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  1. Kingwobbly

    Making money in BotW

    With the addition of degradable weapons and armour, it looks like rupees will actually be worth collecting in this game. Unfortunately they don't pop out of every bush, rock and jar any more, so I was thinking about the best way to potentially make money. In OoT you could pick up a fish and...
  2. Kingwobbly

    Item ideas

    If you had the chance to make a new Zelda item, what would you like to see? It could be a new kind of arrow, boots, gauntlets, ring, a tunic with different abilities or just another weapon. Or a giant knock off beyblade. Oh wait, they did that already. I'd have a spear with a hook at the base of...
  3. Kingwobbly

    Different bows?

    In Zelda games you usually start with a wooden sword or a small sword and then get a better sword and sometimes an even better sword after that. Well Zelda wii u, it would seem, starts with a bow. From the two trailers we have had so far it looks like the bow is important. If that's the case, do...
  4. Kingwobbly

    Home console pokemon action adventure game

    Pokemon is a massive franchise and every couple of years they come out with a new region and a new set of pokemon but overall it's just the same game with different names. They have the odd game like Pokémon colosseum which is pretty good but they're limited in aspects like which Pokémon you can...
  5. Kingwobbly

    Who is your favourite Superhero?

    Aside from Captain Britain, otherwise we'd just have a long list of his name written by different people.
  6. Kingwobbly

    Why is being naked in public a crime?

    People get naked at the beach and it's fine, but if I decide to go to a church naked it'd be an awful thing. You'd think they'd be happy that I'm taking an interest but apparently it'd be being disrespectful. According to them God made me this way, so what's up with that? I'm not saying I want...
  7. Kingwobbly

    Time travel

    I'd like to preface this by saying I haven't studied physics for more than two years and even back then it wasn't my best subject. If time travel were possible, how do you think it would be achieved? In theory, travel forward in time is possible as the faster one travels to the speed of light...
  8. Kingwobbly

    Favourite country?

    Other than the one you live in, sorry Americans. Mine's Portugal because it's super chilled out, it's got the lovely beaches in the South, beautiful mountains in the North and extremely friendly locals (as long as you don't speak Spanish to them).
  9. Kingwobbly

    Personal adventures?

    What's the most adventurous/funny story from your childhood? I used to explore abandoned factories with my friends and one time we found a seafood factory which you could only gain access to by crawling through a small delivery hatch. You needed torches as there were no windows, so it was...
  10. Kingwobbly

    If you were an animal, what would you be?

    1) What's your 'spirit animal' or rather, what animals reflects your personality in your opinion? 2) If you could be a animal what would you want to be?
  11. Kingwobbly

    The drawings of King Wobbly.

    A few things I drew.
  12. Kingwobbly

    So what do you guys do?

    What are your hobbies, your passions, the things you love to do? If you like to create things in any form (music, videos, paintings etc) could you share them here? I'd like to see all you awesome people's work. For instance, I like to draw. Here are some of my favourite drawings: I also make...
  13. Kingwobbly

    They should remake pokemon snap.

    The wii U game pad is basically perfect for that game and it would be a complete waste of an opportunity not to make it. Update it a bit, make a few more levels, even perhaps give access to a few different regions so you could take pictures of all the different pokemon generations in their own...
  14. Kingwobbly

    Banjo Kazooie spiritual successor

    So has anyone else heard of this project Ukalele? From the sounds of things it's the new Banjo Kazooie game that nuts and bolts should have been. Here are some screen shots: Apparently it's going to be on PC but I'm hoping it comes to Wii U too. Definitely looks more like a Wii U kind of...
  15. Kingwobbly

    MM-3DS Goht

    It took me several play throughs of Majoras Mask to realise that you're supposed to chase Goht as a Goron. I used to just stand in the entrance and shoot it with fire arrows every time it ran past. This is a very inefficient way of fighting and it takes about 13 arrows if I remember correctly. I...
  16. Kingwobbly

    The water temple.

    Okay, so we all know it's going to happen. On the map we see a large body of water, which may be Lake Hylia, in which the new water temple will most likely reside. The question is, will this one be as infuriating as the others? How would you implement a water theme into a temple without making...
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