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  1. zeldatwilight

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time 3DS Changes

    When they were playing the game on the new video trailer, they showed us the opening scene of the game with Link riding on Epona. I happened to notice that this whole thing looks different as in it doesn't show us the same things it did on the N64 version. Could this mean that the game has alot...
  2. zeldatwilight

    Spirit Tracks Afterthoughts

    I thought this was a pretty good game, but it wasn't one of the best ones. Certain parts of the game were awesome such as temples, the Tower of Spirits, and the new items. The Flute and Whirlwind blew me away. I always had fun using those items just so I could interact with the DS more than in...
  3. zeldatwilight

    Who's Gonna Get the 3DS?

    After seeing the actual thing at E3, I defiantly want to get my hands on it. I've seen what TV can do with 3D, but I have to see what Nintendo can w/o the need for glasses. I just hope it doesn't cost a whole lot.
  4. zeldatwilight

    ST Trading Sequence

    Do you all think that there will be a trading sequence in this game? If so, how many items do you think will be in it? I could almost be 100% certain that there will be, but then again, TP never had one. I would like to see a good 10 + items in it. This would be very satisfying, and worth the...
  5. zeldatwilight

    Phantom Hourglass VS Spirit Tracks

    I'm not sure if this should be in a different forum but I think its fine here. Anyway, which game do you think is better, PH or ST? As of what I see now from ST, it looks like an amazing game. The music sounds great, the new items look awesome, and the Train is really going to be a major...
  6. zeldatwilight

    Zelda Wii = Last Game??

    This is just a completely random thought, but does anyone here think that Zelda wii coming out in 2010 sometime will be the last Zelda game of them all? I really dont know what to think. The chances of having no more after this are slim in my opinion, but I think i recall someone saying that...
  7. zeldatwilight

    Have You Beaten AoL

    Have you beat the game Adventure of Link? I have, and it only took me about 5 days dying only 30-40 times. Thats really good for this game i think. It isnt actually a bad game if you take the time, and have patience with the game.
  8. zeldatwilight

    Did You Like AOL?

    Did you honestly like the Adventure of Link? When i first got it, i knew that it would be a hard game, so it sorta made me hate it right away. I played it and couldn't get anywhere, only to like the 3rd palace. Then i finally played it long enough, and beat the game. And knowing that i could...
  9. zeldatwilight

    Experience System Again?

    How would you like to have one of the Future Zelda games have the "AoL" experience system? I think it might be weird to have a 3D Zelda game having experience points in, but it could work. I don't agree with the sword leveling up from the points, but I do like the magic upgrades. You could maybe...
  10. zeldatwilight

    The Legend of Zelda Heavens Light

    Me and my friend are having a contest of who can make a better Zelda game. also rate it from 1-10. This one is mine. The Legend of Zelda: Heavens Light Link awakes one morning and is going to the sanctuary. While he’s there a huge black fog suddenly appears. Everyone disappeared except...
  11. zeldatwilight

    Favorite Styx Song

    my favorite styx song is, well come sail away. i just love the beat to the refrain and the lyrics. awsome song. my favorite of all time!!:clap: on the poll these a misspell. its come not zcome. Sorry!!!
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