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  1. Lozjam

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold over 10 million copies, is the best selling Zelda Game

    With the financial meeting today, we learned an excellent tidbit. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/software/index.html The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold over 8.48 Million units on the Switch. Which, wooo boy, that is an accomplishment within itself. However, the story...
  2. Lozjam

    A 2D Zelda Switch

    So, now that I see a bright and shiny new board for a Zelda Switch, I see people are very excited for the successor to BotW. However, I think we should hold the reins back just a bit. At the very most optimistic timeframe, we won’t see a successor until at least 2020. But I think we may see...
  3. Lozjam

    Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC, Will it be Unveiled at the Game Awards Show?

    According to Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: The Champions Ballad will be releasing in December. This is the DLC expansion for Breath of the Wild, coming off BotW being one of the highest critically rated games of all time. However, we know very little about it besides the...
  4. Lozjam

    Nintendo Switch Third Party Month! What are you getting?

    So, November actually marks something very rare for Nintendo gamers worldwide.... In that the Switch is actually getting third party support. So what games will, if any, are you picking up and why? The games releasing/released on switch have been: Sonic Forces DOOM Skyrim Resident Evil...
  5. Lozjam

    Sonic Mania is AMAZING

    Alright ZD. Let's have a chat about our unfortunate little blue hedgehog..... Except. This time we are not bashing him, for Sonic Mania is absolutely fantastic. From the moment you start the game, to the ending boss, it is absolutely astounding to have a really good sonic game, let alone an...
  6. Lozjam

    Trump Announces that Transgender Individuals will not be able to Serve in the US Military

    Trump issued this statement via Twitter this morning: "After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow.Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on...
  7. Lozjam

    Do You Guys Even Read NPC Dialogue?

    Okay, so I must admit. I have had a bit of a pet peeve in regards to this forum and with BotW. Do you guys even read NPC dialogue? Now, while I will admit that the story itself for BotW isn't the greatest in history, but the lore sure is great. I have a nagging suspicion it's because people...
  8. Lozjam


    Splatoon 2 is having its very first Splatfest.... A week before the game launches. So, all of you with a Switch will be able to participate in the first Splatfest in Splatoon 2 history, for free. Just download the demo off the E-Shop! The choices this time around: So. If you are interested...
  9. Lozjam

    Will The DC Cinematic Universe Work Out?

    So, all the way back in 2008, Marvel launched something extremely ambitious, cunning, and brilliant plan. Marvel, in the vain of having a large set of disappointing Super Hero movies, planned an entire reset to its apparent universe. They completely reset the lore for each superhero, and...
  10. Lozjam

    Master Mode

    hey.... Ah.... I think I need to return my Zelda mancard, because I'm gonna cry...... To be serious though, let's talk about Master Mode! I haven't even gotten out of the plateau, so I can only say through that. But at least in the beginning areas... It is extremely difficult. Enemies...
  11. Lozjam

    SNES Classic Edition

    Hey ZD, there has been some talk about this already; but Nintendo announced yesterday that they are releasing the SNES Classic Edition. It comes with 20 games: Contra III: The Alien Wars Donkey Kong Country EarthBound Final Fantasy III F-ZERO Kirby Super Star Kirby’s Dream Course The...
  12. Lozjam

    ZD: How Do You Use Your Switch?

    So, about 3 months ago, the Nintendo Switch released, which gave us plenty of time to play and test out the Switch. So, I was really curious as to how you guys are using your Switch. Do you guys ever play your Switch docked or undocked? Which do you play more, or do you completely ignore...
  13. Lozjam

    ARMS Testpunch Impressions Thread

    So, in 4 hours from this post, the ARMS Testpunch will go live for the first time for an hour. I am really excited to at least Try out ARMS and I advise all you ZDers try it out! It's free, after all. But here is a place of which we can discuss our impressions after playing the demo. This...
  14. Lozjam

    Monster Hunter XX is Coming to Switch

    Monster Hunter XX(Known as Monster Hunter Generations in the West) is going to be coming to Switch! More details will release this Saturday. But I am so glad that the series is returning to a home console again! Plus getting to take a home console experience of Monster Hunter, with a real...
  15. Lozjam

    100 Years- A Missed Opportunity

    I think my greatest disappointment with BotW(even though it's easily in my top 3 Zeldas) is the whole 100 years aspect, and how that was such a wasted potential. I think, they could have easily had a traditional Zelda, a linear adventure within the memories of BotW. This is in a way so as to...
  16. Lozjam

    Nintendo's E3 Plans

    Nintendo has showcased what they are doing for E3 this year: The biggest surprise is that the Nintendo Spotlight will only cover Switch games. Nintendo will also likely cover some 2018 games at this event though too, just not many. Nintendo already has a whole lot to talk about, both in stuff...
  17. Lozjam

    The Switch: A Major Success So Far, What it Needs to do to Succeed Down the Line

    So, now that we are 13 days after launch, it's time to reflect how the Switch is doing, and what Nintendo needs to do to carry this success. So, the verdict so far on Switch? It's a massive success. It actually is Nintendo's biggest launch of a system overall, and it's not even a holiday...
  18. Lozjam

    Has Anyone Found the First Trailer Area?

    Hey ZD, I was wondering if anyone has found the area in which the first trailer took place. This is just for my own curiosity, plus it will be interest just how much the graphics have changed from that time to now. I also wonder if it has the same features as well.
  19. Lozjam

    Aonuma, "There could be a possibility of another Zelda title on Switch"

    A couple of days ago, Aonuma teased a brand new Zelda game on the Switch, saying that "I haven't been able to fully use the features of that system" and that "There could be a possibility of another Zelda title on the Switch"...
  20. Lozjam

    When Are You Making the Switch?

    So. When are you making the Switch? I will probably either get it in April, or in Summer.
  21. Lozjam

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I cannot believe that this happened, and it is definitely my favorite surprise from the Switch Event. And it is absolutely beautiful. Xenoblade Chronicles, is going to get a true sequel, in the vein of the original. Xenoblade Chronicles X did some interesting things, and there is absolutely...
  22. Lozjam


    So, Nintendo has finally released a new IP with the first year of the Switch. A lot of people are giving it unnecessary hate, and I don't see why. Seeing actual gameplay, it looks extremely good! Also, let me just say that Motion controls are optional. You can play ARMS with button controls...
  23. Lozjam

    Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFVll Remake "Still a While Away"

    So with a recent interview: http://www.siliconera.com/2017/01/10/tetsuya-nomura-says-final-fantasy-vii-remake-kingdom-hearts-iiis-releases-still-away/#JW9di95PExaKYe71.99 Director Nomura said that that development for KH3 and FFVllR is still a while away. This for sure means that 2017...
  24. Lozjam

    Happy New year to you as well!

    Happy New year to you as well!
  25. Lozjam

    Australian Advertismements Confirms(?) March 2017 Launch Date

    So these Australian Advertisments for the Switch have come in, and look at the bottom right left corner. Interesting.... So it seems like Breath of the Wild is releasing in March... I guess really the only reason LKD's rumor could be true is that: The Wii U version is delayed to June BotW is...
  26. Lozjam

    Combat Potential-Can it be the most varied of any Open World Game?

    One of the biggest complaints of open world games, is that Open World games tend not to have the best combat systems. It tends to get repetitive, too bland with enemy encounters that all feel the same, and use the same strategies to beat. For example, Skyrim, while it is still a great game, has...
  27. Lozjam

    Thoughts on Uber

    Times change, and technology evolves. Uber is a perfect example of that. Uber is a taxi-like service in which you get the app, and can call up an Uber at any time. The catch is that, these aren't taxi cabs that you are riding in. You ride in other people's cars. You can pick and choose what...
  28. Lozjam

    Laura Kate Dale: BotW May Be Delayed to June in Europe, but Perhaps Not America and Japan

    Now, we have heard very terrible rumors from Laura Kate Dale that Breath of the Wild may be delayed from March.... However, that doesn't add up with anything that is happening within America companies. We have recently had complete guidebooks concerning this game, and GameStop, an American...
  29. Lozjam

    Thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special

    So, the Doctor Who Christmas special has come and past. And I know there are quite a few people who watch Doctor Who on this board, and I was curious on your thoughts.... I myself was rather disappointed in this... Especially considering this is literally all we have seen of Doctor Who in 2016...
  30. Lozjam

    Haha I will make sure I will. I've been on Skype more lately, but I will make sure to sweep discord.

    Haha I will make sure I will. I've been on Skype more lately, but I will make sure to sweep discord.
  31. Lozjam

    Breath of the Wild: Pics Until Release Thread

    Now we are getting somewhere. Nintendo will be posting a screenshots of Breath of the Wild via Facebook. Which is really cool. Here is the first photo:
  32. Lozjam

    Star Fox Switch

    With a recent interview with Miyamoto, Miyamoto said that he still isn't done with the Star Fox series despite the commercial failure that was Star Fox Zero. Good on him! Let's just hope he doesn't mess things up this time. So what would you like to see on Star Fox Switch? I would love to see...
  33. Lozjam

    New 3rd Party Collabarations With Nintendo

    One of the best things about the Wii U generation of Nintendo, was really interesting collaborations between Nintendo and Third parties. From Nintendo characters in Bayonetta, to implementing a new game genre to the series with Hyrule Warriors and Pokken. They have done a great job with this...
  34. Lozjam

    Seasons of Heaven(Third Party Switch Exclusive)

    http://nintendoeverything.com/first-screenshots-and-art-from-the-switch-exclusive-seasons-of-heaven/ So, we have one of our very first 3rd party exclusive games for the Switch. This is a post apocalyptic game based on a novel. The screenshots for this game look very beautiful. So what are...
  35. Lozjam

    Zelda Informer Has Took A Nosedive in My Opinion

    Okay: so I may as well put in in the suggestions and feedback, since ZD is a part of ZI.... But man does Zelda Informer suck right now. There is no fun speculation, no amazing editorials, no cool topics, nor has Daily Debate been frequent enough. Not to mention, the topics that do happen are...
  36. Lozjam

    Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

    Yacht club has really outdone themselves with this one.... They created a brand new Shovel Knight game, that's a prequel to the first, and are completely building the game from the ground up with even more new mechanics, new boss battles, new visuals, and still with that Yacht Club games...
  37. Lozjam

    Breath of the Wild: Game Awards Trailer

    A new trailer for BotW debuted today. We get to see the Rito right here(Giving credence to yeah... This is WW timeline). We get to see Zelda. We get to see human companions, a bit of the story and cutscenes, an adorable dog, and so much more... What are your thoughts on this trailer? There is...
  38. Lozjam

    Thoughts on Current Set of Moderators

    Lately, I have noticed something a little bit. There is continued distress between moderators and forum members. This is natural, considering that we had a large batch of new moderators added, and that creates new problems with new moderators finding their feet, and new problems as well. For...
  39. Lozjam

    Exclusive Breath of the Wild Content Game Awards Show 2016

    So, Nintendo just announced via Twitter that the Game Awards Show will showcase Breath of the Wild this Thursday. This isn't very surprising to me, as the first time we were shown actual gameplay of BotW was in the Game Awards Show 2014. But it's exciting that we will get a new trailer and...
  40. Lozjam

    BotW Rated M In Australia(Likely Rated T in NA)

    So, ESRB in Australia has apparently rated Breath of the Wild. https://mynintendonews.com/2016/11/23/zelda-breath-of-the-wild-has-been-rated-m-in-australia/ This means, in Australian, that Breath of the Wild is not suitable to people 15 years and under. However, in the US, and other regions, I...
  41. Lozjam

    Pokemon Sun and Moon: First Impressions and Release

    So, at least here(I know the Australians have Sun and Moon already), Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released in 6 hours. This is so exciting! But I created this thread for our raw impressions of the game, and to generally document our experiences with the game. So, before release... What are...
  42. Lozjam

    Your Top 3 Route Themes

    So with Pokemon Sun and Moon right around the corner, I have been reminiscing about this iconic series... So this got me thinking, what are your top 3 Route Themes of the series? Mine have to be: With this one... Just those trumpets.... Ah.... So many memories. I just love it.... The best...
  43. Lozjam

    Emily Rogers- "Breath of the Wild Will Not Be Released in March"

    So, Emily Rogers, a person who has thus far gotten every single thing correct about the Switch, recently released an article post. https://arcadegirl64.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/rumor-breath-of-the-wild-will-not-be-released-in-march/ It details that localization for this game is not running as...
  44. Lozjam

    The Scariest Zelda Enemies

    Why hello my fellow spooks! So while Zelda may be considered a "kids" game, there have been many terrifying enemies throughout the series. So which one do you fear the most and why?
  45. Lozjam

    Splatoon Switch

    So, with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch last week, we also got to see Splatoon showed off! That's super exciting. But what exactly is it? Well, first off, we know a couple of things that will be coming to this version of the game. 1. Local multiplayer 2. Different Hairstyles 3. A new...
  46. Lozjam

    Breath of the Wild looks far better on the Nintendo Switch

    So, with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, we got a little bit of Breath of the Wild footage. Even comparing off screen footage, there are numerous differences. -The grass has lighting, similar to the E3 2014 footage. So the grass has more substance. -Shadows seem to render at a higher...
  47. Lozjam

    Nintendo Switch News and Discussion Thread

    It looks like they are just remastering/porting Wii U games for the NX and adding additional content and improvements of it. Which... I don't know.... I might just end up selling my Wii U and all of my games for it.
  48. Lozjam

    Nintendo Switch News and Discussion Thread

    May I ask why you hate this concept? Imagine being able to take FFXV on the go. Which I can almost guarantee will happen. Also, the Market is actually taking this thing seriously. Like, most impressions of the system, especially from developers have been extremely positive. I agree. I suspect...
  49. Lozjam

    Super Mario Switch- A New 3D Adventure

    So, with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, we have a very exciting showcase... A new 3D Mario is coming! And it's actually in 3D this time! What do you guys think of this title so far, and what would you like? It looks like this game has a mix of exploration 64 type levels, and linear...
  50. Lozjam

    3rd Parties are Working on Nintendo Switch

    Holy ****. Nintendo is getting third party support with the NX. It's actually way too much to list out on a phone, but Nintendo got us covered with a photo. The big thing to come from this is that NX will get Bethesda games now, and Take Two. I think that means that you will be able to...
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