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  1. Jimmu

    Smart Home Technologies

    Do you have any smart home related technologies set up in your home? Do you find them to be good value for money or not worth the investment? If you don’t have any, which would you like to have? I don’t have any smart home tech currently. Smart lighting is something which seems convenient and...
  2. Jimmu

    What Keyboard and Mouse Do You Use?

    What kind of mouse and keyboard are you using in your set up? I just have an original Apple Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard at the moment which work fine but aren't the most comfortable to use. Since I'll be upgrading my computer soon I'd like to see what people have (and whether or not the...
  3. Jimmu

    Working from Home

    Given the recent circumstances the world is facing many people have found themselves working from home for the first time. Do you prefer to work from home or go to the office? Perhaps a combination of the two? I've never had to work from home for my job except a single day when I was a little...
  4. Jimmu

    AC:NH Flower Progress/Trade Thread

    How is your hybrid flower growing going in New Horizons? My progress (bold I already have): Lilies: Red Yellow White Black Orange Pink Roses: Red White Yellow Black Pink Orange Purple Hybrid Red Blue Black Gold Mums: Red White Yellow Pink Purple Green Pansies: Red White Yellow Purple Blue...
  5. Jimmu

    Nintendo How often do you play your Switch using the dock?

    For those of us who have a Nintendo Switch (non-lite) console: how often do you play in handheld mode and how often with the dock? I have found that I very rarely use the dock when playing mine. Probably only around five percent of the time I use the dock where as the rest I use when I am...
  6. Jimmu

    Favourite Villager in Your AC:NH Town?

    Who's your favourite town resident so far? Are there any who you are trying to get on your island? For me the favourite so far is Kyle, he has a pretty cool personality and style. He's so animated and charismatic.
  7. Jimmu

    How Important is Replay Value?

    When buying games how important is their replayability/replay value to you? For me it does not matter so much. I generally don't even have enough time to play all the games that I want to even once so it is very rare for me to play games more than once other than a select few that give me...
  8. Jimmu

    Gaming Groups Changes

    There have recently been some discussions about how we should be handling gaming groups. I've created this thread as suggested by @Spirit in another thread regarding the Animal Crossing Forum so that there is a clear place for discussion on it as there are quite a few points that go into it and...
  9. Jimmu

    Popular Things You Find Unnecessary or Don't 'Get'

    What are some popular things you don't use, or just don't understand? For me watches has always been one. I don't see the point of paying a load of money for some annoying piece of metal on my wrist which does things that my phone already does for me. I also don't really 'get' tablets unless...
  10. Jimmu

    Do you wear glasses?

    I recently had my eyes tested as I have noticed that over the past few months one has seemed slightly blurry. The optometrist said that I should try out glasses for a few months and see how I feel when we next check back and so far they've seemed to help quite significantly. I've never worn...
  11. Jimmu

    What's something "childish" that you still do?

    What things that some would consider childish do you still do? I have a bunch of plushies on my bed. I mainly acquired them by winning claw machine games and they're kinda comfy to have around so I just keep them lined up on the side of my bed (against the wall) since I don't really have...
  12. Jimmu

    How’s Your Tech Upgrade Cycle?

    How often to you upgrade your phones, computers, tablets, etc? (Purchase a newer version, not upgrade software) I generally keep each phone for three or four years before upgrading to a new one. I find it to be an excessive waste of money to upgrade every year. I used to purchase two year...
  13. Jimmu

    Can You/Do You Swim?

    Do you know how to swim? Do you enjoy it and often get the chance to do it? The hot weather lately has got me thinking it is about time for me to go swimming again soon. I very much enjoy swimming (both at the beach and in a pool) but haven't been out to do it in months. I can't swim at a...
  14. Jimmu

    ZD Legend/Champion Requirements

    This thread transparently outlines the requirements needed to become a ZD Champion or a ZD Legend, and the requirements to maintain the rank. The System The ZD Champion/ZD Legend system is designed to reward users for their activity at the forums. This system differs to the previous Hylian...
  15. Jimmu

    First/Business Class

    I’ve done quite a bit of flying over the last few years but I have never escaped the economy cabin. Of course, being able to fly economy at all in the first place is a huge privilege but you can’t help but be at least a little jealous when walking past those people at the front of the plane...
  16. Jimmu

    NYE 2019/20 Plans

    What are y'all planning to get up to for New Years Eve this year? This time around I have plans to attend a house party in Sydney with a bunch of friends. I've already been to Sydney Harbour to see the fireworks once in my life and it is so crowded that I don't feel particularly strongly about...
  17. Jimmu

    USA Raising Federal Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21

    Source. The federal age for purchasing tobacco products in the USA will be raised to 21 years old in summer 2020. What do you think about this policy? I personally hate smoking and my immediate emotional response would be that it should just be banned for everyone but in reality that just...
  18. Jimmu

    Gen 8 Sword and Shield Shiny Encounters

    Have you encountered any shiny Pokémon yet in Sword or Shield? Which ones and how did you get them? Also, what do you think about the new “square shiny” type? I have not yet encountered any myself. I don’t see having two different types of shiny Pokémon as necessary but I don’t really think...
  19. Jimmu

    Sword & Shield’s Exp Share

    In Sword and Shield the option not to use Exp Share has been removed. How do you feel about this? Do you feel like this makes the game too easy or just removes unnecessary grinding time? I personally don’t mind Exp Share always being on but it would be nice to be able to turn it off for those...
  20. Jimmu

    Lease or Own?

    For a while now there has been a move away from buying toward leasing a license to view digital content and the same can be said for hardware - with more recently Apple considering iPhone hardware subscriptions to consumers directly. Do you prefer this type of model or would you rather own your...
  21. Jimmu

    Console Colouring Preferences

    When you purchase a console do you prefer lighter or darker consoles? Perhaps you have a certain colour you like the most or you might just always hold out for some limited edition before making the purchase? I like darker consoles personally. A black console seems to fare better over time than...
  22. Jimmu

    Your Fast Food/Chain Restaurant Tier List

    A (somewhat) recent trend on the internet was to battle it out over fast food/chain restaurant tier lists. You can make your own at the following site (which allows you to add more with a logo URL) and screenshot the result to post here: http://feedkaceytron.com/tierlists/fastfood/ For me I...
  23. Jimmu

    What did you once think you would never do, but you do now?

    I feel like this thread is titled poorly... What things did you flat out refuse to do, or think you would never do in the past that you do now? For me, before I turned 18 I thought I would never drink alcohol but on my 18th birthday I tried it and since then I drink it at most social...
  24. Jimmu


    Do you like to buy and/or use stickers? Lately I’ve been buying quite a lot, especially from B Side Label since they have some awesome stuff. This is my laptop at the moment. I have a hell of a lot more though and I am hesitant to ever use some of them in waiting for the perfect thing to use...
  25. Jimmu

    How's Your Mobile Data Plan?

    What kind of plan do you have for your phone and do you find it to be of good value? Do you find the 4G coverage to be decent enough in your area/on your carrier? I currently am on a 12 Month SIM only plan with a telecom called Optus. I'm paying $45/month for: 100GB Mobile Data Unlimited...
  26. Jimmu

    How Has Growing Up Impacted Your Gaming?

    As we grow up and get older a variety of things change in our lives from our friends, to our living spaces, cities, jobs, schools, and even hobbies. So how has gaming shifted for you throughout the journey that is your life? For me, I started gaming quite young when my uncle purchased a SNES...
  27. Jimmu

    Have You Ever Had Something Stolen From You?

    Has someone ever stolen something from you? Perhaps they took it directly from you or broke in to your home while you were out for the day. What did they take and did you ever see it again? I am lucky to have not had anything significant enough for me to remember being stolen from me. That is...
  28. Jimmu

    Headphones vs Earphones

    Do you prefer to listen to music (or whatever else) via earphones or headphones? Which type do you use? I've always been an earphone person, I just find headphones bulky and generally uncomfortable. Earphones are always much easier to take on the go too. I've always found the Apple earphones...
  29. Jimmu

    Can You Sleep on an Airplane?

    Are you able to get some precious shut-eye during your flights or is the discomfort of the seating generally too much for you to even get a wink? Perhaps you can get only a little? For me, I've only ever flown in economy class so my experience is limited to that. I've rarely been able to get...
  30. Jimmu

    Do You Eat 3 Meals Per Day?

    In most places around the world the three main meals each day are Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Do you usually eat all three or do you often skip a meal? I generally skip breakfast because I hate waking up early and want to sleep in as long as possible. Thus, I'll maybe have a banana once I get...
  31. Jimmu

    Shower: Morning and/or Night?

    Do you take a shower after waking up, before bed, or maybe both? I almost always shower twice per day. I can't wake up properly without having a shower, but on the other hand I feel gross going to bed without having one too. So both it is! (if you take a bath, then that also counts)
  32. Jimmu

    Lorule Lounge Opt-Out (and back in) Thread

    Lorule Lounge has been added back to the forums again and should be viewable to all logged in members. I understand that given it is essentially a spam forum some people may wish to not see it. If that is the case for yourself, please reply to this thread to opt-out and a Community Coordinator...
  33. Jimmu

    Xenforo 2 Upgrade Suggestions & Feedback

    Hi Everyone! Thank you for sticking around for the upgrade, it has been completed and all the important data has transferred (as far as I can see) and I am starting the long process of restoring as much as I can of the previous functionality that comes through add-ons. @Satan will kindly be...
  34. Jimmu

    Pay by Cash or Card?

    What is your preferred payment method when shopping at physical stores? In Japan I exclusively use cash because it is a pretty cash based culture (with the exception of sometimes using my IC Suica Transport Card when I am low on cash). Back in Australia I always would rather use my card so I...
  35. Jimmu

    Virtual Reality Gaming

    Virtual Reality style gaming experiences have been developed for quite a while. Now in 2019 there are a range of VR-style gaming headsets available such as Oculus, Playstation VR, Samsung Gear VR, and more. Have you had a chance to use any of these "VR" devices yet? Do you find them to be an...
  36. Jimmu

    Do You Pack Light or Heavy?

    When you travel do you often find yourself packing so much more than you end up needing? Or are you more of the travel light kind of person? I almost always pack too much crap that I don't end up using because I am worried that some situation will come up where I'll need whatever item. More...
  37. Jimmu

    Do You Vote?

    My state had an election yesterday and I voted online since I’m not in the country. In Australia voting is compulsory and you will receive a fine if you don’t show up to vote (there are some excuses/exceptions such as being overseas). It’s always held on a Saturday (with prepoll options...
  38. Jimmu

    Which Mario Kart Title Have You Played the Most?

    Question in title ^ I'm not sure which it would be between the Nintendo 64 version and the Wii version. When I was young I would play it all the time with my brother and next-door neighbours and as I got a bit older we'd also spend many evenings and days racing through the Wii version. I never...
  39. Jimmu

    Gaming Groups

    This is a placeholder thread and will eventually contain more detailed information about setting up a gaming group.
  40. Jimmu

    How Often Do You Backup Your Devices?

    How often do you backup the data on your phones, computers, or other devices? I generally back up my phone and my laptop once a week at the least. I've never had to use it so far but it is nice to have the piece of mind that I have a second copy if I'll need it.
  41. Jimmu

    Link’s Awakening Switch Forum

    Hello all This is a new forum that has been created for the Link’s Awakening Switch remake. Please direct all threads regarding the remake to this section.
  42. Jimmu

    Bringing Zelda to Mobile

    Given that Nintendo has been increasingly moving toward mobile development in recent years, there has been rumour that the Zelda series will have some kind of game or application developed before long. Do you think that you could enjoy a Zelda mobile game? Do you think they'll do it? I...
  43. Jimmu

    Do You Care About Your Family History/Ancestors?

    I've never personally cared too much about where people in my family came from (as far as I know, many generations ago they came from somewhere in Europe but I never cared enough to learn much more than that). Going back far enough seems fairly disconnected and I'd just rather focus on the...
  44. Jimmu

    Post a Video Game Tune That Has You Feeling Nostalgic

    Sometimes many of us like to listen to music from video game soundtracks. So, what are you listening to and what memories are attached to it? Donkey Kong Country 2 on the SNES is one of my favourite games of all time. I have very fond memories of sitting down with my brother and two girls who...
  45. Jimmu

    General SSB Favourite SSB Game?

    Now that Ultimate has been released it's a good time to re-evaluate what is your favourite title in the Smash Bros series. Perhaps Ultimate has become your favourite already, or maybe your "favourite" title will be based on nostalgic feelings or other reasons. ---------------------------- I...
  46. Jimmu

    Super Smash Bros Sub-Forum

    We've now added a Super Smash Bros Sub-Forum under General Gaming due to the large amount of Smash Bros related discussion happening recently. I've also added the options for the following prefixes that may be used here: Spoiler SSB N64 Melee Brawl SSB 3DS/Wii U Ultimate Future SSB General SSB...
  47. Jimmu

    Favourite Overwatch Characters

    Which characters do you main in Overwatch? (Inspired by a certain blog you should check out) The character I play the most is D.VA. I really enjoy playing on the offence and the way her ultimate works. If I'm feeling like a more defensive and long-range roll I play with Hanzo. I'm not quite as...
  48. Jimmu


    Have you ever experienced an earthquake before? How big was it and did it cause any harm or damage? I’d never experienced an earthquake until I came to Japan and have since experienced them once or twice a month. They’re generally small and haven’t caused any damage that I’ve noticed so far but...
  49. Jimmu

    What's Your Favourite Item in Your Gaming Collection?

    What item in your gaming collection is your favourite? I won a rare Zelda OoT 3D Scroll from participating in a 25 words or less competition via a code I received at the Nintendo Connection Tour in 2011. There are three different designs and only 26 or 27 of each design were ever made. You can...
  50. Jimmu

    Favourite Arcade Games

    What are your favourite games to play when you visit arcades? I really enjoy rhythm games mostly. My favourites are: Chunithm Mai Mai Project Diva Arcade Dance Rush Stardom Sometimes I play some of the UFO/claw games if they look easy enough to win but they can tend to be a waste of...
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