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  1. Luke's Wife

    If you could fight any historical figure, who would it be?

    my friend and I were talking about which artists we'd fight (I'd fight Da Vinci and Pollock) and then it evolved into which authors we would fight (meet me in the ring Hemingway let's go) and now we're just kind of talking about which famous historical figures we'd fight and I'm having a good...
  2. Luke's Wife

    Transgendered People and Public Rights?

    before we get into this I'd really appreciate no jokes like "my gender is (insert inanimate object)" and stuff like that because I've seen a lot of that kind of thing on here, and as someone who identifies as non-binary it sucks to be mocked like that. That's all I ask In both the United States...
  3. Luke's Wife

    League of Legends

    I know League is trash, but I play it anyway Does anyone here play League? Who do you main, why, and what's your favorite role to play? I call myself the queen of bot lane because I main both marksmen and supports. AD Carry is one of my favorite roles to play, and my personal favorite ADC is...
  4. Luke's Wife

    Why is Homosexuality a Problem?

    I was planning to pose some questions in the Duck Dynasty thread, but it would have gotten too off-topic and so I'm creating a new thread. Wow. Me, making a thread. This is so weird. My question is simple: Why on EARTH is homosexuality even controversial? At all? Tell me, please, what is wrong...
  5. Luke's Wife

    General Art Hollie's Writing Thread

    Well, you know, since I write too much without anywhere to put it, I figured I'd create a thread. I like to take one-word writing prompts or challenges, if anyone likes to create those. I mostly like to post my own stories and original writing, but I do occasionally do fanfiction. I'm...
  6. Luke's Wife

    Which ZD Member Do You Think Has the Most Swag?

    if you don't all answer "MadameMajora" i am going to be very upset please state your reasonings in a 5 paragraph MLA formatted essay with quotations to back up your statement and signifigant proof from the text due monday
  7. Luke's Wife

    Favorite Actor/Actress?

    Basically what the title says. Who's your favorite actor or actress (or both) and why? For me, (I've probably already made it obvious but) it's Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The dude's talented. In every movie he's in he plays a totally different character and he nails it every time. I wish I could act...
  8. Luke's Wife

    Favorite SSBB Character to Use?

    Who's your favorite character to play as in Super Smash Bros: Brawl (or Melee, or original, doesn't matter) and why? For me, I like Snake, Zelda, and Toon Link. Snake, mainly because he's got a kickass arsenal of explosives, like a rocket launcher and grenades, and just explodey stuff...
  9. Luke's Wife

    Pottermore Usernames?

    Does anyone have Pottermore? :3 I do, and I think it's awesome! my username is: MidnightEcho9861, and I'm a Slytherin :devil: Add me if you want, and post your names!
  10. Luke's Wife

    "The Hunger Games" Game!

    I have no idea if this is going to work or not xD buuuut I'll give it a shot and see what happens. For those who haven't read the Hunger Games, the plot follows as such: Takes place in a future (like, waay future) North America. The country Panem is separated into 12 districts, each responsible...
  11. Luke's Wife

    A Drug Problem (help, Please)

    You're probably all thinking I have a drug problem from the title of this thread. No. I am 100% anti drugs. See, the problem is with my friend. She`s a great person and wevè been friends for a really long time, but recently she said she`d like to start doing drugs so she can feel happy from the...
  12. Luke's Wife

    Ever Heard of This Band?

    Kay, so there's this band called Down with Webster. I love them SO much and they have amazing music (that's literally saved my life) but it seems like nobody's ever heard of them except me and my friends :S They're quite an underrated band and are only really popular in Canada (where I'm from!)...
  13. Luke's Wife

    Twilight Princess What Was Your Favorite Music from TP?

    Your favorite song from Twilight Princess and why? I like Midna's desperate hour ^.^ the piano is amazing! (and I can almost play it) :yes: EDIT: sorry I can't ALL of the song from TP on the poll, if you have another song you'd like to mention, do so below! :)
  14. Luke's Wife

    Which Zelda Game Has the Best....

    In your opinions, which Zelda games have the best -sidequests -bosses -weapons -story -overworld -dungeons -characters -design ? Mine is: sidequests: Majora's Mask bosses: ALttP weapons: Ocarina of Time (while TP has some really fun weapons, most were useless after the dungeon...
  15. Luke's Wife

    Any Good Linear Timelines?

    I know most people support the "split timeline" theory (myself included) but I know there are people who believe the entire Zelda timeline is linear. If you have a decent linear timeline, post it here! I'm just curious because I've never really seen a linear timeline fully explained. Simply...
  16. Luke's Wife

    Am I the Only One Who Thinks ALttP Doesn't Belong in the Child Side of the Timeline?

    Let me explain. When most people make the "split timeline" they do it like this: / WW-PH-ST OoT \ MM- TP- ALttP (I'm not bothering to add all the other games, this is just the basics) My problem with ALttP belonging on the child side after TP is that in TP, Ganondorf is...
  17. Luke's Wife

    Change Signature?

    Okay, I feel like an idiot...but how do you change your signature/update it? Sorry, I'm really dumb and I can't find where to do it....can someone tell me how to do it? :(
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