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  1. MapelSerup

    Spoiler Random theories

    The reason Link was able to wield the Master Sword in the Wind Waker was because it had lost its power. By the time it was restored, he had certainly proved himself mature enough. Also, he’s probably a few years older than OoT Link was; if you consider the tradition where they dress boys in the...
  2. MapelSerup

    Which Zelda character has the best haircut?

    I would want OoX or TP Link’s haircut. I think the best ones in general are HW Ganondorf, Groose, and old Impa from SS.
  3. MapelSerup

    How replayable is LA Switch?

    I played in hero mode and I had a lot more fun than I think I would have otherwise. I still managed to get the true ending, but it upped the stakes, especially in the early game, where it’s usually a bit easier. So, if you’ve played in normal mode and it’s been awhile, hero mode is a great way...
  4. MapelSerup

    Happy birthday! :party:

    Happy birthday! :party:
  5. MapelSerup

    Your Most Memorable Deaths

    All my memorable deaths are from early on. First of all, I fell into cold water in the cold area of the Great Plateau. I had had trouble figuring out how to cook the peppers (Took me awhile to find the campfire with the pot. Also I somehow never got the warm doublet in both locations. I only...
  6. MapelSerup

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    The Zelda timeline makes sense with some iffy parts because they were intended to be in a certain order, but certain games were grouped together more than others. I think the timeline is fine as it is. Navi and Fi are made out to be much worse than they actually are. BotW’s lack of story is...
  7. MapelSerup

    How are you affected by the Taco Bell menu reduction?

    Taco Bell gets a lot of hate. While it’s certainly in the worse half of fast-food restaurants from me, I would say they’re closer to the middle. I haven’t eaten there in forever, though, and I don’t think I will be anytime soon, so anything related to the menu won’t affect me.
  8. MapelSerup

    What are you proud of?

    Everyone has something they’re proud of. Whether it’s an achievement, an ability, or an action, feel free to share it! And don’t worry, nobody will think that you’re bragging.
  9. MapelSerup

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 420!

    I explore as much as I can with each new area. I’m a completionist, but I don’t have the motivation to spend hours and hours on most games; I find it fun to find and do as much as I can as I progress through the game, just to make things more fun and because, if I save too much until the end, it...
  10. MapelSerup

    Video Game Quotes

    “...” -Link
  11. MapelSerup

    New runes that you want to see it BotW 2

    A rune that changes the weight of objects, mostly to make them lighter. For example, you use it on a certain block and now you can throw it over a big gap. Or maybe you use it on an enemy and it’s knock back increases for a while. I do feel like this is essentially Stasis, though, so I wouldn’t...
  12. MapelSerup

    What are you currently eating?

    Chocolate milkshake!
  13. MapelSerup

    Will you be picking up the next generation of consoles on day one?

    I don’t have the funds to branch out to anything besides Nintendo. But if a Nintendo console comes out, I’ll probably pick it up as early as possible.
  14. MapelSerup

    What game do you wish you owned, but don't because it's expensive?

    Metroid Fusion, Four Swords, and FSA; not because they’re super expensive, but because GBAs are. I also want to try Paper Mario: TTYD. Everybody seems to love it. Chrono Trigger.
  15. MapelSerup

    Everything Happens So Fast...

    I feel like the past few months have been both the longest and shortest of my life. By all means, I want things to slow down. I always look backing wishing it had gone by slower, rather than faster, which is how I sometimes feel in the moment.
  16. MapelSerup

    The protagonists of the last 2 games you played are having dinner ...

    I’m using games I’ve played for the first time, so Dragon Quest XI and Paper Mario. I imagine Mario will continue to spew the same phrases over and over again while the hero just stares, confused. The pasta will be great, but the conversation paper-thin.
  17. MapelSerup

    Video Game Quotes

    *Mario tries to open door in Peach’s castle* “Won’t open, huh? I bet they didn’t even put anything on the other side. Bah! Patch in the rest of the castle, you cowards!” -Bowser: Paper Mario the Origami King
  18. MapelSerup

    How do you name your horses?

    I named the special ones after Zelda characters and any others were names I just came up with.
  19. MapelSerup

    Which Zelda has the smallest overworld?

    What’s amazing too is the hoops the developers of the original game jumped through to keep the file size of the game down! All the dungeons fit on the same grid By the time they had finished, they’d only used half of the storage space, so they just added a second quest.
  20. MapelSerup

    Which Zelda has the smallest overworld?

    LoZ has 16x11 tiles in each square. LA is 10x8. Therefore, LoZ is 256x88 tile lengths, and LA is 160x128. That gives 22,528 tiles for LoZ and 20,480 for LA. Considering Link is one tile high in both games, we can assume the tiles are mostly equal, give or take a bit because the Links are different.
  21. MapelSerup

    Which Zelda has the smallest overworld?

    LA’s tiles are square, while LoZ’s are rectangular. You can’t really compare the worlds based solely on the number of tiles.
  22. MapelSerup

    Happy birthday, Magolor!

    Happy birthday, Magolor!
  23. MapelSerup

    Which Zelda has the smallest overworld?

    Not counting level-based games, definitely LA or MC as others have said. LA because Koholint Island is extremely small, but I think MC is a bit smaller; everything is extremely claustrophobic, as @Spirit said. It only takes time to get places because of the obstacles in your way. While this...
  24. MapelSerup

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    That’s quite sudden. I’m sure your presence helped him. I hope we can all help.
  25. MapelSerup

    Spoiler Zelda Theory: The Sheikah Were the Original Inhabitants of Lanayru

    The Lanayru Desert and Timeshift Stones are some of the most mysterious subjects in Skyward Sword, or even Zelda in general. What are the specifics of the stones? What does the dragon Lanayru have to do with it? What happened to the bountiful paradise that became the desert? Who created the...
  26. MapelSerup

    Silent Protagonists

    I agree, it depends on people’s opinions. The worst thing to do is give a previously silent protagonist a voice. For example, if some Zelda game had Link talk, there would be outrage. People have determined Links personality for themselves, and by giving Link an official one, people would lose...
  27. MapelSerup

    Silent Protagonists

    It depends on how it’s used. While some people see it as trying to make you feel “in the shoes” of the character, I’ve always seen it more as you personifying the character. They speak to others however you feel they should. It calls back to a time where more imagination was required to give...
  28. MapelSerup

    Do you have time for long games nowadays?

    I’ll still play the same amount each day, it would just be a longer time before I finish the game. I’m all for them!
  29. MapelSerup

    What are your favorite potato chip flavors?

    Salt and vinegar, especially kettle cooked, are the best.
  30. MapelSerup


    Yes, if they notice you they will attack, whether they are provoked or not.
  31. MapelSerup

    What are your thoughts on Horsehead?

    The bosses of the dungeons are guardians, created by the king to protect the Triforce from evil. Horsehead is not evil, he is simply there to prevent anybody from placing the crystal.
  32. MapelSerup

    Your Favorite Music in BotW

    The E3 2017 Trailer theme and Hyrule Castle are my faves.
  33. MapelSerup

    Happy birthday! :party:

    Happy birthday! :party:
  34. MapelSerup

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I’ve read many of the other mangas, but never the Twilight Princess one. They were great! The main issue for me was the fact that they had to cut corners to keep them short, but the Twilight Princess manga probably adds stuff! Akira Himekawa are very talented artists, and I still need to pick up...
  35. MapelSerup

    Nice to see a new face in the forums! I assume you’re a Rush fan based on your profile pic? If I...

    Nice to see a new face in the forums! I assume you’re a Rush fan based on your profile pic? If I may ask, what’s your favorite Rush song?
  36. MapelSerup

    What do you think will be common in 50 years that isn't now?

    Virtual Reality, or something of the sort. I see this as more of a 15-year prediction, actually. I’ve thought about dipping my toes into it (too pricey). I tried it at a friend’s place once though, and it was amazing. I could totally see it becoming more and more common.
  37. MapelSerup

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Definitely a good idea. One of my favorite games period.
  38. MapelSerup

    Visiting the Moon? (Hypothetical)

    Am I just visiting? Do the trips have an almost certain survival rate with good reviews? If so, I’m all for it! It would be a lot of fun.
  39. MapelSerup

    How could BotW2 surprise you narratively?

    A lot like Spirit Tracks, but instead of having her ghost follow you around, reassuring you that she’ll be ok, she’s straight-up gone. Also, I’m not saying I’d want this in the game, just that it would definitely surprise me.
  40. MapelSerup

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    Could there be Metroid Prime 4 info, or are they considering that part of Nintendo?
  41. MapelSerup

    How could BotW2 surprise you narratively?

    Kill off Zelda, or at least make it seem like she was killed, and you bring her back somehow. After so many theories of playing as Zelda, this would be a huge shock. This might not be the best though, considering she was very absent from the first game.
  42. MapelSerup

    How would you make BotW2's world scary?

    Use these absolutely terrifying guardian concept designs.
  43. MapelSerup

    Do you like big bosses?

    As long as it’s a fun and well-designed boss, I don’t really care about the size! Variety is the spice of games!
  44. MapelSerup

    Are the enemies in BotW cute?

    I wouldn’t say cute, but they are certainly goofy-looking.
  45. MapelSerup

    What would you like to see from the potential release of a new 2D Metroid game?

    My dream game... plenty of things I would want, Spirits already said a few. Sakamoto off the team and Other M non-canon would be amazing. I didn’t really mind Fusion, I just hope they could find a good way to continue the story. Also, as she said, don’t bombard me with text/exposition, let me...
  46. MapelSerup

    Which Link Design/Art Do You Like The Most?

    Oracle Link is my favorite. Never played the games, but besides his weird and amazing sideburns, he looks the most normal to me somehow.
  47. MapelSerup

    Official Suggestions Thread

    What about wins? Like, to get a title you have to win a certain amount of games (and be active in them?) Would that be too luck-based? The second title would probably require you to host a game.
  48. MapelSerup


    Hey, that’s not very- Wait a second...
  49. MapelSerup


    I’m often sarcastic, but I never try to be in a negative way. I use it less on the internet because of the risk of someone misunderstanding. Generally, I feel both sarcasm and irony can and often are funny, but should be used liberally. Irony in stories can be very interesting, too.
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