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  1. Link2485

    Why can't I blog?

    Hey ZD, I was wanting to write my first blog tonight but when i tried it would not allow me to. said something like I wasn't allowed to. Anyone know why this is? I'd appreciate any help i could get on the subject.
  2. Link2485

    Is Minish Cap close to OoT?

    After replaying through MC again after several years i can't help but feel this is a game set close to Ocarina of time. We have Lon Lon ranch, Malon and her dad Talon. later on Dampe, the gravekeeper. all characters that were in ocarina of time. so is it close in the timeline? And then another...
  3. Link2485

    The master sword sleeps forever.

    So I just re-beat A Link to the past again after several years and in the ending it says the master sword sleeps forever. which got me to thinking. is Alttp supposed to be the final game in the series? Because i know the master sword is in many other games to.
  4. Link2485

    Signature rules.

    So I was wondering. when you make a signature what are the sizes allowed? My gf wants to try to make some but she doesnt know the size limitations. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Link2485

    What's with the Skyward Sword hate?

    Hey ZD, So i hear alot of people both on this site and in just talking to people say they do not like Skyward sword. some people outright hating on it. what gives? I pre-ordered it had the golden wii mote and all. I got maybe halfway through the game (or so) and while i cant really remember...
  6. Link2485

    Signature problems.

    Hey ZD, So a user made me some real nice signatures today. I went to to edit my signature and when i copy/paste the code i get an error message. anyone know how to fix this?
  7. Link2485

    Anyone wanna make me a siggy?

    Hey ZD Forums. I was wondering if anyone wanted to make me a custom signature. I like Alttp, Minish cap, and SS the best if that gives you any ideas.
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