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  1. Kogasa

    FierceDeity, Erebea, DerpDeDerp, Suwako

    FierceDeity, Erebea, DerpDeDerp, Suwako
  2. Kogasa

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    I just finished Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyou, 1-2 weeks left for everything else. Next season I'll be watching Working!!! To Love-ru Darkness 2 Cinderella Girls 2 Ryokka no Yuusha Ranpo Kitan Kangoku Gakuen God Eater Gakkou Gurashi Durararara DRAGON BALL SUPER Chaos Dragon Gangsta
  3. Kogasa

    Metroid Prime Federation Force

  4. Kogasa

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  5. Kogasa

    Lyrics of the Day

    [I. Paradoxe de la Lumière Noire] [Instrumental] [II. Live, Die, Kill] Consider this question Look deep inside Deliver a true confession What are you willing to live for? Consider this question Open your eyes Examine your own reflection What are you willing to die for? When your backs'...
  6. Kogasa

    Why Is Porn Considered so Wrong?

    I've never hid the fact that I'm a gigantic pervert from my family, and there's never been any parental restrictions on my internet... I believe I first saw porn at the age of 7 or 8, in the form of small pornographic comics that were in Spanish in a house near mine. There was a pile of them. Of...
  7. Kogasa

    Erebea (DerpdeDerp)'s Graphics

    New signature! 'Tis Lebe from Kantai Collection
  8. Kogasa

    Erebea (DerpdeDerp)'s Graphics

    It's been a long time, and I guess I didn't do that much this time. I took this, colored it, and made it into a wallpaper. and added the leaves from this
  9. Kogasa

    Reducing Clutter - Rank Removal

    I propose an Erebea rank for certain individuals who have displayed unrivaled excellence in every category imaginable on this forum.
  10. Kogasa

    White Vs Black

    gray /thread
  11. Kogasa

    What Uncommonly Known Bands Do You Like?

    I like Foreground Eclipse, it's one of my top 3 favorite bands. Foreground Eclipse is a doujin (self-published, indie) band that released arrangements of Touhou music, typically post-hardcore type. Unlike many other Touhou re-arrangers, Foreground Eclipse adds much more character and originality...
  12. Kogasa

    ZD's Database is to Stability As X is to Y

    ZDs database is to stability Wyatt is to heterosexuality
  13. Kogasa

    Hyrule Warriors Fi Confirmed?

    waifu warriors indeed oh man, i have to get a wii u
  14. Kogasa

    Favorite Music Bands/Artists

    My favorite artists/bands would have to be --- Tier 1 Foreground Eclipse Dream Theater Megadeth Rise Against --- Tier 2 Zebrahead Eminem Crush 40 Kalafina Jason Becker Ozzy Osbourne Singer Sen Suilen Hiroyuki Sawano Akira Senju Koji Kondo Kobayashi Kaori PENPALS ---...
  15. Kogasa

    Link in Zelda U to Be "young, Black Lady"?

    this is hilarious petitions like these are just thinly veiled racism against whites wake up sheeple
  16. Kogasa

    ZD Members Vs. Mods Game Thread

    awwwwwwww **** woo hooray
  17. Kogasa

    ZD Members Vs. Mods Game Thread

    did we win or not
  18. Kogasa

    Pedophilia and Child Pornography

    I know you took your time to type all this out but uhh if you read the post i responded to, you'd see that dracomajora clearly said "Being a pedophile is innate and unchangeable" That is the claim I referenced, that is what I'm arguing against. Thank you.
  19. Kogasa

    Pedophilia and Child Pornography

    My argument is that it depends, refer to the last sentence. A single case is enough to disprove that sexuality is innate and uncontrollable; as it is a rigid and generalized claim, a single contradicting case can tear it down. All that says is that most people are subconciously stubborn about...
  20. Kogasa

    Which Anime Are You Currently Watching?

    NEW ANIME SEASON I AM WATCHING Sabagebu! Aldnoah.Zero Dragon Ball Kai (started last season) Mahouka (started last season) Akame ga Kill! Himegoto Hanayamata Majimoji Rurumo Momokyun Sword Glasslip (its terrible) Rail Wars (pretty dumb) Fate/Kaleid Liner Zwei (that means 2) Love Stage!! Zankyou...
  21. Kogasa

    Hyrule Warriors Why Are the Release Dates Different in Other Countries?

    To make big money on imports of course :^)
  22. Kogasa

    Pedophilia and Child Pornography

    That's only because children are taught that sex is some kind of sacred or important thing. Yes, I understand that laws are and should be relevant to modern society no matter how subjective. If you're able to understand whatever language they're explaining it to you in, and can follow...
  23. Kogasa

    Glacier Fisting

    I'd like to at least buy a glacier dinner before I start fisting it... As a true gentleman would.
  24. Kogasa

    Count To 500 Before a Hylian Knight Resigns!

    I'll hold you to this what number is this on 260 or something
  25. Kogasa

    Count To 500 Before a Hylian Knight Resigns!

    wow ok can i reset the count just because I'm great then?
  26. Kogasa

    Count To 500 Before a Hylian Knight Resigns!

    You took screenshots? my sides ok go ahead Usually a product of little to no social experience. that is rly rude tho no one is better than me kitsu pls give the rules can i invoke my delayed resignation effect
  27. Kogasa

    Count To 500 Before a Hylian Knight Resigns!

    I don't recall "fighting hard to stay" also, i have no friends those were probably people you thought were my friends pooplord
  28. Kogasa

    Count To 500 Before a Hylian Knight Resigns!

    I resigned before the vote to demote me was passed dumbface
  29. Kogasa

    Count To 500 Before a Hylian Knight Resigns!

    I resigned from Hylian Knight before this thread existed Can I use a delayed effect? If so, start over Alternatively, you can start over just because I'm great.
  30. Kogasa

    Hyrule Warriors Cia of Hyrule Warriors

    dat skin dat hair these people know what i like this game is gonna be good
  31. Kogasa

    Hyrule Warriors Who's the Mage?

    dis chick is fine agitha and midna are better tho impa is bretty awwwright too
  32. Kogasa

    Hyrule Warriors Will Midna Be in Her True Form Too?

    reminder midna is ugly in her true form imp midna > true midna admit it
  33. Kogasa

    How hateful/biased/selfish are you

    I am not hateful, biased, nor selfish. I am the pinnacle of emotional, mental, and physical stability. I am usually the life of every billion dollar gathering that I grace with my presence, and sometimes I like to throw money at the homeless. I usually tend to downplay my greatness, it takes a...
  34. Kogasa

    How Well do you Know the Person Above You on Zelda Dungeon?

    he's mexican and likes wolves
  35. Kogasa

    Ask An Atheist! Q&A

    How euphoric are you this fine fedora day?
  36. Kogasa

    What Annoyed You Today?

  37. Kogasa

    Conducting Oneself Online in Terms of Rudeness.

    To be honest, I act rude on the internet almost all the time. I'm usually aggressive in arguments, looking to get across the fact that I think the other person is stupid. I'd say that this is just part of my "personality", though. When I'm being offensive, I'm usually being sarcastic. I am...
  38. Kogasa

    Zelda U May NOT Even Have a Place in the Timeline

    "but instead chose to firmly establish him as existing, without the need of the player, in-universe" that's just your interpretation Link is Link, yes, but he is the player. In the context of the game you're playing he is you, however when it comes to things like hyrule historia he either...
  39. Kogasa

    Ask An Atheist! Q&A

    how euphoric are you this fine godless day?
  40. Kogasa

    Would You Still Support a Company if You Found Out the CEO Had a Conflicting Belief?

    Why does the CEO matter Why does any company employee's matter demonizing CEOs and their establishments because of their personal beliefs is just a liberal rallying tactic meant to gather sheep support
  41. Kogasa

    ZD Members Vs. Mods Game Thread

    did we win yet
  42. Kogasa

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Why am I not an admin yet git'erdun
  43. Kogasa

    Do You Eat Meat?

  44. Kogasa

    Zelda U May NOT Even Have a Place in the Timeline

    It's a game i thought hyrule historia was told from the perspective of you know the game universe it'd be pretty wierderino if the hyrule historia flat out said "and some hero controlled by a player in a different dimension..." players have emotions oh wow link doesnt have enough...
  45. Kogasa

    Erebea (DerpdeDerp)'s Graphics

    I can't remember if I responded to this already To be honest that render doesn't look like it would look good in anything
  46. Kogasa

    GCC Poll: Attack on Titan Vote

    firevsice is the best one here atticus you need more blending most of you need more blending mercedes urs looks alright tbh mandy the pop-out style kinda threw off the rest of it. pop-up style is great for 3d renders, but for flat 2d cutouts its not good also atticus it wouldve been better...
  47. Kogasa

    Zelda U May NOT Even Have a Place in the Timeline

    Link has always just been the player character That's why his name is Link Everyone already knew this What are you worrying about?????????????????????? What are you talking about????? What has happened at all to insist that Link is not just the player character????? Nintendo doesn't...
  48. Kogasa

    Is It Wrong to Believe?

  49. Kogasa

    Hopes for Zelda U

    I hope it will be a good game
  50. Kogasa

    If Religion Did Not Exist?

    If religion didn't exist, we would find something else to be biased for/against, ***** about, war about, etc.
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