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  1. Grigaming335

    Did you trust Sidon?

    I never even met him in my first playthrough until I got to Zora's Domain, stupidley went mountain climbing, waited for the rain to stop a few times, even made a campfire under a tree because the rain wouldn't stop (I didn't realise it was because of Ruta back then) and I didn't have the tower...
  2. Grigaming335


    Yeah the ending is lacking from other games. You fight a giant robot spider of whom you can easily dispose of with a x5 lynel bow, ancient arrows and stasis+. And the second form is just a mindless pig that can’t even kill you unless you let it. Then Zelda kills him and says “ Do you remember...
  3. Grigaming335

    I'm desperate .. (am I playing this wrong?!)

    I would recommend getting most of the towers and looking for shrines from there to build up your stamina and heart containers. Then do some small side quests and maybe then do 2 of the divine beats before exploring a bit more. I’d sat Vah Ruta (The Elephant) and Vah Medoh (The Bird) would be the...
  4. Grigaming335

    [SPOILERS] BOTW Game Help

    I’ve never had these problems on wii u but maybe if you still have one you could open a save before the album was full
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