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  1. Kogasa

    You're Thoughts on Donuts

    I like them What are they even made of anyway
  2. Kogasa

    Rune Factory 4

    For those who do not know, Rune Factory was originally a spin-off of Harvest Moon that added RPG-elements and more anime-culture. Since the first game, Rune Factory has become its own series and has since started becoming increasingly popular (while the popularity of Harvest Moon is likely...
  3. Kogasa

    Mafia F: [email protected]

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g_Wm6WUkew - DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH EACHOTHER ABOUT YOUR ROLES THROUGH FORUM PM, SKYPE, WORD OF MOUTH OR OTHERWISE. It stops **** from being fun, and that ain't cool. Any discussion about the game must take place in the thread. You can make random...
  4. Kogasa

    General Linux Thread

    Linux (or GNU/Linux for those who stress the name that will never catch on) is an operating system not unlike Windows and OS X. The difference between Linux and the other, more commercial and controlled operating systems is that Linux is free and infinitely configurable if you have the technical...
  5. Kogasa

    Pokemon Black and White 2 Announced!

    http://pokemondungeon.net/2012/02/breaking-news-new-games-confirmed/ There you have it folks! Not a Pokemon Gray, but a Pokemon Black 2 and White 2! This was just announced today, not too long ago. Coming in June 2012! Personally, I think the designs look stupid, but I'm definitely going to...
  6. Kogasa

    Thrash Metal

    Thrash Metal is an extreme subgenre of Heavy Metal that is usually characterized by its fast tempo and aggression. Read more here Thrash Metal songs typically use fast percussive and low-register guitar riffs, overlaid with shredding-style lead work. Vocally, Thrash Metal can employ melodic...
  7. Kogasa

    Erebea's Trading Thread

    I give away: Zorua Quantity: 39 Illusion Erebea - 30828 IVs - Random/Depends EVs - UT Moveset - Scratch - Leer - Dark Pulse - --- I have a box and a half filled with these things, if you want one don't be afraid to ask. I also believe I have at least one of every nature, so don't be afraid to...
  8. Kogasa

    Which is the Better Starter Pokemon?

    Out of the three starters of Pokemon Black and White -Tepig, Smugleaf, and Oshawott- which do you think is best? I personally prefer Oshawott. Although I usually go for the strongest and fastest pokemon, me and Oshawott just clicked.
  9. Kogasa

    What Do You Think About Black and White?

    What do you think about the newest installments to the main Pokemon series; Black and White? I personally LOVE Pokemon White. Back a bit before Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl were released, I was kind of getting out of Pokemon. Pokemon Diamond was fun, and I definitely had quite a time with...
  10. Kogasa

    Unlimited Detail Real-Time Rendering Technology

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00gAbgBu8R4 Euclideon is a company that is working on making graphics more and more realistic by using 3D graphical atoms instead of polygons. Pretty much all the information is in the video itself. What is your opinion on this? Do you think this is...
  11. Kogasa

    ZeldaEternity Summer 2011 Zelda Marathon!

    Hello guys. Had fun at Zeldathon? Want to watch another Zelda stream? Well head on down to www.ZeldaEternity.com for big Zelda marathon that will span four days! The marathon will mainly feature Garrett and Richard (Richard now runs Nintendo Guru) from last year’s marathon, as well as...
  12. Kogasa

    What Are You Watching?

    Similar to the "What Song are You Currently Listening to?" thread. TV shows, videos, anime, movies, things in progress, things you're literally watching right now, etc. I'm currently watching KuroKami: The Animation. The manhwa (Korean manga, if you didn't know) is one my most favorite and I...
  13. Kogasa

    Erebea (DerpdeDerp)'s Graphics

    Galería de Erebea Ohai, Welcome to my graphics thread. I've been using Photoshop since about October 2010 and since then I have made a lot of signatures, and a few wallpapers. I'm only going to show my most recent work on here since you can find all my other previous work here Sometimes I...
  14. Kogasa

    It's 2011!

    Yeah! It's Twenty-Eleven *Ahem* I'm happy for you guys and all, and I'm gonna let you finish but 2000 had one of the best countdowns of all time! OF ALL TIME! /rant
  15. Kogasa

    Save santa!

    There is a bonus poll going on at Gamefaqs.com. Link vs Santa, and Link is winning. Why the hell? Surely Santa is way better. Please, guys. Vote for Santa.
  16. Kogasa

    How Does Zelda Dungeon Feel Today?

    Just a thread where you can express how you feel today, and say anything that has happened in the day. Right now I'm feeling good, but I woke up at 3am to 5 or 6 gunshots, which were pretty loud since my window was open, I think it was somewhere between in front of my house and a block away...
  17. Kogasa

    FierceDeity's Stimulating Graphics

    I figured I might as well start a thread with the graphics/signatures/otherpictures I've made, since I've made quite a number of them. So yeah, let's begin. http://i56.tinypic.com/efrzat.jpg To this day, still one of my favourites. It's that mysterious traveler from the Majora's Mask manga...
  18. Kogasa

    HD Contact Lenses

    Hello, well I recently came across a year old video showing a doctor performing eye surgery, giving his patient the ability to see in high definition, apparently, and it was just so interesting to me... Pretty much all of the detail is in the video, so watch it. Visian ICL: High Definition...
  19. Kogasa

    Favorite SNES Game?

    I searched to see if there was a thread similar to this, I didn't find one, but if this has still been around, feel free to close. Anyway, we remember those days when 2D gaming was all the rage, one of the greatest consoles from that age was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES for...
  20. Kogasa

    Do You Want Tingle to Appear Again in the Future?

    I apologize if this was already made, But I couldn't find it. Do you want Tingle to appear in SS and future Zelda games? I do, he was a funny character, and silently makes games more lively, I don't understand why people hate him so much, I can get his outrages prices in WW, but if you have...
  21. Kogasa

    Skyward Sword to Release Early? And with WMP?

    Hello, I recently went to www.ZeldaWiki.org and saw and read and article about Skyward Sword, it's originally from www.LegendZelda.net so read it here...
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