocarina of Time, as well as Majora's Mask. I never thought about using a potion, probably considering I only had three hearts. Lmao. It was a challenge, at first, but since I've played the games so many times it was second nature to not take damage. It's easy if...
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    Who's the Coolest Villian?

    Hey, don't worry about it! :D Ohh, now that I think about it, Twinmold from Majora's mask was pretty cool.
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    Who's the Coolest Villian?

    I wonder if you're forgetting Zant from Twilight Princess? I think he's one of the most creepiest characters in the series so far. Specially at the end of the game. Regarding the list, I'd have to go with Majora's Mask. The insanity, the drive, the craze to destroy Termina really appealed to...
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    Graphic Requests

    Hey Jedi! I managed to finish your request. With a few changes, I hope it's what you're looking for. :D Simple and clean is what I was going for. Minimalistic renders used since the picture was so beautiful. It's the "Lone Wolf" level from Reach, but with the amount of screenshots...
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