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  1. Dungeon killer

    Worldly Changes

    Okay during school today the teacher asked us if we could change something about the world or a country, state, city, and etc. What would it be and how would you change. So I'm asking you to see what you would do to change the world or something in the world today. I would change Africa...
  2. Dungeon killer

    "Them" Aliens or Monsters?

    I was playing the "Them" minigame in Mm when I thought are "they" aliens or supernatural monsters with special powers that make them seem like aliens? I don't know but I want your opinion's dudes and dudettes!:thinking::wave:
  3. Dungeon killer


    So I want to know what are your daily chores, and for the adults here at the forums you can put your daily routine and anything you want to include. Chores: ~brush hair and teeth ~clean room when messy ~keep quest bathroom clean ~house trash ~feeding fish ~cleaning fish tank ~doing laundry
  4. Dungeon killer

    Where Are Some Magic Jars? (MM)

    I have been playing Mm and I'm at the great bay temple and I keep on running out of magic power, but I can't find any magic jar's to refill my magic bar! is there anyway to get more magic without leaving the temple?:thinking::hmm:
  5. Dungeon killer

    DSi or DS Lite

    Here are my opinions: DS lite, I have owned a lite and it was a good portable gaming system the gba slot and card slot made it a two way station. And it was cool with the touch screen and voice mic. Internet gaming for some games was a huge step for a portable station, or so is my opinion...
  6. Dungeon killer

    My Story

    Hey guys I'm posting this story here and I would like you guys to read it, and also if you have any comments on it please be welcome to either post them here on this thread or pm me anytime. I will also be updating my story as I think of it, if you want feel free to rank this story and its going...
  7. Dungeon killer

    Same Weapons or New Weapons

    During the legend of zelda series there are some weapons that have been in most of the zelda games, but in ST do you think that they might be a whole new set of weapons or mostly the same weapons just some new ones. We already know that they have that new cyclone leaf (or whatever it's called)...
  8. Dungeon killer

    Boat or Train

    If you have played Ph you know you have a boat, but do you think that the train would be better or that the boat you prefer the most?>.>:thinking: I think the train will be better and I hope that the speed is faster than the boat because man that really iratted me so much!>:(
  9. Dungeon killer

    More Tunics

    What if in the new zelda game thats coming out next year the put different tunics in it like Oot. Like a white tunic that could make you fly through the air or a black tunic for when your infultrating a fortress that lets you blend in with the shadows or something like that would be cool. Maybe...
  10. Dungeon killer

    Legend of Zelda Movie

    I was going through youtube the other day at my friends house and were looking through what we thought were fake movie trailers for video games. But two days later I saw in a magazine one of the movies and they were making it in New York, so do you think they could be working on a actual Zelda...
  11. Dungeon killer

    Navi or Tatl

    Which fairy is more helpful Navi or Tatl? I say Navi.
  12. Dungeon killer

    How Does Ganondorf Come Back?

    In all most every zelda game ganondorf cames back.He most really hate Link but how does come back?
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