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  1. Dark Hero

    If You Could Create a New Link, What Would You Give Him?

    What would you give your "Link" If you had the opportunity to create a new one for an upcoming Legend of Zelda game. Use this format: Name: Appearance: Special abilities: Weapons: ~~~~~~~~~ Have fun, and be creative!!! Mine: Name...
  2. Dark Hero

    OoT-3DS Would You Like a Majora's Mask for the 3DS?

    I would personally enjoy a Majora's Mask 3D, because it'd be a chance to see some new characters be in better graphics that the N64; i.e, Skull Kid, Kafei, the Elegy of Emptiness Statue, and perhaps even Lulu and the rest of the Zora band. It might be a bit difficult, because players might be so...
  3. Dark Hero

    What Would You Like to Happen in Future Games?

    Maybe a character returns? a new enemy? an OLD enemy? I think Ghirahim would be kinda of sweet in a future reference, but that's just my opinion
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