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  1. Lilith2


    Today's topic is a rather serious one, dears, and I hope you all will read it carefully and not let any knee-jerk reactions cloud your judgement or pollute a serious academical discourse. :) Firstly, it is very necessary to firmly establish what it is we are talking about, and develop a base...
  2. Lilith2

    The Hypostasis of the Great Restoration

    Dears, it has become clear to me after seeing the egregore behind our times, that this is the heralding in of a new great Pagan era, what are your thoughts (and thoughtforms!). :)
  3. Lilith2

    Toxic "Soft" Masculinity

    Greetings, Today we have a rather fascinating topic, which may be of some pertinence to the issues of recent times. It is a concept I have recently stumbled upon, called as such, "soft masculinity", as a juxtaposition to the classic feminist concept of toxic masculinity. The below provides a...
  4. Lilith2

    Political Correctness and the Metamorphosis of Culture

    As this timeline continues to develop and evolve, many are noting the strange parade of previously thought absurdist or impossible changes coming down the pike. Some of the things that have come to pass in these trying times are already leaving many in bewilderment, especially as it comes to the...
  5. Lilith2

    UK Facebook Users Now Have 71 Gender Options

    Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/facebook/10930654/Facebooks-71-gender-options-come-to-UK-users.html The overall topic of gender is increasingly a dominant topic in today's world, and it seems that physical manifestations of this morphing zeitgeist are rapidly increasing. What was...
  6. Lilith2

    Are Genital Preferences Transphobic?

    Hello everyone. In these troubled times, I have noticed an increasingly large amount of discourse about trans issues. And in particular, about transphobia and seemingly nuances therein. Generally, the idea is such that genital preferences are rooted in transphobia, and therefore we would not...
  7. Lilith2

    Vision And Psychosis

    Hello everyone, I was wanting to know, what are you guys' thoughts on the thesis presented here: http://visionandpsychosis.net/? It seems to me very intriguing, but perhaps far fetched idea. The constant stream of information (and distractions) present in our modern lives certainly seems like...
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