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  1. ikilltoonlink

    Ocarina of Time New and Old Graphics in the Same Game!

    I saw the new graphics for Oot 3d! What do you guys think of them? When I saw them I was like "Oh my goodness! Thees rule!" but then I started to see things that weren't different like the ground other then new shading and things they just put a few flowers! And on top of all that it was really...
  2. ikilltoonlink

    SSBB Characters

    Hero's shade, Wolf link, and Minda MAYBE Vant only because there all awesome!
  3. ikilltoonlink

    Ocarina of Time What is Your Favorite Item In OoT?

    The Hammer was one of the most useful items in the game because it was useful for **spoiler** dark link and it was one of the only items you cold kill him with! and it was also useful for the water temple boss. **spoiler** Also it killed most of the enemy's with one hit P.S. I hope I did the...
  4. ikilltoonlink

    Ocarina of Time How Do You Think Oot 3D Will Do?

    How do you think it will do financially? I personally think it will do good because of the new graphics and 3D effects... What do you think?
  5. ikilltoonlink

    Ocarina of Time Official Oot 3D Boxart?

    They made a mistake... E-10 is for 10 and up but they said its for 7+ on the box! But good ant and good choice of colors! :)
  6. ikilltoonlink

    Which MMORPG do You Like Better?

    I like LOTRO because it has a HUGE world and the armor looks AWESOME and the graphics are the bomb!:lol: the PvP is good too! witch do you guys like?
  7. ikilltoonlink

    Ocarina of Time Where Did You Get Stuck the First Time You Played Through OoT?

    I got stuck where everyone else got stuck too The Water Temple **dun dun duuuuun!** no where else though...
  8. ikilltoonlink

    Toonlink VS. Link

    Toonlink has everything Link Has every thing... including all items.
  9. ikilltoonlink

    Toonlink VS. Link

    Who do you think wold win in a fight? I think it wold be pretty even... But Link seems to be bigger and even possibly stronger then Toonlink. But Toonlink (I think) is faster then Link. In the end I think that Link wold win due to his strength... what do you guys think?
  10. ikilltoonlink

    The One You Had the Most Trouble With...

    no sorry but its ok...... just leave it...
  11. ikilltoonlink

    The One You Had the Most Trouble With...

    which one of thees: Oot MM WW TP, did you have the most trouble with? I personally had more trouble with MM (the stone tower) then anything else in any other game (sorry I'm a horrid player) what do you guys think?
  12. ikilltoonlink

    General Classic Which Do You Recommend: ALttP or LA?

    Ok then I wold go for Alttp because its good and not vary confusing and challenging at the same time.
  13. ikilltoonlink

    General Classic Which Do You Recommend: ALttP or LA?

    witch ones have you done? if you haven't done Oot or MM or Alttp then you sold do them I wold start with Alttp then go to Oot then MM.
  14. ikilltoonlink

    What is the Last Movie You Watched.

    The Wilderness Family XD the stupidest movie on earth! you see a total of like 13 boom mices and you see a bird poop in slow mo XD
  15. ikilltoonlink

    Operating System of Choice?

    I really enjoy windows 7 because its vista without all the crap that it had.... I also like Linux for other things like programing and animating.
  16. ikilltoonlink

    Twilight Princess What Was the "Worst" Part About TP?

    I liked the whole game! I thought it was perfect! with only a few bug's here and there... but every game has that right?
  17. ikilltoonlink

    General Classic Which One of the N64 Games Was Best?

    The music wasn't as good as Oot though... Oot it legendary! XD
  18. ikilltoonlink

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Twilight Princess?

    Yes I did why wouldn't you?! and why is it mocked all the time by random people?! it was an awesome game right? I mean... its a great game! i truly don't know why people hate it so much... (not you guys though XD of course you guys are awesome! XD)
  19. ikilltoonlink

    Gossip Stones in Skyward Sword?

    I really don't care... they weren't that important in other games so i don't think they'll be important in this one...
  20. ikilltoonlink

    Playing LOTRO

    what chu talkin bout boy?! im awesome as took link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i beat you all the timez!
  21. ikilltoonlink

    Dark Link?

    I think he might be! Dark link is (as you probably know) part of the dark interlopers there race span over a ton of years! So ya i think he might be a mini boss or something!
  22. ikilltoonlink

    Will You Use a Guide?

    yes I will but ill try not too! you cant really say until you've demoed it... but most likely I will (I'm not that good of a zelda player XD unless its Oot)
  23. ikilltoonlink

    Playing LOTRO

    I just wanted to know who here plays LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) and if we cold make a fellowship (I'm level 12). I'm a dwarf champion right know and I'm in Bree. If anyone's interested pleas tell me! -ikilltoonlink P.S. This is my 1st thread so tell me if I'm doing something wrong...
  24. ikilltoonlink

    Super Smash Bros.Brawl Tournament 2 (sign Ups)

    is this still going? because I'll be happy to join! tell me if i can ok?
  25. ikilltoonlink

    Majora's Mask Majora's Gender: Male,Female,Genderless?

    I think is possible that he wasn't any gender hes a demon isint he wold he ohave one then?
  26. ikilltoonlink

    YOU'RE BANNED! (Game)

    your banned because I told you you were and I say so
  27. ikilltoonlink

    Twilight Princess Your Fastest Time

    ummm Oot 1 month! XD I'm HORRID at that game XD.
  28. ikilltoonlink

    Is the Gerudo Desert Seperate from Hyrule in Ocarina of Time?

    but the Gerudo Desert dos NOT protect hyrule at all! they hate hyrule correct?
  29. ikilltoonlink

    Majora's Mask Favorite Mask Character

    Zora link because he has 2 boomerangs stuck in his arms! He swims fast and he's the most agile you can be. + he has the magic thingy that go's around him
  30. ikilltoonlink

    100+ Things I've Learned From Playing Zelda

    #408 doing a back flip while a bomb is going off makes you fly
  31. ikilltoonlink

    Need Some Recommendations

    try bio shock I've never played it but the trailer FREAKED me out! XD I'm a wimp :P
  32. ikilltoonlink

    Zelda Art "Skyward Sword"

    who in nintendo do you know? some one who works there?
  33. ikilltoonlink

    Zelda Art "Skyward Sword"

    what a bad trick to play.......................... im not happy XD
  34. ikilltoonlink

    Can't Enter Goron Room...

    I think you haft to bomb it correct? there should be 2 bomb flowers next to it if i am not mistaken.....
  35. ikilltoonlink


    no i haven't i live in guatemala XD i wish i did i LOVE SNOW!!!!
  36. ikilltoonlink

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    i LOVE this pic i put the border there i think it go's well with this pic
  37. ikilltoonlink

    Things You May Not Be Good At But Enjoy Anyway

    playing the trumpet im sorta good at it but not that much.... i can play song of storms and jingle bells that's pretty much it! XD and playing zelda (mostly the 2D ones) im not very good at it but i like it anyways!
  38. ikilltoonlink

    Ocarina of Time Ocarina of Time. Twilight Princess

    agreed they look a lot alike! they wanted to keep the same kind of style but also make a new game. Tp is what Oot would have looked like but they didn't have the ability to make that a reality. I wish they would have that would have made Oot a better game but it still is the best! :)
  39. ikilltoonlink

    If You Could Have Any Character in Brawl Who Would it be?

    Waluigi cuz he ROCKS! Shadow beaus we need more sonic people
  40. ikilltoonlink

    Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

    agreed I liked TP better I like the ones in SS but not that much
  41. ikilltoonlink

    Ocarina of Time What Do You Want to See Fixed?

    the camera needs fixing Bottle glitches and the water temple needs to be COMPLETELY re done XD
  42. ikilltoonlink

    Spoiler Link Married Princess Zelda?

    Agreed i don't think they wold ether
  43. ikilltoonlink

    What Will Be Your Option if You Die?

    true I agree with you don't care ether
  44. ikilltoonlink

    Majora's Mask Paper Airplane?

    LOLZ maybe its ??? he needed paper right? XD
  45. ikilltoonlink

    Goddess of Time

    Nayru i think right????? they hit that in other games
  46. ikilltoonlink

    Scary Video

    Agreed also if it were real he wold have died right? i mean at the end! how wold he hafe gotten the chains to post it? also demons are not humanoid (at least i don't think they are) there angels that are fallen you cant say there humanoid they might be I don't know I haven't seen one... so ya...
  47. ikilltoonlink

    1000 Chuck Norris Fact List

    69. Chuck Norris is the only person that can punch you in the soul 70. Some magicians can walk on water, but, Chuck Norris can swim through land
  48. ikilltoonlink

    A Link to the Past If You Fell Into the Dark World...

    A tiger i love tigers! ________________
  49. ikilltoonlink

    Spoiler The Moon, Majora, And The Kid....Huh?

    ummmmmm lets see 1. NO the moon was normal 2. Yes and no majora is a beast but a insane beast that thinks hes a kid 3. You were in majoras dream world so anything could happin
  50. ikilltoonlink

    Are the Sages Dead?

    ummm no because at the end of oot you see them. there still breathing arint they (well i gess there in the sacred realm). but i think there like overseers they look down on hirule and watch the people. there kinda like guardians you know?
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