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  1. Xinnamin

    "Rethink the Conventions of Zelda"

    The new video that just came out regarding WW HD also had some information about ZeldaU on it. Namely, Aonuma stated the "driving theme behind development" was to "rethink the conventions of Zelda". He listed two examples of what they were "rethinking" Completing Dungeons in a Specific...
  2. Xinnamin

    General Art Xinn's Doodles

    Ok, so, I haven't actually drawn stuff for...8-9 months now? I'm rusty. Very rusty. I figured it's about time I get back into an old hobby. After pulling out SAI and dusting off my old tablet, figured if anything was gonna motivate me to keep drawing, ZD will. I had a couple other art threads...
  3. Xinnamin

    Zelda Art Steampunk Zelda Art

    There was this steampunk Zelda art collaboration project that happened sometime around last Feb roughly right before I left the forums. I participated in it, but from what I understand it never fell through and was abandoned. I never actually showed the two pieces I finished for that project, so...
  4. Xinnamin

    General Art Xinn's Digital Gallery

    So I kinda abandoned my old art thread cus it was getting a bit too long and cluttered and I didn't like that. I figured I may as well close that one and start a clean slate. I have a full folder worth of PD art that I made for guides that I've never posted and I'm not even sure will get used...
  5. Xinnamin

    How to Pronounce Fi

    So, like with many names in the Zelda series, Fi's name is pronounced in several different ways by fans. Normally, we just agree that it comes down to preference, but Fi's name is rather interesting. Some people say Fee, some say Fie, but it may be that neither is right. English-speaking...
  6. Xinnamin

    The Trolley Problem

    This is a classical ethics thought experiment. Say there was a trolley, or a train if you prefer, hurtling down the tracks. There are five people tied to the tracks who will be crushed to death by the trolley. You are near a switch that, if pulled, will send the trolley down a different set of...
  7. Xinnamin

    Spoiler Game Informer Scans

    So to compliment the huge list of info already leaked from the Game Informer magazine, the actual scans of the SS portion of the magazine have been put up. http://www.zeldadungeon.net/2011/09/full-game-informer-scans-reveal/ There are some pretty awesome new screenshots in this issue...
  8. Xinnamin

    General Art A Mini Anthology

    So I have this creative writing seminar class I'm currently taking where every week we have a short themed writing assignment. I haven't written creatively in a long time, and even back when I did write, I rarely wrote anything that wasn't fanfiction. Given that, on the hopes that I can get some...
  9. Xinnamin

    Self-Photos, Personal Essence or Enhanced Beauty?

    When a photographer takes your picture, are you hoping he or she will capture your "essence" perfectly, or would you be happy for a more "misrepresentative" outcome that made you look physically "better?" I saw this poll on the popular art site DeviantArt and it really got me thinking. I...
  10. Xinnamin

    General Modern Enemy Realism

    I have often expressed discontent at how idiotic enemies tend to act in most games, anyone who has listened to the recent ZD podcasts would know how I feel about that, and upon reflecting further on the subject, I think the problem with enemies is not so much that they are stupid, but more that...
  11. Xinnamin

    Using BB Code Tags

    BBCode tags are a set of markup tags that correspond to equal HTML tags. HTML tags, as well as BBCode, are used for formatting text and pages. These can be used to change color, font face, font type, etc. in PMs, posts, VMs, and other such things on the forums. As many members have expressed...
  12. Xinnamin

    Graphics Board Rules -READ BEFORE POSTING-

    Listed here are general rules and guidelines that should be followed when either making a thread or post here in the Avatars and Signatures forum. Of course, general forum rules apply as well. Posts and threads that go against these rules may be removed, followed by a warning from a moderator...
  13. Xinnamin

    General Art Artsy Tips and Advice - A Basic Art Tutorial

    Throughout my experience with the fanart community, or the artistic community in general, both online and in real life, I’ve noticed a lot of sentiments along the lines of “wow I could never draw like that” or “I so wish I knew how to draw the ideas I have” or “my art sucks”, etc. Well, let me...
  14. Xinnamin

    Spoiler Brand New Official SS Artwork

    We have a bunch new pieces of official artwork from Skyward Sword out now, including Link and Zelda with their birds from the trailer, as well as the strange enemy we saw from both last year and this year's trailers. Check the art in the Gallery page. We also have new versions of the art...
  15. Xinnamin

    Zelda Art LA Month Fanart Project, Calling All Artists

    For those who don't know, we are planning a LA Month (date TBA) to celebrate the release of LA on the 3DS Virtual Console. Just as I did for MM Month way back when, I will be featuring LA fanart throughout LA Month in celebration. We are calling on all fan-artists out there to submit in any LA...
  16. Xinnamin

    General Art Xinn's Spur-of-the-Moment Speedpaints

    It's been a while since I posted my art into an actual thread, and lately I've gotten back into the swing of digital painting again. Lineless paintings to be more precise. Figured it was about time to compile them. Firstly revisiting a couple of my older works that I'm most proud of: Many of...
  17. Xinnamin

    Zelda Art Spirits from the Sky

    I haven't drawn anything in forever, so just to relax I decided to make a really quick painting. No background this time, I just wanted to doodle really.
  18. Xinnamin

    Orchestrated Music in SS Confirmed?

    I saw this on ZU, I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned but: "During the Q&A session, a question was put to Shigeru Miyamoto about the music of Skyward Sword, whether it would have orchestral music or not. Miyamoto sidestepped the question a bit and said “I don’t think we could do...
  19. Xinnamin

    General Art What Happens Now? (oneshot, Dark Prose)

    There's been a lot on my mind as of late, drawing and writing are my escapes from personal stress, and this particular situation called for some writing. If you've read any of my other stuff you know I tend to deal with some heavy psychological stuff, but I usually end my stories with something...
  20. Xinnamin

    Zelda Art Adelle

    E3, so excited, can't hold still, must draw, even if really sloppily I MUST DRAW! =D Oh yeah, I've got a full sized version here: http://bluegardevoir.deviantart.com/art/Adelle-166250885?q=sort%3Atime+gallery%3Abluegardevoir&qo=0
  21. Xinnamin

    General Art HGSS Peaches and Cream

    So yeah, urge to draw something cute again. This time it's Peaches (the normal one) and Cream (the shiny one). I wish I had a shiny furret, I would totally name it Cream, but it's okay, since I absolutely love my normal furret Peaches in SS. :3 :lol: I just realized they look like...
  22. Xinnamin

    General Art HGSS's Special Pichus

    Ever get that urge, that really strong, sudden, inexplicable urge, to just draw something cute? I usually don't get such urges, but for some reason or another I just really wanted to paint something cute today for no apparent reason whatsoever. Thus, I just started painting, and within the hour...
  23. Xinnamin

    Sunset's Prince (TP Oneshot)

    You all saw that Atsuma Challenge thing? Well this was my entry, which I am now looking for critiques on. Given the 1500 word limit, I was rather rushed at the end, and may not have been quite as descriptive as I normally like to be. There are likely errors, issues with flow, various other...
  24. Xinnamin

    Princess Zelda

    I swear drawing her killed my hand. Inspired by the official image used in Super Smash Bros Brawl, couldja tell? Here's the link to the full-sized version: http://i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff279/tiger_leo/TPZelda.png
  25. Xinnamin

    Lost (TP Oneshot)

    So I've been on a creative slump lately and just really wanted to do something. I don't really know where the inspiration for this particular story came from, it must have been a shaky inspiration since I think the plot changed about 4 times during the writing process...I'm honestly just...
  26. Xinnamin

    Heart of the Forest (experimental Fanfic Oneshot)

    This is an OoT based oneshot revolving around Saria, first person journal style, setting is after Forest Temple but before Ganon's downfall. For the purpose of creative license I broke one rule of canon and allowed Saria to enter and leave the temple at will. Rated PG. Hints of romance...
  27. Xinnamin

    Xinnamin's Gallery

    So I'm delving into the realm of digital painting and other arts and figured that I'd make a gallery/graphics thread like so many others. Most of them are too big to post directly, so I'll link to all the big ones: Niko (digital painting)...
  28. Xinnamin

    What is Hidden in the Darkness (fanfic)

    So I've been feeling in a writing mood after going through OoT's Shadow Temple. As I went through the Temple though, I couldn't help but wonder the purpose of that death-filled building. Then I started going back and pondering on some old Sheikah theories that have occasionally brewed in my...
  29. Xinnamin

    Midna Imp Lineart

    Not my first Zelda fan art by a long shot, but the first where I really tried to pay attention to smaller details. I know it's messy and rather unoriginal, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. Now if only my photoshop would work again so I can apply proper color... This one's rather small. Full...
  30. Xinnamin

    Shadow and the Beast (fanfic)

    So I recently had inspiration to try my hand at fanfiction again after a long hiatus. Therefore my writing's probably a bit rusty and any critique is welcome. Rated PG-13 to be safe, as there are a few incidences of violent diction. Shadow and the Beast TP Oneshot, by Xinnamin Where...
  31. Xinnamin

    Odd Scarecrow Location

    Has anyone else found the scarecrow location in the Water Temple? It's on the ledge where the third Triforce mark (for bringing the water level to its highest) is located. I can't figure out what it's there for seeing as how you can't hookshot/longshot it unless you're on the walkway around the...
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