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  1. Byrne

    In Soviet Russia......

    okay, so this is a game where you flip around sentences, starting with "in Soviet Russia," here are some examples: In Soviet Russia, you don't eat food. Food eats you! In Soviet Russia, you don't go to the Bathroom. The Bathroom goes to you! In Soviet Russia, you don't shoot guns. guns...
  2. Byrne

    Spoiler OOT is the Darkest Zelda Game Right Now.

    I will tell you why. after you gather the spiritual stones, you can go to the backalley of hyrule castle town, and you'll see a dying soldier. he will say how he was unable to protect zelda, and then he dies. D:
  3. Byrne

    Why Must Nano Assault Be Missed by So Many Gamers?

    I went to gamestop and I saw nano assault. I thought it was going to be boring, but I got it anyway. I discovered that it was extremely overlooked. It has great shooting, kinda like starfox, but it also has planet-like cells you explore, like super mario galaxy. The question is: WHY IS IT...
  4. Byrne

    Spoiler OMG I Know Who Was In the Restroom!!!

    You know how Karane mentions that someone is taking a long bath at night? The way you enter zeldas room has a clear view of the bathroom, so me and my sister went there at night, and we saw GEABORA TAKING A BATH!!!!D: (I was scared for life!!!)
  5. Byrne

    Help Me Please!!! Where Do They Sell the Limited Edition Zelda 3ds Bundle?

    Help me please!!! where do they sell the limited edition zelda 3ds bundle?
  6. Byrne

    Spoiler MEGA SPOILER THREAD!!!!!!!

    Here is the ending plot of SS: OK, here is what happens when you arive at the final fight with Ghirahim: He is preforming a ritual. as you interupt him ,he gets insanly angry at you challenging him over and over again. A platform magicly appears under you, while Ghirahim is surounded by...
  7. Byrne

    Should I Get a 3ds, or Should I Wait for the Bundle???

    should I get a 3ds, or should I wait for the bundle??? I don't know which one to choose!!!
  8. Byrne

    Spoiler Wait..... I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!!!!!

    A Few weeks ago I posted in a thread that said "Ghirahim's master" I posted that I think it's the weird piniapple thingy(I meant the imprisoned) One person was like "no way. that can't be his master!!!" Well, I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN YOUR FACE, WHOEVER SAID...
  9. Byrne

    Should I Get a 3ds???

    I don't know if a 3ds with maybe one game from DSI ware is worth it. I have a really strict buget. Is it worth it???:thinking:
  10. Byrne


    My theory is that Malladus does not fight you in his own body in ST, so could it be that Girahim= demon lord, Malladus = demon leader???:O
  11. Byrne

    DnD Help, Please!

    My friend started playing DnD and I need to design the dungeons. Help me PLEASE!!!
  12. Byrne

    DnD Fans Unite!

    I have created a group for DnD fans! DnD fans, join this group, please;)
  13. Byrne

    Most Dangerous DnD Monster Ever

    What is the most dangerous monster ever incountered during DnD?
  14. Byrne

    Dungeons and Dragons Rules

    I am a newbie in the DnD universe. Can someone tell me the rules?
  15. Byrne

    What is D and D?

    I was at another thread when people started to talk about D and D. What the HELL is D and D?
  16. Byrne

    What Are You Going to Be for Halloween?

    Halloween I was wondering what other people were going to be for halloween. I plan to be a Garo from MM
  17. Byrne

    Favorite Boss?

    Who is your favorite boss in any video game? Mine is Foulberto Smasho: http://piratesonline.wikia.com/wiki/Foulberto_Smasho He scared me alot. I mean He can kill someone who is a master in THREE HITS!D: http://images.wikia.com/piratesonline/images/6/67/Foulberto_Smasho_pic.jpg
  18. Byrne

    Your Inner Pirate

    I myself play POTCO. Who else has that inner pirate feeling? If so, post here, please
  19. Byrne


    why must no one play that awesome MMORPG????
  20. Byrne

    Chinese Guy Steals a 3DS!

    my sister said there was a guy who made a video, showing a 3DS he stolen, then, when I wanted to see it, it was deletedO.o
  21. Byrne


    can someone please tell me where the forest haven shop is?
  22. Byrne

    MM: Obolwa Record

    What is your fastest time defeating Obolwa? all masks are included!
  23. Byrne

    Oswald Fans Unite!

    Who is Oswald The Lucky Rabbit? Well, fans of Epic Mickey know he was forgotten. Before Mickey, He was disneys best character. Then, They just threw him away. He is going to be in Epic Mickey. So, anyone who likes Oswald The Lucky Rabbit post here!
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