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  1. weirdinin

    Silent Princess Is the Motif of the Story in BotW and Allegory of the Characters of Zelda and Link

    BotW is an amazing game. My all time favourite. One of the things I like about it, is how there is left room for imagination and interpretation. There are lots of unanswered questions in the game. I have three questions for you, dear Zelda fans. I try to answer to them of course, but I’d like to...
  2. weirdinin

    New Zelda Switch Controller from Power A, any good?

    https://www.zeldadungeon.net/new-zelda-switch-controller-now-available-for-pre-order/ New wireless Zelda Switch Pro controller coming from Power A. Are you going to buy/preorder? Are Power A controllers as good as the official Nintendo pro controller? Please, share you wisdom if you have any...
  3. weirdinin

    Is BotW your least favourite for anything?

    Inspired by Spirit’s thread (your favourites in BotW, https://zeldadungeon.net/forum/threads/is-botw-your-favourite-for-anything.64246/), let’s hear the opposite side. Is there something in BotW that was done the worst in the history of the Legend of Zelda series? Considering BotW is my all...
  4. weirdinin

    Are you going to play (or replay) LA before its remake is released?

    So, if you haven’t played LA yet or it’s been long time since you played it last time, are you going to play it before LA switch? I haven’t played LA and don’t know yet should I play one of the older versions or save it until switch LA comes. I wish I could travel back in time and re-experience...
  5. weirdinin

    Your thoughts about original LoZ

    There are threads about LoZ but very old so better make a new one. I feel it would be fun to hear what active members of this forum think about the game. I just completed it and clearly it had some kind of impact on me as I’m using time to make a thread for the game. And thanks to nintendo...
  6. weirdinin

    Medicom RAH BotW Link Figure

    Does anyone here own Medicom BotW Link figure ? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Medicom-The-Legend-Of-Zelda-Breath-Of-The-Wild-Link-Real-Action-Heroes-Figure/555675542 I'm tempted to buy it and also the BotW Master Sword statue but the total price is be deep, figure is 350€ where I live and master...
  7. weirdinin

    Did you find Zelda games hard when you were a child?

    This topic is addressed to those gamers, who played Zelda games in their early childhood. And especially for those, who did not have a privilege to enjoy Zelda games with their native language. I wonder how many there are in this forum besides myself? So, did anyone else play Zelda games even...
  8. weirdinin

    Share your experience after playing too much Zelda?

    Have you ever got a feeling of playing too much Zelda? Or is it possible to play too much? Have you burned yourself out of zelda games by playing the titles too fast and not having a break between? Any other consequences like change of behaviour? Share your experiences. I address this especially...
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