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  1. MapelSerup

    What are you proud of?

    Everyone has something they’re proud of. Whether it’s an achievement, an ability, or an action, feel free to share it! And don’t worry, nobody will think that you’re bragging.
  2. MapelSerup

    Spoiler Zelda Theory: The Sheikah Were the Original Inhabitants of Lanayru

    The Lanayru Desert and Timeshift Stones are some of the most mysterious subjects in Skyward Sword, or even Zelda in general. What are the specifics of the stones? What does the dragon Lanayru have to do with it? What happened to the bountiful paradise that became the desert? Who created the...
  3. MapelSerup

    4 Silksong Characters Revealed

    Through riddles on the Hollow Knight Discord server, Team Cherry has revealed four characters in the upcoming game. Details on one with links to others (minor spoilers) There are many great YouTube videos explaining the riddles. What do you think?
  4. MapelSerup

    What have you done over COVID?

    Have you begun a new hobby? Learned something new? How are you spending the extra time from the past few months?
  5. MapelSerup

    Nintendo Paper Mario: The Origami King Discussion

    Official Trailer: Gameplay footage (ignore the title, NOT a leak): What do you think? Are you excited? Worried? I’m hopeful that this will be better than the last few...
  6. MapelSerup

    Do you play any instruments?

    Pretty self-explanatory. Do you play any instruments? If so, which ones? How good are you? If not, do you want to learn any? I play the saxophone and am pretty good at it. I also used to take piano lessons (though I’ve forgotten most of it). I’ve also been trying to learn the guitar.
  7. MapelSerup

    Thoughts on Link’s Abilities

    Note: This is less of a theory and more just observations made based on clues from the game, relating to an existing theory.. No real conclusion can be made, I’m just looking over the evidence. The first part, while it is a theory, is just to give context; I summarized it, but did not come up...
  8. MapelSerup

    How has your quarantine been?

    For those of you practicing social distancing, how is it going? I know it’s far from great, but say what’s going on and how you’re feeling. I hope we can help if you need it!
  9. MapelSerup

    What’s the best kind of chocolate?

    The greatest debate of the modern age: is white, milk, or dark chocolate the best? I prefer dark (the darker the better), but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s opinion.
  10. MapelSerup

    What would Demise look like to you?

    Fi’s dialogue when asking about Demise says What is your perception of true evil?
  11. MapelSerup

    Which game show would you want to be on?

    Pretty self explanatory. What game show would you rock at?
  12. MapelSerup

    What game/show would you like to try if it wasn’t for the fandom?

    Basically, what media (not necessarily just games) do you think sounds interesting, but the community around it turns you off? Whether they be toxic, immature, or anything else, what community has prevented you from experiencing the things that they love?
  13. MapelSerup

    How do you think BOTW2’s darker themes will expand on ideas from the first?

    That’s basically it. How do you think the ideas introduced in the first BOTW will be adapted to the darker tone? More/different enemies? Creepier/cooler dungeons? What would you like to see? Note: I don’t just mean new things, just how Nintendo will change the theme of the game.
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