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  1. Jimmu

    ZD Legend/Champion Requirements

    I have updated the ZD Legends and ZD Champions based on July activity. Please message me and let me know if you feel that any errors have been made.
  2. Jimmu

    What Annoyed You Today?

    This week was the first week back for the semester and was a total waste of time. Introduction lectures that could just be email explanations are so unnecessary.
  3. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  4. Jimmu

    What game do you wish you owned, but don't because it's expensive?

    A gold copy of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships NES cart ;)
  5. Jimmu

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Today the ashes of our cat George arrived home. The idea of burying him in the ground was too upsetting so I paid to have him cremated. It's nice to know we won't have to leave him behind if we ever move.
  6. Jimmu

    Will you be picking up the next generation of consoles on day one?

    I've never owned an Xbox and don't see any reason to purchase the next one either. As for the Playstation 5, I might purchase it eventually but that'll probably be around half way through its life cycle if there are a few games I am very interested in playing. It is hard to say for Nintendo...
  7. Jimmu

    Smart Home Technologies

    Do you have any smart home related technologies set up in your home? Do you find them to be good value for money or not worth the investment? If you don’t have any, which would you like to have? I don’t have any smart home tech currently. Smart lighting is something which seems convenient and...
  8. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  9. Jimmu

    What do you think will be common in 50 years that isn't now?

    I think it will be much more common to work from home, work less hours, and even not work at all. With the way automation is going I am doubtful that fifty years from now there will be sufficient jobs for the number of people who need them. So positive attitudes toward ideas similar to or...
  10. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    This is arguably a more accurate representation of Aussie culture than "Down Under" by Men At Work :boomerang:
  11. Jimmu

    Do you have time for long games nowadays?

    I don't really, no. Any long games I get into in the last couple of years are generally ones which I am going to take quite a while to finish and get inevitably dumped on the "oh I'll finish that one day" pile.
  12. Jimmu

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    One of our two cats “George” passed away tonight a little over an hour ago. He seemed to have been having a heart attack so it was a pretty upsetting and confronting death but at least my family and I could be there to hold his hand until his last breath and heartbeat and give him as much love...
  13. Jimmu

    Issue with my personal blog

    I do have backups of most previous (Xenforo 1) blogs saved and available on request. I've sent you your ones via PM if you're curious @the8thark
  14. Jimmu

    Does anyone still use Deviant Art?

    I used to browse it but haven't for a while. I recently checked it again and god I think the new design is awful.
  15. Jimmu

    What are some of your favourite anime openings?

    Here's a few I really enjoy and listen to on occasion. Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel Neon Genesis Evangelion - A Cruel Angel's Thesis Noragami Aragoto - Kyouran Hey Kids!! Yuri!!! on Ice - History Maker My Hero Academia - Peace Sign Your Lie in April - Hikaru Nara Magi the Labyrinth of...
  16. Jimmu

    Do you leave your discs/cartridges in your consoles?

    I always leave them in until I want to change the game honestly. Haven't had any issue so far. One thing that always annoyed me though is when a family member would take a game out of the console and put it in a different case to which it belonged.
  17. Jimmu

    Everything Happens So Fast...

    At the stage where I am at at the moment it feels like life is flying by pretty quickly. Sometimes I think I should take a break and let things go a bit slower for a while. Perhaps after I graduate...
  18. Jimmu

    Electronic music - do you like it?

    I do like a lot of this stuff. My favourite artists are probably Porter Robinson, Madeon, and Cosmo's Midnight, and Wave Racer I've seen them live a few times and their live sets are always amazing. Porter Robinson - Language Madeon - Home Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter Cosmo's...
  19. Jimmu

    Favorite Web Browser?

    I don't tend to think too much about it, but I use Chrome on my computer and Safari on my phone. Both of them generally work as I need them to with little issue.
  20. Jimmu

    What are your favorite potato chip flavors?

    Light & Tangy
  21. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  22. Jimmu

    Plushies! Still taking them with you when you go to bed?

    I have a lot of plushies on my bed. They are all prizes I won in claw/crane game catchers when I've been in Japan, and most of 'em are Pokemon. They basically just sit on the side of my bed and lean on the wall (since my bed is against the wall on one side).
  23. Jimmu


    I tend to use sarcasm quite a bit and can appreciate it where it is used for humour. There is a time and a place through so it is always awkward when someone tries to go with sarcasm in the wrong place or where it isn't understood properly by the other party.
  24. Jimmu

    Any plans for after Covid?

    My final semester of University will finish in November. So I need to find a graduate job (which is hard at the moment given the circumstances). I also want to move out once I am feeling stable in that job. Mostly though I just want to be able to travel again. As always I want to be back in...
  25. Jimmu

    Your Unexplainable Tastes in Food

    I hate cheese except on a Hawaiian/ham and pineapple pizza specifically. Not sure why, I'm just weird.
  26. Jimmu

    Is your country/city still in lockdown?

    There are still a fair amount of restrictions in place but at the moment we are in much less of a severe lockdown than a few months ago when you could only leave your house for medical reasons, groceries, exercise, or essential work. A second wave does seem to be creeping back on us though...
  27. Jimmu

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I'll start by saying that I think people should be able to make suggestions here as they see fit. I think it is better to give the benefit of the doubt here that suggestions are in good faith. If enough people disagree with a suggestion (as is obvious in this case) then it will be discounted -...
  28. Jimmu

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Obviously as this is a Zelda based forum the most core sections of the forum are clearly the Zelda forums in my opinion. Beyond that, I don't think that any other part of the forum is particularly more or less important than any other, be that Mafia, Roleplay, General Discussion or whatever...
  29. Jimmu

    Which Zelda game has your favorite soundtrack and why?

    For me it is Skyward Sword for sure. Regardless of your opinion on the game play or other aspects of the game you gotta admit that the fully orchestrated soundtrack is wonderful.
  30. Jimmu

    Much the same I suppose. Just trying to cruise along and ride it out. What brings you back here?

    Much the same I suppose. Just trying to cruise along and ride it out. What brings you back here?
  31. Jimmu

    Hi! Long time no see, how have you been?

    Hi! Long time no see, how have you been?
  32. Jimmu

    What are you currently eating?

    Chicken Schnitzel and chips with chicken salt. Classic Aussie takeaway and very yummy!
  33. Jimmu

    ZD Legend/Champion Requirements

    I have updated the ZD Legends and ZD Champions based on June activity. Please message me and let me know if you feel that any errors have been made.
  34. Jimmu

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Evenings and mornings are starting to get pretty cold here now and I feel like our heater isn't working very well lately. Getting out of bed at 5am for work is a total nightmare.
  35. Jimmu

    How do you feel about Mobile games?

    I don't really like any on the same level of console games. But sometimes they can be fun for time wasting when commuting on the train. I think in countries (especially in Asia) where trains are more common so are mobile games because naturally that is one of the best times to play them.
  36. Jimmu

    What have you done over COVID?

    Honestly things didn't change much for me except for worrying about more uncertainty. Aside from a week or two I pretty much have worked full time and studied full time so I've had very little free time as always. It has certainly made me spend a hell of a lot more time feeling anxious and...
  37. Jimmu

    Which style of Zelda game do you prefer? 2D or 3D?

    3D for sure, the extra dimension just adds so much more potential for the exploration and puzzles of the games. It is much easier to immerse and engage in a 3D world for me.
  38. Jimmu

    Do you have cameras in your house?

    I have a few old canon cameras laying around but generally find my iPhone camera to be good enough for any case in which I need a picture given that I don't need to take any professional level shots.
  39. Jimmu

    How many people are you subscribed to on Youtube currently?

    Seems that I'm currently subscribed to 22 channels. I imagine that there are a fair number I watch often but am not subscribed to since I don't tend to take much notice of that to be honest.
  40. Jimmu

    Popular Things You Find Unnecessary or Don't 'Get'

    I didn't get it at all before I moved to Japan since it isn't really a thing in Australia (they aren't sold in shops here so not many people have them). Once I was living there I actually saw them being used in person for the first time and I guess I kinda came to "get" it more. Some friends...
  41. Jimmu

    What Made You Happy Today?

    After 8 years I finally jumped and purchased my new computer yesterday. It's a 2020 MacBook Pro (13" four ports model with 16GB RAM & 1TB Storage). It feels like an incredible upgrade from the slowing old beast. It's so much faster, prettier, more portable, and the speakers are fantastical just...
  42. Jimmu

    So-called "Shameless Plugs".

    It depends on the delivery, but usually if it is just so in your face it is quite easy to just scroll past it (at least on the internet).
  43. Jimmu

    Would you like Zelda to become Sheik again in BotW2?

    While I like Zelda as Sheik in OoT, as others have said already I don't really feel like it would fit in BOTW2. I'd love Zelda to feature more prominently for sure and I think that this could be better done with alternative methods.
  44. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  45. Jimmu

    Do you have any sleep habits?

    I sleep on my side for the most part. The one time I slept on my back I got sleep paralysis >.> I'm glad that I don't snore or sleep talk generally, but I wish I could lucid dream.
  46. Jimmu

    What are you always running out of?

    Time and energy mainly. Not enough hours in a day and not enough energy to properly use the ones that are already there.
  47. Jimmu

    What was your most recent purchase?

    I purchased two new pairs of jeans and some new socks since the old ones of both were all getting pretty worn out. Also got some new sleep wear (top and tracksuit pants) which are super comfortable.
  48. Jimmu

    How many tabs/windows do you tend to have open when online?

    My phone probably gets up to around a hundred tabs before I remember to close them all. For my computer generally I have around 20 or more tabs open during the semester as I keep them open in various windows as I work on assignments from start to finish (I don't turn off my computer for months...
  49. Jimmu

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

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