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  1. PhantomTriforce

    Changes to the New 3DS

    This link here discusses some of the changes coming to New 3DS. For those of you who don't want to read the article, I will summarize below the main parts: The Good The Bad Honestly those are some disappointing changes there I can't really justify. Anyways, what do you think?
  2. PhantomTriforce

    Tournament Results

    First 3DS Tournament Sign-Ups Discussion Thread Challonge Bracket
  3. PhantomTriforce

    Post your Friend Code (3DS) here

  4. PhantomTriforce

    Super Smash Bros. for 3DS DGN Tournament 1

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Super Smash Bros. for 3DS DGN Tournament! Below are the rules and details about this tournament (they have slightly changed from the last thread, so please be sure to read them). And if you haven't already, please post your Friend Code in the group...
  5. PhantomTriforce

    Super Smash Bros. for 3DS DGN Tournament 1 Sign-ups

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Super Smash Bros. for 3DS DGN Tournament! This is the sign-ups thread, and anyone can sign up between now and Thursday, October 9, at 11:59 PM EST. Below are the rules and details about this tournament. Tournament Details Tournament organizers: Fig...
  6. PhantomTriforce

    A Link Between Worlds What Items Did You Buy?

    What items did you end up buying from Ravio instead of renting? Additionally, which item did you use the discount on (which item did you buy first), if any?
  7. PhantomTriforce

    Family Reunions: Like or Dislike?

    Simple question to you all: do you like family reunions, or do you totally despise them? Or perhaps you just don't care? Let me know! I personally love family reunions, they're super fun and I love doing all sorts of fun stuff with my relatives.
  8. PhantomTriforce

    Who Is Your Favorite Zelda Villain Ever?

    Title says it all. Who is your favorite villain in the Legend of Zelda series? Mine's Ganondorf. He has many epic appearances, many epic battles, comes up with plans occasionally, and is about all I want from a villain. So who's yours?
  9. PhantomTriforce

    Spoiler Why Did Link Need to Open the Second Gate of Time?

    I've been thinking lately, in Skyward Sword, why did Link need to open the second Gate of Time? Because there was no real reason too, and it actually ended up being more of a hassle than if it were never opened, because Link needed to defeat the revived Demise in the past. So here is what...
  10. PhantomTriforce

    Your Favorite "Boss Weakened" Music

    So we have two Zelda games that have their own separate jingle when a boss is down and Link can hack at it: Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, though Skyward Sword's version sadly only appears twice in the game. Well, which version do you like more? Twilight Princess Skyward Sword
  11. PhantomTriforce

    Coincidence or Intentional?

    I realized that the Super Mario Bros. 3 Ocean world and the Legend of Zelda fairy themes are very similar. Taking into consideration that back then, the Mario and Zelda teams worked pretty closely (they still do, but not as much), do you think that is just a coincidence or is it intentionally...
  12. PhantomTriforce

    Favorite Dungeon Vs. Best Dungeon

    Favorite and Best are two different things, even when it comes to Zelda. And this thread will be discussing favorite and best dungeons. Favorite describes the dungeon you had the funnest playing. Best describes the dungeon you feel all that a Zelda dungeon (no pun intended) should have. So I'll...
  13. PhantomTriforce

    Will Skyward Sword Be Game of the Year 2011?

    There has been lot of speculation going on about Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword is set to be released (hopefully) before the end of this year. However, I haven't heard much about whether Skyward Sword will be the Game of the Year or not. What do you think? Two Zelda games have taken this titles so...
  14. PhantomTriforce

    Spoiler Who is Harder for You: Onox or Veran?

    Be warned, this thread may reveal ending details of the Oracle games. Onox and Veran are the final bosses of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages respectively. They are both considered very challenging bosses. So which one do you think is harder? I personally find Veran harder, maybe because...
  15. PhantomTriforce

    Spoiler Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Before I even start, I am clearly warning everyone that this thread will contain spoilers. DeReps to comments saying that they are spoilers, or complaints to mods or admins to due someone spoiling in this thread is unacceptable. Spoiler tags will not be necessary, as this whole thread is about a...
  16. PhantomTriforce

    Your Favorite Zelda Theme

    As the title indicates, this is do find out the most liked theme in Zelda dungeons. Below, I will state which dungeons belong in which theme: Forest: Skull Woods (ALttP), Inside the Deku Tree (OoT), Forest Temple (OoT,TP, and ST), Woodfall Temple (MM), Forbidden Forest (WW), Deepwood Shrine...
  17. PhantomTriforce

    Ocarina of Time How Do You Pronounce Gerudo?

    Hey guys, just something that intrigued me. How do you guys pronounce Gerudo? I saw a video the other day on some dude's theory, and he pronounced it "Jerudo", but I've always pronounced it "Gherudo". So what about you?
  18. PhantomTriforce

    Majora's Mask Help!!!

    Ok, I am not happy with what has happened. My game has glitched up. The Ocarina is set to the sword button. o.o I cannot use my sword now. Has this glitch happened to anyone? How can I fix this?? I have tried resetting time, resetting the game, but nothing is working. I am using the Virtual...
  19. PhantomTriforce

    Where Does the Word "Minish" Come From?

    It occurred to me that the word "diminish" sounds a but like "The Minish". Also, the Minish are tiny creatures, and the word diminish measn to become smaller, and that is also what the Minish Cap does. So what do you guys think, does it come from the word "Diminish" or is it pure coincidence?
  20. PhantomTriforce

    Majora's Mask Why I Did Not Like Majora’s Mask As Much As Some Other Zelda Games

    Before I start, I want to tell you that I am well aware that someone else has created a similar thread, but that was his own opinion. This is my opinion, so I thought I would create a new thread. Majora’s Mask is a wonderful Zelda game, and many people agree with that. However, I do not agree...
  21. PhantomTriforce

    100%ing SS

    Would you like there to be a reward of some sort if you 100% Skyward Sword? I don't think there has been yet, so this could be a good new idea. What do you think?
  22. PhantomTriforce

    Favorite 15 Zelda Dungeons

    I really apologize in advance if this thread already exists. I did spend some time looking for this, but couldn't find it. Well, what's your favorite 15 Zelda dungeons? It doesn't have to be in order, but it can if you want. Here are mine (not in order): Desert Palace (ALttP) Turtle Rock...
  23. PhantomTriforce

    The 7 Maidens from ALttP?

    I just had this doubt about the 7 maidens you rescue in the Dark World dungeons in ALttP. The ancestors of the 7 maidens are the 7 wise men, who are likely to be the sages from TP. However, Ganondorf kills the Sage of Water in TP, so shouldn't the maiden you rescue from the Swamp Palace cease to...
  24. PhantomTriforce

    Rainbow Road

    I wanted to know from you guys which Mario Kart Rainbow Road you thought was the best. I thought Rainbow Road from Double Dash was the best. Here are the choices: Super Mario Kart Mario Kart: Super Circuit Mario Kart 64 Mario Kart: Double Dash Mario Kart DS Mario Kart Wii
  25. PhantomTriforce

    Twinrova in Skyward Sword- Possibly Hyrule?

    Twinrova in Skyward Sword? Would you guys like to see Twinrova is SS? What do you think the possibility of this happening is? Kotake and Koume are about 400 years old in OoT, so if this game took place 300 years before OoT, then we could see the younger Twinrova.
  26. PhantomTriforce

    Ocarina of Time Master Quest??

    Does anyone know whether the OoT 3D is going to come with the Master Quest?
  27. PhantomTriforce

    End Scene?

    I noticed that in the end of the 2nd quest in WW (the one where Link is in his Pajamas), Link is in his normal Green clothes (I mean at the very end, where Link and Tetra are waving to the people in the Pirate Ship). Is this a glitch or was this just lazy on Nintendo's part?
  28. PhantomTriforce

    Wallet Upgrades

    So I'm doing a WW 3-Heart challenge, and I do not want to get any fairy upgrades except for both the wallet ones. I forgot where they are, so could someone tell me where the great fairies for the wallet upgrades are (square number). Let's make the rows letters and the columns letters.
  29. PhantomTriforce

    DSi or 3DS

    Hi, I have a question, not really on Zelda, but for Zelda. I currently do not have a DS of any form. I am planing on buying one, but I do not know whether to buy a DSi XL or to wait for the 3DS. I am playing Phantom Hourglass on a friend's right now, but that doesn't really work out. I want...
  30. PhantomTriforce

    Sumo Wrestling

    Would you link to see Sumo-Wrestling return in Skyward Sword? I sure do, because I thought it was a great method of proving your strength, and it is underused in TP. So what do you guys think?
  31. PhantomTriforce

    Majora's Mask Different Dimension

    So Termina is supposed to be a different dimension of the people from Hyrule, right? So then, where are the alternate dimensions of Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and all the Kokiri?
  32. PhantomTriforce

    Turtle Rock

    I didn't know where to post this, but since there is a GBA version of ALttP, I'll put this here. I want to know from you guys which Turtle Rock you thought was better (ALttP or LA). I personally think the Turtle Rock in ALttP was better, but that's just me. What do you guys think?
  33. PhantomTriforce

    Oracle Series Choosing Animal Partner?

    I've been hearing about being able to choose your animal partner in the Oracle games. How do you do this? The one time I played, I ended up with Ricky, but I don't know how I got him. Can someone give me a description of what you have to do to get each animal partner? Thanks.
  34. PhantomTriforce

    What Themes Would You Like to See?

    What themes would you like to see return in Skyward Sword? I am almost positive we will be seeing Forest, Fire and Water return, but others like Desert, Darkness, Sky, and pehaps other new ones?
  35. PhantomTriforce

    Wind Waker Ganon/dorf Music

    So there was a guy who made a thread asking about TP final boss music, so I just wanted to make a thread about WW final boss music. Here are the link's to the music: Pig Ganon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUB8mB0s-iM Spider Ganon...
  36. PhantomTriforce

    Could the Wind Temple Be the Water Temple?

    I've been thinking about this for some time, and I think it makes some sense. My theory is this: the Wind Temple from Wind Waker is the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time. I'll discuss my points below: 1. The shape of the main room is the same in both Temples. Both of the Temples have a large...
  37. PhantomTriforce

    The Legend of Zelda Level 6

    I recently finished playing LoZ (the 1st quest), and there are 2 different entrances to Level 6. What is the difference between them? I also have another question. In Level 8, you get the book. What is that used for?
  38. PhantomTriforce

    Easiest Console Game

    What do you guys think is the easiest console Zelda game there is? I think it's Wind Waker. That game really needed some difficulty, especially in the dungeons.
  39. PhantomTriforce

    Fire-Themed Dungeons

    Hey, now I want to know your favorite fire-themed dungeon. Mine would be the Goron Mines from TP.
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