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  1. Salem

    Do you support a national military service?

    Being subjected to military service, I recently completed basic training, I have a short break before I go back, I have the rest of the year to end my obligation before I'm allowed to go back to civilian life, just in case anyone is wondering where I was these past months, now you know. Here's...
  2. Salem

    Tetris gets trilogy as story 'too big' to fit into single film

    https://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/jun/28/tetris-films-trilogy?CMP=fb_gu Because Tetris has such a rich and complex lore they have to do it.
  3. Salem

    One Punch Man

    One Punch Man is such a good Anime. Does any one else watch it? Do you like it or dislike it? Discuss. :)
  4. Salem

    Hardest Bosses

    What do you think are the hardest bosses of the 3D Zelda games? That is besides the final bosses.
  5. Salem

    Which 3D dungeons have the easiest puzzles

    Excluding the first dungeons of Console 3D Zelda games from OoT to SS, which dungeons do you thing have the easiest puzzles?
  6. Salem

    Medicine that tastes good

    So today I applied some canker sore medicine in my mouth. I smelled it, it smells good, it makes me want to taste it. What about you guys? Is there any medicine that you like its taste?
  7. Salem

    Is it time to merge HW & MM3D with WoZ?

    Okay, so the Zelda forums have one more new section, isn't it time merge some of the old ones? I think the Hyrule Warriors and Majora's Mask 3D sections need to be merged with World of Zelda forum, there are no longer the "newest" Zelda games.
  8. Salem

    Which 3D Zelda dungeons have the easiest puzzles?

    In your opinion, which dungeons in the 3D Zelda games have the easiest puzzles? This excludes the first dungeons in each game, unless you believe the first dungeon is not the easiest or something. Bear in mind, I'm NOT talking about combat, enemies or bosses, just the puzzles. This includes...
  9. Salem

    Hyrule Warriors This game is an RPG?

    I find it odd that this game gets described as a "hack-and-slash with RPG elements", you gain experience points, you level up your characters, it's not a hack-and-slash with RPG elements, it's a straight up Action-RPG, is there even a difference between the two description other than wither it...
  10. Salem

    Twilight Princess Why is TP Thought to Have a More Mature Art Style?

    It can't possibly be the lack of cell-shading, because there are plenty of mature-rated Cell shaded(that rhymes..) game out there. TP and SS have a similar art style, I mean Link looks almost the same, plenty of SS character won't look out of place if placed aside TP character(minus the...
  11. Salem

    Ocarina of Time Where Was Ganondorf Hiding?

    When you open the door of time in the temple of time and then you pull the Master sword, you get trapped, after that Ganon appears out of nowhere and laughs at you then he takes the Triforce, presumably bringing his Gerudo army or something with him. The question is, where was he hiding all...
  12. Salem

    Automation and Unemployment

    This video is kinda long at 15 minutes, but I think it's interesting nonetheless. What do you think? Will automation and robots replace so many jobs that unemployment will increase so that it leads to an economical disaster? What do you think will happen?
  13. Salem

    Hyrule Warriors Is This Game Non-linear?

    It seems like it, doesn't it? In adventure mode, it said that every grid you beat in that Zelda 1 map unlocks the grids besides it, so does that mean you can explore the world in whatever way you want? I also read somewhere that you can choose which worlds you can do in any order or...
  14. Salem

    What Do You Sacrifice when You Have Work That Needs to Be Done.

    Hi. When you get really busy with work or studies or anything that has last longterm. What is the first thing do you put aside in order to get it done?
  15. Salem

    General Zelda Do You Want ALBW's Item Meter Be Implemented for Future Zelda Games?

    I liked ALBW's item meter, it reduced the need to go out of your way and pick up more ammo and magic for items that you need to complete dungeons and puzzles. Not only that, it solves the opposite problem, having too much bows and bombs and getting them from chests. What do you guys thing?
  16. Salem

    General Zelda I Prefer Small Overworlds

    Having large overworlds would mean having a lot of large empty areas that are only there to traverse from one place to another. There's no reason to have large areas and not have a lot of content to much it. Having smaller overworlds means taking less time to get from one place to another...
  17. Salem

    General Zelda What Makes a Boss Battle Challenging?

    What are the aspects that make a boss challenging? What makes the challenge of boss battle fair or not? What cheapens it? I'm thinking more along the lines of how many hearts it each attack from the boss takes, when can I attack the boss, how long can I attack, how short the opportunity to...
  18. Salem

    General Zelda Instead of Giving Hints to Puzzles, the Puzzle Should Have Been Removed or Replaced

    There are puzzles in Zelda games, doesn't matter if they're in the overworld or dungeons, for whatever reason, the hints to these puzzles seem too obvious or the Sheikah stone thingie in OoT3D and SS just make it even easier. Are those hints there because Nintendo doesn't trust the average...
  19. Salem

    Do You Keep Your Banknotes Organised in Your Wallet?

    Whenever I put money in my wallet, I always keep money organised from biggest banknote to smallest. How about you guys?
  20. Salem

    Do You Want to Save Anywhere, or Do You Want Specific Save Points?

    Okay, so most Zelda games allow you save anywhere and anytime. Two of the rest ones, ALBW and SS, you can only save at specific save points. While MM seems to be a "hybrid" of sorts, you can save anytime, but there's the owl statues that allow you save in a different way..... So, which...
  21. Salem

    Harold Ramis Died

  22. Salem

    A Link Between Worlds Can you buy all of the items in Ravio's shop?

    Will it be possible to buy all of the items from Ravio's shop in ALBW? I mean does he prevent you buying unless you mean a certain condition or you can but any item any time? Not just rent anytime? I've seen previews of this game in youtube and it wasn't entirely clear, is that spoiler material...
  23. Salem

    A Link Between Worlds Eiji Aonuma Stars in a Zelda ALBW Promo Video.

    It originally appears in the eShop according to the video description. See for yourself. :) What do you guys think?
  24. Salem

    How Do I Change My Username?

    If I want to change my username, which member of the staff should I ask? Do I do it in a PM?
  25. Salem

    A Link Between Worlds The Gap Between Dimensions?

    Okay, so we all know that Ganondorf "banished" Phantom Ganon to the "gap between dimensions" that probably didn't mean anything at the time. If you notice, in ALBW if you want to move from Hyrule to Lorule you have to become a painting and enter a crack in the world which takes you to a weird...
  26. Salem

    A Link Between Worlds The Fat Fairy Returns As a Human?

    Okay, look at this gameplay video of ALBW, at around the 3:05 minute mark, a charecter will appears, when she talks, she's named as "stylish woman", first of all, weird name, second, she looks almost exactly like the fat fairy from the darkworld of alttp...
  27. Salem

    Oracle Series Do the Dodongos Qualify As a "race" Now? How About Other Animals?

    So Dimitri is a Dodongo that can talk and is friendly, Link can ride on his back. Does that mean the Dodongos are now a "race" on par with the Zoras and Gorons? Sure OoX are dveloped by Capcom, but they're considered "canon".:rolleyes: But this question leads to more questions.... what...
  28. Salem

    General Zelda If the Game is Linear, Should It NOT Have an Overworld?

    We have linear Zelda games recently, despite being linear, they give you an overworld that you can freely explore, well on the areas the game ALLOWS you to explore at the time. :rolleyes: Some people call SS' overworld a glorified level select, here's my suggestion, make into an ACTUAL level...
  29. Salem

    Majora's Mask Do the Rupees You Keep in the Bank Get Saved After You Beat the Game?

    Okay, so I played MM lately, I already beaten all temples, but you know I have to start from the first day again. So I beaten all bosses again and during that time I collected some rupees and put them in the bank and then I went to the moon and beaten the game. So, my question is; do the...
  30. Salem

    A Link Between Worlds Is Knowing ALTTP's Overworld Very Well Benefit Playing ALBW or is It a Bad Thing?

    Okay, so there's a lot people here who probably memorised alttp's Hyrule very well(me included;)), do you think it is a benefit to you to know alttp over world, as in memorise it? Do you think it will help you while playing or it could possible impede someone who knows it well?
  31. Salem

    Ocarina of Time Concept Art of Ganon and Navi.

    http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7032/6845232185_0e484b1a89_o.jpg Look at this image, look at the upside down part, there is a horned fellow down there, is that supposed to be a prototype for Ganon? He looks like a typical demon or devil, actually he kinda reminds me if the Demise wall painting...
  32. Salem

    A Link to the Past Lost Woods Thief and Mushroom.

    Remember those lost woods thieves? What's that behind their head? Hair or a hoodie? For most of my life I always assumed that was hair, I can't really see it as a hoodie, but I wanna read your take on it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's some pictures...
  33. Salem

    Non-linearity, Too Many Dungeon, How About the Option to Skip Some Dungeons?

    It seems that a lot us want to have as many dungeons as possible for the Wii U Zelda. What I suggest is to make the game's progression be more like Mario. I'll explain. In a lot of Mario games, it's usually possible to NOT do all of the world and still beat the game,with some exceptions of...
  34. Salem

    A Link Between Worlds Do You Want to Be Able to Upgrade the Item Meter?

    So since all of the items in the game will be tied to the same rechargeable item meter. Do you want it to be upgradable in the game? Although it does recharge on it's own without picking up jars, it still would be nice to be able to do more in that short amount of time it runs out.
  35. Salem

    Majora's Mask How Come Goron Link Can't Use Bombs?

    You'd think since the bombs are the "goron special crop" it should be usable by Link as a goron, but he can't use it, weird. Incidentally, Goron Link can carry powder kegs, but that's besides the point.
  36. Salem

    A Link Between Worlds The Shocking Surprise at the Beginning...

    ... is That This Link is from the Dark World? This is common knowledge by now, but Mr.Aonuma previously stated that the beginning of ALBW, there will a surprise twist that will "shock" players. Here's a...
  37. Salem

    General Zelda What's the Best Zelda Game to Suggest to a Newcomer?

    Okay, if you know someone who haven't played a Zelda game before, what game in the series would you suggest to this person and why? Imagine this person has all consoles that the Zelda series is playable on.
  38. Salem

    General Zelda Auto-aiming in Addition to Z/L-targeting?

    Metroid Other M. There was particular aspect of it I thought was good. It'a the auto-aiming. If you shoot, Samus will lock-on on the nearest target and won't miss, unless the enemy is behind the heroine, you don't need to worry about aiming. Does this need to be implemented in Zelda in some way...
  39. Salem

    'Fat Shaming' Actually Increases Risk of Becoming or Staying Obese, New Study Says

    Link:http://www.nbcnews.com/health/fat-shaming-actually-increases-risk-becoming-or-staying-obese-new-8C10751491 First of all I'm not overweight, so this article doesn't affect me personally, I was actually underweight at some point in my life. This begs the question, how do you convince...
  40. Salem

    General Zelda Picking Up Enemies and Throwing Them

    In the Zelda series, we've gone through only a few enemies that Link can lift and throw them thanks to the power bracelet, OoS boss Dodongo come to mind and the mini-boss in the third dungeon. I would love to see this happen in future Zelda games for the Wii U, I don't think we've seen that in...
  41. Salem

    A Link Between Worlds Will There Be a Variation on Dungeon Music?

    I might just be a really minor issue, but I kinda worried that most of the dungeons will only feature two or three repetitive themes for all 12 hypothetical dungeons. For previous DS Zelda games, there was little variation in dungeon themes, that's not counting the "Master dungeons", in PH...
  42. Salem

    A Link Between Worlds One Possible Positive Side to the Stamina Meter

    You know, you got things like Bombs and arrows that ran out but you actually need them for puzzle solving in dungeons? In dungeons, there're scattered chests that hold bombs and arrows in other Zelda games. For example in Lakebed Temple in TP, it has a lot of water bombs in chests, other...
  43. Salem

    How Many Dungeons Do You Want in the New Zelda?

    Here's a poll, vote on how many dungeons do you like to see in the game. That's excluding the Final dungeon in the game. Because in some games, it's largely non-existent or just too different to be in the same "category" as the rest. So whatever.:)
  44. Salem

    General Zelda Arbitrary Triggers to Progress in Zelda Games

    Okay, this is a weird one and probably hard to explain, so please bear with me. They are the events that happen which the trigger that makes those events happen has nothing to do with that specific scene. Here's some examples: In OoT; the only way to enter the Shadow Temple is to learn the...
  45. Salem

    General Classic So, Am I the Only One Who Thought That the Deadrocks Are Gorons?

    So when OoT was released, it was known that the peaceful Zoras there are the same race as the enemy Zoras that we fought during the 2D games. However the Gorons are a new race. I didn't know that back then, I originally thought the Gorons were also a race that was formally monsters that we...
  46. Salem

    Skyward Sword So is Ganondorf is a Glorified Poe?

    This quote originally came from my Demise thread. The reason I started a new thread cause I thought this needs it's own topic. here's the quote from the Poe collector of OoT Isn't that what Ganondorf is essentially? He's a reincarnation if Demise's hatred. The Poes are also a form of...
  47. Salem

    Link's Awakening Why Marin Does Call Tarin by His Name?

    So we all know that Tarin is Marin's dad, right? At least the instruction booklet says that, there's isn't anything in the game that says that, at least I don't remember. Marin always calls him by his name, she never says "dad" or "father". Why is that?
  48. Salem

    General Zelda I Had a Dream About the Art Style of the Wii U Zelda

    Okay, I had a dream that the art style Nintendo created for the new Zelda for the Wii U is actually 8-bit. What I remember is it's basically Zelda 2 except in 3D. The walls, characters and pretty much everything is textured like Zelda AoL. Now, I don't know about you, but as much as I...
  49. Salem

    So Apparently They Found "black Holes" in the Southern Atlantic

    Link:http://news.discovery.com/earth/oceans/black-holes-of-turbulance-in-the-south-atlantic-ocean-130820.htm I'm not sure I know what this even means, I just though I'd share this with you and read your take on this.:) It reminds me of Pacific Rim movie even though it happened in the...
  50. Salem

    Demise's Hatred vs The Great Cataclysm

    Quote from Alttp about the Great Cataclysm About from SS about Demise's hatred What confuses me is this; alttp implies there's a cause and affect for evil, meaning when someone evil arises and attains power, specifically the Triforce they will be an affect, that affect being a hero rising to...
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