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  1. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    ZD Writing Competition Round 30: Theme

    Welcome back to another round of the ZD Writing Competition! This month's theme will be: Tropical Islands Write a story set on a tropical Island, whether it's a real one, or fictional. Keep in mind that if you ever need some help coming up with something to write about, talking some ideas...
  2. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Rumor: Unearthed Link Sprites May Hint At A Cancelled Zelda II Remake

    So if you all saw my status here, I've been keeping up with the recent findings from the massive leak of Nintendo source code that occured back in May. I've seen a lot of stuff from Ocarina of Time, and to a lesser extent Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past, and Link's Awakening, but I feel like...
  3. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Leap of Faith Games

    Most gamers have probably done this: stared at the selections of games available, you either aren't interested in the first party titles available, have them all already, or just can't afford to drop $50.00 USD or more on this particular trip. So instead you're eyeing the cheaper games, a lot of...
  4. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Gaming Regrets

    I felt like there was a post like this from a few months back, but I can't find it, so I decided to just make a new thread instead. Has there ever been a time when you had an opportunity arise as a gamer, but you missed the opportunity to sieze it? Or maybe you did something to your gaming...
  5. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    How Will Nintendo Move Forward from the Switch?

    While scrolling a Discord server earlier, I noticed someone mention the delay on Metroid Prime 4, and the lack of overall Nintendo news lately. They concluded saying they felt Prime 4 and potentially Breath of the Wild 2 are going to end up coming along at the end of the Switch's lifespan. I...
  6. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Time Paradoxes

    Sometimes I experience what I could only describe as a time paradox. The passage of time begins to occur differently for me than it might for other people, and it's contradictory to the "normal" passage of time. I think the most relatable phenomenon is having a lot of fun, during which time...
  7. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    ZD Writing Competition Round 29: Results

    Welcome back to the 29th ZD Writing Competition! The theme for this month was inspired by an idea from our fellow Forum member @AncientPoe! Without further adieu, this month's prompt is: Travels of a Silent Protagonist! Choose any video game character who doesn't talk, and write a journal entry...
  8. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Choose One Thing You Hope for from BotW 2

    Recently on the ZD frontpage we did a feature where all of us writers were asked to elaborate on one specific hope we'd like from Breath of the Wild's sequel. It was a pretty good concept, and I liked some of the ideas my fellow writers came up with. So, I'm extending the question here as well...
  9. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Is Zelda in Breath of the Wild the Fulfillment of Hylia's Plan?

    I was replying to a Daily Debate a fellow ZD writer posted asking if it was a mistake that the goddesses left behind the Triforce. In my reply, I began mentioning the lack of memory of the Triforce in the Era of the Wild, and how it seems Zelda is wielding the whole Triforce in Breath of the...
  10. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Have You Ever Had Dreams About Events in Zelda That Aren't Real?

    When I was younger sometimes I would have dreams about playing Ocarina of Time, and in those dreams, things would happen that were not really part of the game. Sometimes when I would replay OoT, I'd recall the dream, and wonder if it was really a dream or if it was something I did encounter in...
  11. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Majora's Mask Week: Masks, Gods, and the Duality of the Sun and Moon

    When it comes the theorizing on the origins of Majora's Mask, I've never felt satisfied with most of the theories that have been made. I don't see a connection between the Mask's design and the Fused Shadow, so that always ruled out the Twili theory for me. Other theories seem to me like tossing...
  12. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Amiibo Exploit

    So I didn't notice any thread touching on this. It's been common knowledge for awhile now that there is Amiibo exploit in Breath of the Wild that can guarantee that Amiibo exclusives drop if done correctly, yet I only discovered this today and plan to test it. If I recall correctly, some amiibo...
  13. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    ZD Writing Competition Round 28: Results

    Welcome one and all to the 28th ZD Writing Competition! For the foreseeable future I will be your new host (I swear this isn't an April Fool's joke) and I'm excited to be in this position! I've participated in this competition quite a bit over the years, as a result, this event in particular has...
  14. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    What is Your Favorite Location in Twilight Princess

    This is inspired by a Shoutbox convo last night. Twilight Princess was the first 3D Zelda game that really felt like it had varying geographic locations set in Hyrule. There are quite a bit of cool locations in the game, and I'm wondering which is your favorite? Imagine you were in Link's shoes...
  15. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Cringey Memories

    Looking back, what are some things you've done that seemed cool at the time, but are cringey to think about now? I'll start. In Fourth Grade a friend convinced me to do the Dragon Ball Z Fusion Dance while we were out on the playground, and I did it. While we did laps in gym class, we'd do them...
  16. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    The Deeper Meaning Behind Link's Awakening: A Game Dealing with Social Awkwardness and Ways to Overcome It

    https://www.zeldadungeon.net/the-deeper-meaning-behind-links-awakening-a-game-dealing-with-social-awkwardness-and-ways-to-overcome-it/ I feel like I've probably talked about this one being on the backburner for months. I'm glad I finally got it finished up and posted. It does get a tad personal...
  17. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    When Do You Estimate Breath of the Wild 2 Releasing?

    A highlight of last year was the reveal that a Breath of the Wild sequel is in development. They are re-using the same engine, and presumably the same overworld will be available to explore, but with additional new content. Speculation has been that with the re-use of assets, the development...
  18. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    What Kind of Extra Content Would You Like to See in Master Quest?

    Lately I have decided to play Ocarina of Time: Master Quest. Considering this game was released free alongside pre-orders of The Wind Waker, and besides that, unlockable on Ocarina of Time 3D, most have never felt like they were paying for it; nobody is going to complain about free stuff. I have...
  19. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Will Breath of the Wild 2 be Darker?

    Recently, during a debate about Breath of the Wild 2 I took part in, I noticed people saying it's been confirmed that the entire game will be "darker than Majora's Mask". While I think there is a possibility a lot of the game will maintain a darker vibe, it's a misconception that the developers...
  20. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Resident Evil Spirits Will be Added November 29th!

    For 5 days starting Friday, November 29th, Resident Evil Spirits will be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! The 4 spirits being featured are Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and Albert Wesker. Are you excited for this, or would you rather have had a true Resi DLC fighter...
  21. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    What Are You Watching Currently?

    I noticed we don't have a just a general thread to share what we're watching. We have a thread to rate a TV series or Movie we've watched, but that's all. @Jimmu, can we get this pinned as well, if you think it has benefit to be? Anyway, I just started a Star Trek episode, but I didn't catch...
  22. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    An Okami Sequel Might Be in the Works

    The fanboy inside me is screaming in joy right now! I just finished Okami HD last week and I thought to myself, "I would like to see another Okami game..." To my delight, Hideki Kamiya and Ikumi Nakamura teased that they would be partnering up to work on a sequel. Now, I want to believe this...
  23. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Sony's Next Gen Console Officially Dubbed the Playstation 5

    Earlier today Sony's President and CEO, Jim Ryan, announced on Playstation Blog the official name of Sony's Next Gen console. To no surprise, it's officially the Playstation 5. The blog only addresses a few upgrades the console will have. The blog references an exclusive with Wired that expands...
  24. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Mario Kart Tour

    So I just installed Mario Kart Tour and I'm wondering if any of you are also trying it out, and what your thoughts are so far? So I only did the practice run so far and the controls feel weird. I was all over the course and it wasn't pretty. I'm going to mess around with it a bit more, but...
  25. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    General Link's Awakening Remake Discussion Thread

    So we've had members posting about the Link's Awakening remake in the Shoutbox about general things that don't really fit the topics of any current threads, or aren't topics worthy of a full new thread of discussion. Since the Link's Awakening SB chatroom isn't being utilized let's be courteous...
  26. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Random Theories About Different Series

    I was inspired by @thePlinko to make a broader version of his Zelda focused random theory thread. Here you can share random theories that have crossed your mind with other entertainment that interest you. I'll start with sharing a weird theory I had before I really read The Lord of the Rings. I...
  27. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Were The Switch Pro Rumors Sparked By A Misunderstanding?

    People have been talking about a "Nintendo Switch Pro" since the Nintendo Switch released in 2017. However, it wasn't until this year that those rumors really started to look legitimate. Among all that hype, Doug Bowser shot down the idea of a Switch Pro, despite credible sources reporting that...
  28. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    A Switch Compatible SNES Controller Might Be In The Works

    Earlier today FCC filings were spotted showcasing what appear to be SNES styled Switch Controllers. Could this mean we will finally be getting SNES games on Switch Online? Source: Federal Communications Commission
  29. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Have You Ever Experimented With Drugs Or Used Them Recreationally?

    Up until I got into Highschool I was pretty naive about how many people I knew who used drugs. I had friends who started smoking marijuana in Middle School, but very few. When I got into Highschool it seemed like a lot of my peers, and a few more of my friends had at least tried it and were...
  30. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Was There A Hero Before Skyward Sword Link?

    This is a topic that's been on my mind a long time. There's only one instance in Skyward Sword where it's hinted that there might have been a Hero before Skyward Sword Link, and that's during the presentation of the Sailcloth during the Wing Ceremony: I usually go back and forth on how to take...
  31. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    How Ganondorf's Journey In Breath of the Wild 2 Could Lead To A New Heir To Demise's Curse

    https://www.zeldadungeon.net/how-ganondorfs-journey-in-breath-of-the-wild-2-could-lead-to-a-new-heir-to-demises-curse/ Here's another piece that I did that I feel is worthy to share. And since I can speak a bit more about it now that I've had some criticism come my way, yes, I realize Malladus...
  32. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Should The Original Or DX Version Be Added As A Post Game Unlockable?

    https://www.zeldadungeon.net/daily-debate-should-the-original-version-of-links-awakening-be-available-as-a-post-game-unlockable-on-the-remake/ So this was a Daily Debate topic I wrote on the frontpage that I really liked, and I figured I'd share with all of you. I know not all Forum members...
  33. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Who Should Voice Ganondorf In Breath of the Wild 2?

    I think this is a question on a lot of Zelda fans minds currently. If the corpse we saw in the BotW 2 trailer is indeed Ganondorf (and it probably is), who should be Ganondorf's voice actor? Also, should Ganondorf be given a voice at all? I actually had this debate not too long ago, in that...
  34. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Crash And Burn Projects

    I've had numerous projects that I started but never finished over the years, but I've very rarely ever completely threw out an entire project that I've started - I have done it though, and it wasn't fun. There is only that was very memorable for me to this day. It was a "How To" Project that I...
  35. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    What Would You Do If The World Was Ending?

    Recently I watched the movie 2012, it's an action/drama set in an apocalyptic setting. The end of the world is happening around the people in the movie, and at points I questioned the actions of people in the film. There was a scene just past the halfway point of the film where people have...
  36. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Games That Your Opinion Changed About Over Time

    Tastes can change as we grow and mature, consequently, things we used to enjoy may not be interesting anymore. On the flipside, maybe there were things we didn't understand and took for granted in our inexperience, but now we appreciate. Let's apply this to video games, what are some good video...
  37. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    How Much Are Willing To Pay For The Link's Awakening Remake?

    Link's Awakening is a classic Game Boy game that I'm estatic to see being remade. Recently, I took part in a conversation on how much the game should cost, and saw multiple answers. The remake has improved graphics, it will have improved music, and the benefit of being played on a bigger screen...
  38. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    The Romani's Quest Is Overshadowed By Anju's Anguish

    (This week we are having a side quest Themed week for the frontpage. Idiotically I didn't claim the Romani Quest despite it being my favorite side quest in the whole series, and it was claimed by a different writer eventually. So, to ease regret, here's a hastily thrown together take on my...
  39. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    How do you prefer Pizza?

    While on my never ending quest to find the greatest Pizza, last week I went to an "authentic" New York style Pizza place in a nearby city. It was good, but it barely had any sauce, like, it wasn't an even distribution of sauce, crust, and cheese. It tasted like just cheese and crust, the sauce...
  40. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    A Farewell to Reggie!

    https://www.zeldadungeon.net/the-dawn-of-a-new-day-reggie-fils-aimes-final-day-as-president-of-nintendo-of-america-is-here/ I'm glad that I had the time today to write a send off to Reggie. He will be missed!
  41. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    What is your preferred Summer Time Beverage?

    Summer is just around the corner, and I'm interested to hear what everyone's preferred beverage for the summer time is? Think of it this way, what is the beverage you'd want to be drinking while relaxing in your backyard on a warm summer evening?
  42. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Pondering Human Clothing

    So guys, we all wear clothes (hopefully). And I was wondering what types of clothing you prefer to wear? What does wardrobe typically consist of? Are you a blue jeans and T-shirt kind of person? Or do you dress a bit more fancy?
  43. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Pondering Human Cloning

    I'll make this pretty brief. The first successful clone was of a sea urchin back in 1885. Since then other animals have reportedly been cloned (I've done little research to back the validity of this statement, but eh). I do know for certain that in 1996 a Sheep was successfully cloned, named...
  44. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    BotW glitch news

    https://www.zeldadungeon.net/__trashed-5/ My first frontpage article, guys! It's not a Daily Debate or anything, just a news piece, and getting news up on the site takes priority over other pieces. I have some other stuff that I'll be submitting soon. My first name is Charles, btw, most of you...
  45. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Blog Customization

    So I pretty much have my blog customized the way I want it, however there are a few things about customization that I cannot figure out, like how to change the backround color up where the title and description for my blog is. When I click the large C's for that area all I can do is edit the...
  46. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Newest Avenger's Endgame Trailer released

    https://www.marvel.com/movies/avengers-endgame Any speculation? Are you excited? I think they did a pretty good job of not really giving anything away.
  47. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Political Change

    Yesterday evening a rather interesting debate occured on the Shoutbox about the Royal Family still existing in England, despite no longer having any political power. The debate progressed into members complaining about the current status of their goverments, but then the debate stalled out. From...
  48. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Is the NFL scripted?

    After the Superbowl last night, I started talking about thoughts on the game with a group of friends. During the conversation we were having it was mentioned that the NFL might be scripted. I pondered the idea briefly last night, but didn't really look into evidence for and against the...
  49. Spiritual Mask Salesman

    Superbowl 2019, are you going to watch? Who do you think will win?

    Well, it feels weird being back and not hosting a second attempt at the Superbowl Event, lol. Anyway, I am interested to hear how many of us on the Forum will be watching. I know some people just watch because of all the new commercials that air during the game. For those of us who like...
  50. Spiritual Mask Salesman


    I consider myself a semi procrastinator. It doesn't happen often, but there are times when I have procrastination spells. Usually I have mutiple things I could be working on, or I have entertainment enough to keep me satisfied. Instead of doing anything productive I end up doing nothing...
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