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  1. Twili123prince

    I Need Some Help!!

    I'm having trouble understanding the Civil War and the Imprisoning/Seal War. I want to know were exactly they fit and why people call them the same wars. I'm confused because I thought in the Civil War the Sheikah(interlopers) were sent to the Twili Realm and Imprisoning War Ganon was trapped in...
  2. Twili123prince

    The max OOT upgrades.

    Okay, just a little question I'm sure Oni could answer this since he calls himself the OOT master ;) I need to know what is the max amount you can carry with these items Bombs, arrows, deku slingshot, deku sticks, bombchus, and magic beans so far with deku sticks i can carry:30, with deku...
  3. Twili123prince

    Vaatis Heart of Evil

    I'm currently playing Minish Cap and if memory serves me right i remember Ezlo saying Vaati was interested in the evil hearts of men, now what i don't get is HOW he became interested in the hearts of evil men. Some may just say that its the plot, now i can understand that but aren't Minish...
  4. Twili123prince

    Saddest Zelda Scene

    My saddest zelda scene is the third day in mm mask when anju is in her room waiting to die.And mm credits when it shows the deku butler crying at the dead deku(his son)...makes me want to cry.
  5. Twili123prince

    Feirce Deity: Is it nooby?

    Hello im sure you have all heard of feirce deity.But i have a question who thinks feirce deity is nooby? i sorta do. Feirce deity is a killing device id rather get through all my challenges as young link in mm. Let me hear your thougts on this.
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