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  1. Egregious

    The New Writing Community Competition - Round 2 Voting

    I apologize if it's not inappropriate to bump this - but I miss the writing competitions. They were really fun! I liked having the opportunity to practice writing with other LoZ fans who enjoy writing as well. I rarely post so I don't really know much about the goings-on here, but I hope this...
  2. Egregious

    General Zelda Derp Moments

    I'm currently playing Twilight Princess for the second time, and I wasted about an extra 20 minutes on the Goron Mines (which is the most linear and basic dungeon in that game, in my opinion). I didn't bother opening one of the smallest chest-types because I thought they only had rupees and...
  3. Egregious

    How Do You Like Your Eggs?

    All of the above! Just not raw, ew. If I had to pick though, I'd say fried. It's simple, it's classic, and it's delicious.
  4. Egregious

    Why is Realism Bad?

    It seems like no matter what graphical style is chosen for a given Zelda game, it satisfies at best a weak plurality of players and at worst a vocal minority that is confused and upset that the majority doesn't understand Nintendo's vision. This isn't to unnecessarily slight the Zelda fan-base...
  5. Egregious

    General Zelda Narrating the Story / Fleshing It Out

    When I was little and playing Ocarina of Time, I always assumed that there was the whole rest of the world beyond the walls that were too high to climb over - such as the walls around Hyrule Field. I tried many times to use the Cuccoo in Gerudo Valley to fly over to the waterfall and get to the...
  6. Egregious

    General Zelda What Parts Do You Dread?

    Obtaining Rupoors - it's a little bit sad.
  7. Egregious

    General Zelda A Game with No Obvious Timeline Placement?

    No, I would like if they at least gave us a few hints at least, especially if they are subtle hints. But I would not have a problem with it if they decided to not make the placement blatantly obvious. It would be fun, but it doesn't seem that likely to me. They decided to lock themselves into...
  8. Egregious

    Nostalgia Goggles - is It a Poor Argument?

    Opinions and tastes regarding things such as video games, books, the aforementioned Hershey's white chocolate, and pretty much anything else are personal and subjective. It really does not get more subjective than personal opinion. Nostalgia develops because of an individual's life experiences...
  9. Egregious

    A Cotton Candy Pokemon? Gamefreak is Officially Running Out of Ideas!

    I love the idea that an adorable wad of cotton candy might be immune to dragon attacks. :lol:
  10. Egregious

    Types of Dungeons

    I think that Skyward Sword overall did a great job with interesting dungeon themes that matched their environments. That being said, I felt there was a bit too much overlap between the two desert and two fire dungeons. Based on the themes, however, Skyward Sword probably went the furthest to...
  11. Egregious

    General Zelda What is Your Favorite Zelda Soundtrack?

    If it were fully orchestrated, I would probably select Twilight Princess. However, I am a classical music nerd and hearing the full orchestral score of Skyward Sword is just, well, stunning. For my taste, the Lanaryu Mining Facility track is one of my favorites ever. I never expected something...
  12. Egregious

    General Zelda Optimum Difficulty

    Let's not rule out difficulty levels though! Sometimes a simple answer can be a good one. In my personal opinion, the optimum difficulty is a variable difficulty. I don't know anything about programming, but I can't imagine it would be THAT astoundingly complicated to implement a simple...
  13. Egregious

    General Zelda The Most Dynamic Duo?

    I choose to subvert the general premise of the poll and vote for the real dynamic duo of the series...
  14. Egregious

    General Zelda Strange Happenings in Hyrule?

    The Kakariko Village well is apparently the source of their drinking water. Villager 1: Gee, don't you think we should maybe you know... filter some of the undead flesh out of our water? Villager 2: It tastes fine to me. Villager 1: Look, I know we have a centuries-long tradition of storing...
  15. Egregious

    Majora's Mask Elegy of Emptiness Statues

    First and foremost, the statues are a gameplay mechanic - the Elegy of Emptiness enables the ability to hold down multiple switches at the same time. While creative and cool looking, it's really no different than having a bunch of boxes to set on switches. Subordinate to their role as a...
  16. Egregious

    The New Writing Community Competition - Round 2 Voting

    Thank you to the three people who voted for my story. I really appreciate it! :) Everyone did a great job this round!
  17. Egregious

    General Zelda Will Termina Ever Return?

    I came to this thread to say that Termina's story is basically told and that there is no need to ever return, but when I thought for it a bit in thinking of what to post I changed my mind. After all, you could make the argument that in Ocarina of Time, for example, Hyrule's story is already told...
  18. Egregious

    Who Do You Think the Zelda U Villain Will Be?

    I have to echo everyone who has posted thus far and say Ganondorf as well. I feel like it would make sense for Nintendo to make another game in the vein of Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess - it's probably not going to be another prequel like Skyward Sword because we just had that. I feel...
  19. Egregious

    General Zelda Open Top Dungeons

    The Forest Temple was weird in that it was open top in two rooms, but it was always daytime, even if you entered at night. I don't know if they fixed that for the 3DS version, though. I"ll defer to whomever has that version and knows. Anyway, I like these kind of dungeons because they integrate...
  20. Egregious

    The New Writing Community Competition: Round 2

    I'm looking forward to seeing the submissions. Hopefully a lot of people did entries this time! :)
  21. Egregious

    General Modern More Horror in Zelda?

    I think that part of what made OoT great was the wide range of atmospheres - this range added to the overall epic feel. And I think a big part of that is the creepiness in areas like the Forest Temple, Bottom of the Well, and the Shadow Temple. I don't necessarily think it would make sense for...
  22. Egregious

    Forum Games: What Do You Like/Dislike About Them?

    As someone who hosts and plays social/strategic games on another forum, I really enjoy them! Some of them can get very heated and emotional, but at the end of the day it's a game and it's a fun way to just hang out and have fun. :)
  23. Egregious

    General Zelda Messin' with Gravity

    There was also some gravity manipulation involved in the OoT Forest Temple with the twisted/untwisted hallways. I still don't really understand how/why it works. :lol: It definitely could be an interesting concept. Maybe a dungeon/mini-dungeon where you walk around on the inside surface of a...
  24. Egregious

    Zelda Art Imperial Hyrule Sign Ups

    Name: Raetha Age: 100+ (It's impolite to ask~) Eye Color: Indigo Hair Color: N/A, Zora Hair Style: N/A, Zora Height: 5'2'' Weight: I honestly have no idea how much a Zora weighs, but let's go with 110 pounds since she's short. Race: Zora Distinguishing Marks: One of her...
  25. Egregious

    General Zelda Enemy Preference

    I always thought that the big poes in Ocarina of Time were a fun challenge, because you couldn't target them and had to learn to shoot a moving target from afar while also moving yourself. And unlike the stationary targets in the Gerudo archery range, the poes always take a different path so you...
  26. Egregious

    Do You Use Emoticons Much?

    I think that smilies are like exclamation points. Using one in the right place adds just the right touch of emotion, but spamming them actually conveys less meaning. :)
  27. Egregious

    Writing Community Competition: Round 16

    I hope this comes back soon! I know I haven't submitted anything, but I enjoy reading everyone's entries :) I have a hard time with the themes sometimes because they are so open, I don't know exactly what to focus on. That's obviously my own fault, though. Some people argue that constraints...
  28. Egregious

    General Zelda Favourite Lines From a Villain

    "Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble! Feeble!" - One of the two Stalfos warriors in Ikana Castle
  29. Egregious

    Ocarina of Time Why Do We Love OoT So Much?

    I definitely can't answer this question objectively due to the nostalgia factor. And really, is "objectivity" even relevant to a discussion of taste? (Spoiler Alert: No. It isn't.) Playing Ocarina of Time coincided perfectly with childhood and it was the first immersive game experience I had...
  30. Egregious

    Spoiler "OMG" Moments in Zelda!

    In Ocarina of Time Masterquest: And also, of course, the now infamous "Not Take Mirror" moment. :lol:
  31. Egregious

    Majora's Mask Deku, Goron, or Zora?

    Being a Deku is basically playing life in hard mode, since it has no real advantages. I mean, shooting out of Deku Flowers is not really that useful since it is so context-specific. The Zora swimming was fun, but I mostly got annoyed with the areas you can swim in because the skeletal fish...
  32. Egregious

    MM-3DS What Mask Would You Like to Own?

    The transformation masks look really painful to wear. I would probably like to wear the Mask of Truth, because it would be interesting to hear what animals are thinking. The least useful mask would probably be the Kafei Mask. Since he isn't real, asking people where he is would probably just...
  33. Egregious

    Most Fun/Frustrating Mini-Game?

    Note: I discuss minigames in Ocarina of Time and also Majora's Mask, so if you don't want to be spoiled for those games, please do not read this post. Please enjoy your day, regardless. Argh, I hate minigames so much. But more often than not, they have a Heart Piece attached to them...
  34. Egregious

    What is Your Favorite Cut-scene in Zelda?

    My favorite cutscene is actually from Ocarina of Time. I love the scene where you play the Song of Storms in the Windmill as a child, and the song gets all weird and distorted. I always find it hilarious every time I get to that scene, for some reason!
  35. Egregious

    Top Ten things you would like to see in Zelda Wii U:

    1. Graphics • Reminiscent of Twilight Princess but expanded to include a wide range of colors rather than exclusively relying on shades of gray, brown, and green. Although honestly, I'll be fine with anything as long as it isn't Wind Waker / Phantom Hourglass / Spirit Tracks inspired. 2...
  36. Egregious

    Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon

    (Note: I speak freely about the contents of each temple, so if you are worried about being spoiled, you shouldn't read the discussion portion.) I tried to think of a bottom five, but only four really came to mind. And of the four, the only temple that I actually dislike is the last one. This...
  37. Egregious

    Words That You Can Never Seem To Spell Correctly

    "Ophthalmology". Fortunately, it rarely appears in conversation. And I would never bring it up myself since it is so difficult to spell...
  38. Egregious

    Writing Community Competition: Round 14

    I'm excited for this to start up again! I submitted an entry back in like... August, but I look forward to doing so again in the future.
  39. Egregious

    Dungeons- How Big is Too Big?

    This is a tough call because it really depends on my individual reaction to each dungeon whether or not I want it to be longer or shorter. For example, I absolutely loathed the City in the Sky dungeon because I ended up having to back-track through the entire thing to get something that I...
  40. Egregious

    Spoiler A New Day, but not a Good Day?

    In this thread (my first theory thread… yay?) I’m not so much trying to build a theory as much as I am pointing observations about the ending of Majora’s Mask and its implications. Upon inspection, I decided that the ending to the game is less “pleasant” than I originally thought. Here is why I...
  41. Egregious

    Do You Want ZeldaU to Be a Light-Hearted Game or Dark?

    The question really needs to be broken down further into a few different categories. It's 4:00 AM and I really have nothing better to do, so I'm going to just start typing and hopefully I'll get somewhere by the end of this. If not, what are you going to do? Sue me? GRAPHICS Even within...
  42. Egregious

    No Correlation Between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess Maps

    It's often difficult to decide how exactly to understand the geography of this series. Technically speaking, Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are both "canon" games, which means that they are both true to the intentions of the developers. However, it gets tricky when you interpret canon as...
  43. Egregious

    Item-Based Dungeons: A Tired Concept?

    I think that two things are important to consider when designing dungeons and items. The key to good item design is that an item must have a variety of uses. An example of a well-designed item from Ocarina of Time would be the hookshot - you can pull things toward you, pull yourself toward...
  44. Egregious

    Snow: Yay or Nay?

    We just had a large snowstorm in Minnesota over the last 24 hours or so. I love looking at it, but driving is an absolute nightmare.
  45. Egregious

    Ideas For Link's Next Companion

    I always thought it would be interesting to have Link carry around a poe flame in a lantern as a companion. A companion whose goal perhaps is to be released by Link - or at the very least is not particularly concerned with petty mortal details such as Link's continued existence. It knows a great...
  46. Egregious

    General Modern The Wind Waker or Twilight Princess: Which GameCube Title Do You Prefer?

    Well... I have only played Twilight Princess on the Wii and have never played Wind Waker, so it's probably for the best if I abstain from voting on this one. :lol: I admit, I have never felt motivated to try playing the Wind Waker due to its unnecessarily cartoonish graphics; but it does seem...
  47. Egregious

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Darkness Ascending

    4. HORUS - GERUDO DESERT The world was shifting. Shimmering. Is this what it felt like to descend into madness? At long last, escape. But then what? The desert was vast and hot. There was nothing; no path, just the endless ocean of sand dunes and the shimmering. The lies. Horus felt his...
  48. Egregious

    Your Favourite Candies?

    Reese's Pieces, Cadbury Creme Eggs, Snickers, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, and Peppermint Patties.
  49. Egregious

    General Modern Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess

    I have mixed feelings about both games; I mean, I love both of them, but I think that they do each have strengths and weaknesses. For full disclosure, I do not have a Game Cube, so I had to play the Wii version of Twilight Princess. My personal preferences were as follows: • Art Style -...
  50. Egregious

    Zelda Art The Legend of Zelda: Darkness Ascending

    3. LINK - HYRULE CASTLE Link tried to ignore the snickering, confused looks, and pointing as he dashed past, but he still felt himself blushing in embarrassment. Of course, it would have been faster if he could have simply gone through the Southeast District of Hyrule, but he did not have...
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