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  1. TatlTails

    Theory on Kafei

    OK so I'm writing this on no sleep but I think this could be plausible. Zelda fans have been debating since Majora's Mask came out about who was supposed to be Link's counterpart in Termina. The Deku Butler's Son, Tingle, even Skull Kid himself were options discussed. But I actually think...
  2. TatlTails

    Doctor Who Season 8 Finale Discussion Thread

    SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THE FEELS! ANYBODY WHO'S ALREADY SEEN IT, PLEASE HELP ME CRY OVER EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN THAT STUPID MEAN TERRIBLY BRILLIANT SEASON FINALE!!! But please put spoilers in spoiler tags because Doctor Who is British and that means we have to be polite.
  3. TatlTails

    Saviors of the Sea RP

    The skies were clear and blue over the Marina Sea, and the waves were slightly choppy, but nothing too unmanagable. The crew of the Siren Call worked more diligently than ever to bring their ship across the sea, the recent stirring of the waters managing to worry some of the mainlanders. But if...
  4. TatlTails

    Saviors of the Sea SU

    I thought it was high time I get the RP thread kicking again as much as it used to, so I (and my waifu Xer) am making a new RP. I am the idea girl, he's the mod guy. So expect things to go that way when the RP starts. So the plot goes something like this: The open seas have been growing...
  5. TatlTails


    He announced it just this morning! Here's the link to the video of the announcement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  6. TatlTails

    The Mastermind RP

    ((OK guys, this is it! Meeeer, I'm nervous. Hopefully with all your guys' help we can pull this off. Try to start you character in Cellona, or at least near it, because that's where the journey starts. If you choose to begin somewhere else, I can't promise how quickly you can join the group.))...
  7. TatlTails

    The Mastermind SU

    Spread throughout the land of Stellus, there are two tribes. The Fantise (pronounced Fahn-TEES), born of magic, and the Scifa (pronounced SEE-fuh), born of technology. The tribes are not races, nor are they countries. Either can be found anywhere, but they hate each other. They have never...
  8. TatlTails

    Press Start

    "...And I still don't know why the french fries curl like they do, but it seems like they-THERE IT IS!" Will suddenly pointed excitedly in the direction Jack had been driving. In the distance, one could see a sign on the side of the road. It read 'Welcome to Smashburo!' "WE MADE IT!" He shouted...
  9. TatlTails

    Fang's Braid (the Press Start SU Thread)

    That title is for Hylian_Monolith. ^^ I'm starting a new RP! This one has more of a plot starting out than Memories of Legends, and I have a co-plotter working with me, so hopefully this won't derail like it did. So... Do you guys know the show Once Upon a Time? You do? Good. that'll help...
  10. TatlTails

    Editing Thread Names

    Heh, it feels a bit embarassing to make a thread like this, but how do you edit the name of a thread you made? Is it even possible?
  11. TatlTails

    General Art TatlTails' OC Request Thread

    TatlTails' OC Request and Art Thread Hey everybody! Got a character you made up, but want drawn by someone with at least a little artistic talent? Or just wanna see random pictures drawn by me? Well, you've come to the right place! Just describe your OC as best you can, and I'll draw it for...
  12. TatlTails

    The Legend of Zelda: Memories of Legends RP

    Here it is! The RP thread! -- The sky was black, and full of storm clouds. He was standing in what looked like the ruins of an ancient castle, holding a sword and a shield. There was a large pile of the stone and rubble in front of him. He walked up to it, trying to se if there was...
  13. TatlTails

    The Legend of Zelda: Memories of Legends SU

    The country of Hyrule has advanced into modern times. The magic, demons and heroes of legend have faded into just that. Legends. But something is brewing in the shadows. Something that will bring this world into a dark age it hasn't seen in millenia. A new hero must remember the trials of...
  14. TatlTails

    Spoiler Is Hylia the Goddess of Time?

    I have a theory I'd like to share with you all, since no one I've talked to seems to believe me. I think that Hylia is the Goddess of Time. Or at least, time is what Hylia's the Goddess of. I have several points to prove this from several games. Skyward Sword: The Gates of Time. There are...
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