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  1. HyrulePug

    What's Your Halloween Costume?

    What is your Halloween costume? Who is going as a character and who is going to be a traditional vampire or something? I'm being Pikachu.
  2. HyrulePug

    The Quest To Defeat The Evil One SU

    Hello, everyone! Yes, I am back! I thought, "Hmm...the perfect way to come back with a bang is a new RP!" At first I thought, "I SHALL MAKE IT ABOUT PEANUT BUTTER!" then my little buggy brain came up with this: Pikachu's evil twin, Pikamoo, has taken over Hyrule! But, the resistance is ready to...
  3. HyrulePug

    My Family According To Swordbomb

    For those who don't know, I put a picture in a different thread which was of a pug and Swordbomb said the pug was me so I posted a picture of me, or so I though! It was actually my cousin, according to Swordbomb! I have to get all the pictures individually so it might take a bit for me to get my...
  4. HyrulePug

    What Style Do You Use?

    What webpage style do you use for this site? I use green. I loooooooove green. I'm thinking about changing to Welcome To The Galaxy, though.
  5. HyrulePug

    How Cute/Funny/Pretty Is The Member's Avatar Above You?

    Rate how cute, pretty, and funny the member's avatar above you is! No slow chat, double posting, or bad words. You must do all three. 10 is extremely cute, pretty, or funny and 1 is extremely not cute, pretty, or funny. There's no one above me so I'll rate a random person as an example: I'm...
  6. HyrulePug

    HyrulePug's Book Review Gallery

    Hey, y'all! I'm HyrulePug! I like to read! This is an area where I will recommend books and review them. If you want me to read and review a book just comment below or go to my Recommend area! Thanks for reading and I'll keep updating!
  7. HyrulePug


    Hey, y'all! I'm HyrulePug! I love to read but it's hard to find something to read. Does anybody have a suggestion? Any suggestions will be added to my gallery of book reviews which I will also post on this group. Thanks for reading!
  8. HyrulePug

    Favorite Villagers

    What are your dream villagers? Please try to name 10. Name at least 4. Do it like this: Here are mine: -Alice -Portia (check) -Francine -Chrissy -Shep (check) -Bob (check) -Eunice (check) -Penelope (check) But seriously those are my favorite villagers. The ones that have check after their...
  9. HyrulePug

    The Passion Cruise RP Sign Ups

    Okay, so, who here has watched The Love Boat? Yeah, I know it's kinda a cheesy show and most of you people probably haven't watched it but I wanted to make an RP about it, anyway. I know this is a Zelda place but gimme a break! I saw an RP about NASA AND A FEMINIST! That one looked super...
  10. HyrulePug

    Who Has (or is getting) The New 3DS?

    So, my brother got the New 3DS and I'm thinking about saving up for it but I want to see who has it and what they think of it. Please take the poll above. And, if you have it, I'd really appreciate it if you replied with a review of it below. The review doesn't have to be long, all you have to...
  11. HyrulePug

    Zelda And The Gang RP

    Okay, so, I made a sign-up thread for Zelda And The Gang with the stories and everything so if you want to join this RP just go there. But, for people who already signed up, here's the actually RP! Let's get this party STARTED! Saya Walking and trips. "WAAAAAH!"
  12. HyrulePug

    Zelda And The Gang RP Sign Ups

    Well, I thought it would be fun to do a Legend of Zelda RP so here you go. This is just the sign up. Story: Link is sick in bed and asked Zelda to go make him some Chuchu Soup. BUT, oh no! Zelda is out of Chuchu meat! Now, Zelda gathers a bunch of friends to help her friends to help her get the...
  13. HyrulePug

    Harvest Moon Families?

    I absolutely love Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and basically any Harvest Moon! Does anyone else play? Not only that but, if you do play what's your family status? I only have a family in Animal Parade which consists of my husband, Luke, and my son, Lewis. I also have a currently unborn child...
  14. HyrulePug

    The Father Ganondorf Theory

    As we all know, in each game Link is a different generation of Link, (unless it's in a certain sequel where it stays the same Link) that is why we see Link with so many different ages. Zelda is also like that. Ganondorf isn't like that, though. Ganondorf may look different in the different games...
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