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  1. Darklinkrules45

    Twilight Princess: Shields?

    As we all know, you can take your shield on or off at will in Skyward Sword. but in Twilight Princess, the only way you could take off your shield is if you burned it. so what i'm trying to say is, that, why didn't nintendo let you take off your shield?
  2. Darklinkrules45

    How Dark Link Came to Be

    ok, i was just thinking, that if Link looked into the mirror of twilight, could it have created an evil side? =\:suspicious:
  3. Darklinkrules45

    Is the Crimson Loftwing on the Hylian Shield?

    hi people, i saw that since the bird on the hylian shield is red, could it be Link's loftwing? :suspicious::suspicious:
  4. Darklinkrules45


    i dislike people who cheat on skyward sword. i mean, what's the point of cheating if the game came out like, what, 2 months ago? it's so dumb....
  5. Darklinkrules45

    Ghirahim=dark Fi?

    hey. i just beat ss and i saw thought that since fi is the master sword, and ghirahim is literally the dark master sword, is ghirahim dark fi?????
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