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  1. Musicfan

    Trumps denaturalization task force.

    At least from my understanding it's a task force aimed at removing the citizenship status of those who immigrated to America. Why is this being aloud to happen and why are Pepe not speaking up about it?
  2. Musicfan

    Let's Play Recomendations

    The goal of this thread is to make a list of lets players. The list will be divide in to genres and styles of commentary. Some will have a content warning. chuggaaconroy Style: game play with voice 100% walkthroughs. Does mostly single player on main channel Genre: Nintendo Rating: PG Ghast...
  3. Musicfan

    Danganronpa rpg sign up

    Im not sure were to put this because there is an elment of role play to it. Any one who is going to sign up is going to need a discord account. Sign up Discord id including number Your ultimate talent Apperance Like Dislike PM me character secrets like "has a temper if x is mentioned" or...
  4. Musicfan

    Hunger games Simmulator thread

    Post your cast list here and copy and paste the days in spoiler tags. See who can get the funniest match up. The reaping The Bloodbath DAY 2 Fallen tributes 1 Night 1 Day 2 Will be updated have class
  5. Musicfan

    Jim Bakker predicts Christian Civil War if trump is impeached?

    Why does he think that there would be a civl war if trump is impeached? Do people who compare thous who would start the civil war and ISIS have valid points?' Do you think that the population of Christians would actualy start a civil war if he was impeached? Should this be taken as a threat...
  6. Musicfan

    Questions about Charlottesville

    Other people can post more questions but I have some about mostly related to youtube videos responces to the terror attack in Charlottesville. What is this American Genocide and what does it have to do with the Charlottesville incident? The only thing that I can find related to in is from the...
  7. Musicfan

    Rank the Final Fantasy game by story gameplay and music

    Rank the main series FInal fantasy games that you have played or have seen a playthrough based on theeir gameplay their story and the music in sepret lists. Story 1.)6 2.)9 3.)4 4.)2 5.)5 6.)7 7.)1 Gameplay 1.)5 2.)6 and 9 3.)4 4.)1 5.)7 6.)2 Music 1.)4 2.)9 3.)6 4.)5 5.)2 6.)1 7.)7
  8. Musicfan

    Town of Salem Group Interest Thread

    This is a great tool that we can use to play quick automated games of mafia. Every thing is automated except for chouseing roles for a game. (Unless you want to use prebuilt lists). The only drawback is there is no way to create your own roles. User name list: MusicfanZD2
  9. Musicfan

    (Sign up) Role play come to life.

    You find a new sight for role playing that has great reviews. Nothing has come up recently on any other sites so you desied to give this site a shot. Username: Charcters real life fitness level: Gender: Online Gender: Charcters favorite genres: (keep it clean) Other: Backstory: (why do they Rp...
  10. Musicfan

    What is Hard core?

    What is your deffintion of a hard core gamer? Is there such a thing? What makes a game hard core? What makes it casual? If difficulty or how well put together a story is makes a game hard core then isn't hard core subjective?
  11. Musicfan

    Miles Edworth Ace Attorney: Investigations

    Day 1 Thank you all for coming to assist in the investigation. I will be dispatching forces during the day to arrest any leads you have. However be wary. Intel has come in that some among the selected may work for the ring. However we were not able to get any names just that there has been an...
  12. Musicfan

    Resize the oversized emotes

    The Emotes are too big at least for the shoot box. The size can be reduced to a bit bigger then :) or :( . They should be kept because people like them but they scroll to much of the shout box when used.
  13. Musicfan

    Milies Edgeworth: Ace Attorny Investigations (Sign Up)

    Well Probably should of started this sooner. I did not realize viral's game was over. There has been an increase in a counterfeiting rings activity. I need any one who is able to to help bring them down. All resources will go towards the apprehension of the ring. Be warned they have killed...
  14. Musicfan

    Akame ga Kill (Kiru)! RP sign up

    No characters from the manga or anime exists except for the Emperor and the Prime minster. No imperial arms (Teigu) exist from the manga or anime exists. The Empire is corrupted. There are thous who are trying to make a change but are labeled as criminals. There are those who are blissfully...
  15. Musicfan

    Table Top Gaming

    One thing that I have noticed in the general gaming section is that there is a lack of threads about game out side of a computer or other device. This field of games includes board games you move along a board, you battle to the end, you compete against your opponent on the board using your...
  16. Musicfan

    What is Your Best/Worst Experience with a Teacher?

    This is a topic that is going to be about any teachers in any grade or at any level of academics. My personal worst experience was in my eighth grade English class. I had failed an assiment with 64%. My English teacher said that she would give me 1 day to rework the assignment. I worked all...
  17. Musicfan

    Musicfans Avy and Sig Thread

    Here is 2 I made for fig I used the smudge effect for the first one. I take requests I may take some artistic freedom and create 2 that I think will fit that are slightly different. Just give me a them and any thing you want to use. Like pics backgrounds ect. Here is the original with green...
  18. Musicfan

    Earnest Desier for Grey (Game Thread)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihMX8fYPjM4 The countries of Alistle and Granorg waged war on one another for months. Neither side was able to make any gains in land. The war started when the sand plague had spread throughout the land. Whole countries became desert. A country to the west of the...
  19. Musicfan

    An Earnest Desire of Grey- Radiant Historia Mafia

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCRU2Sny3F8 The Chronicle tells of a history engraved by man into the memories of the stars above, The Chronicle searches theses histories for a pen that will rewrite them It falls to you to carve the path to the future... The Continent of Vainqurue, once...
  20. Musicfan

    General Art My Path Through Life

    Introduction Racing down the road Terry was hearing a voice play in the back of his head, “Why didn’t you come” the voice he heard was filled with disappointment. However the face that He saw along with it did not look disappointed; it was full of anger. “It was like you did not even care that...
  21. Musicfan

    Reporter RP (game)

    "There a forest fire that has just started in northern Pennsylvania." The news directer said looking at the reporter and cameraman. "I want you to get their as soon as possible." He waited for a response from both of them.
  22. Musicfan

    Reporter Rp

    You will be assigned to report different events in New York New Jersey and Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut and Rhode Island. I need 2 reporters 2 cameramen Some zoologists some who are open mined and some closed minded. I will not make this as convoluted as my previous RPs...
  23. Musicfan

    Persona 3 Spring of Birth Movie Trailer (langue Waring)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9DijClUWEo This is coming out some over in japan 11/23/2013 in Japan. With some predicting that it will come over here in about a year.
  24. Musicfan

    What Is Your Favorite Final Dungeon/Area Theme

    This is a simple thread to share your favorite theme of the last area of a game. This is mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpuAPMs0FQs&list=PL58349C680ADECBCC It just perfectly captures this is the finality of the area you feel like you are in a rush to to get to the final boss and...
  25. Musicfan

    The TV Tropes/cliche RP(Sign Up)

    This one is very simple make a character that personifies your favorite TV Tropes and make them as extreme as possible. Example Rule of three Name: Han Eta Mer or Eerareara or something like that be creative. Appearance: Is three foot tall has 3 turf of hair wheres a hat shirt and shorts...
  26. Musicfan

    The Clarionton High Incident (Sign Up and Rp Thread)

    A man walked in to the class room and sat down at the front desk and began to organize a papers and look through a folder. As the bell rang he got up. He began to speak calmly. "Welcome to class 207 of Clarionton High." He was a man of average weight and height he wore a button down shirt, a...
  27. Musicfan

    Legends of the World (RP)

    (Sorry this took so long like I said in the sign up I droped the ball in some classes.) Tatle Woyo Carlisle and Dlinka(if you want to change your "real"name you can) were all in diffrent classes in school.They were still friends since middel school. If you looked at them you would see almost...
  28. Musicfan

    Legends of the World (SU)

    All the stories of the world are comeing to life off of the paper or other medium they are from. All characters must be orginal but can be from any story. If i feal that character at any point becomes to perfect... well if you want to find out try it in the Rp. No unnecessary...
  29. Musicfan

    Should Americans Switch to a System Were Ever Vote Counts to Elect Presidents?

    Not every vote counts in the curent system only the voices of a couple of states matter. Should we switch to the populer vote. My reson behind this is that if you live in a state of very little representation you dont matter as mutch to almost any Presidential canidate.
  30. Musicfan

    Raidiant Historia: Corruption (sign up)

    The dessertficaion of the world began to reverse. Granorge and Alistle have set aside their diffrences. Mankind and beastkind have astablished peace. 1000's of years passed and the sand is spreding. All sides are still allied but it slowly becomes shaky as fertial land becomes scarce. Name...
  31. Musicfan

    Anime Crossover

    (Who whats their villains to go first? I will make the first part of the story as soon as I can.)
  32. Musicfan

    The Rediscovery (rp Thread)

    (I had a file to upload but that went out the window) "Can you hang these up here at the cafe" asked an older man after finshing his meal. "There are some new programs and are hopeing to get people intrested in them."(not my charactor speaking)He was wearing a plad shirt and tacky. He handed...
  33. Musicfan

    The Rediscovery.

    Magic was lost was rediscovered. Plot : I'm going to fly by the seat of my pants for the story. I am opening to sugestions. Name: (self explanatory) Appearance: what your charactor looks like Appearance 2: what they wear Persoanlity: how they act towards people. Magic: what element they can...
  34. Musicfan

    Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Experimental Competion.

    This is an idea that I've come up with(if im not the first sorry) it sort of like a rival battle. The idea is to restart your Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games and as you go through the game battle people online befor eatch gym. How ever there are rules. 1.you can only lv up to the gym leaders main...
  35. Musicfan

    General Art Musicfan's Poetry

    Life A small leaf falls from the tree, The leaf wishes to go back to the top, but is unable to reach it as it falls. Just as the leaf skims the ground The wind begins to blow. The leaf became satisfied near the top. I do not need the wind The leaf declared The wind sudenly stoped The...
  36. Musicfan

    Hurt and Heal Villains

    This is a game that i saw on another forum the basic idea is you can; hurt a character and heal a Character once they reatch zero they are dead. Only post after some one else after you post. Also add a little flaver text. Ganon 15 Kefka 15 Bowser15 Mother Brain 15 Voldamort 15 (Add any...
  37. Musicfan

    Gun from a Printer Untraceable Guns

    There have been a decent number of news stories and articals about guns that are made of plastic and can fire reguler rounds. Gunsmith Uses 3D Printer To Make A Rifle | WebProNews this is on of those articles. I personly find it worrisome that it would be posible to produce cheep disposible...
  38. Musicfan

    Anime Game Cross Over Attempt 2

    A little while ago I made a thread here and abandoned it for personal resons (along with other rps that i signed up for) This is going to be an rp were you can be you favorite characters. The only exceptions are characters that have no set personality. There are some rules though. No...
  39. Musicfan

    People Who Contradict Their Beliefs with What They Say.

    Their are some people who I know who call themselves "better" christens becouse they go to church every sunday. There are some examples that im not shore how to make them not offensive. I bring up bible verses and they just say"That's not in the bible". What is your opinion on these types of...
  40. Musicfan

    Tech Help Wii U Youtube on Browser Not Working Right.

    I was able to play youtube videos on my wii u's internet browser, but it suddenly stoped working to day. Is there any why to fix it? (I have the black wii u with extra memory if that helps.) It is not importent but convinent. Thank you for takeing the time to read this and offer help (in...
  41. Musicfan

    Anime and Game Cross Over Role Playing Thread.

    "So were is this place for stake" Chie said annoyed becomeing impatient. "I cant bear to wait to eat either."teddie raised the pitch of his voice on bear. "Here comes the laughing fit." Yosuke side. "Hm? Whats funny about that?"the yukiko asked. Every one gave her a blank stair. (Every one can...
  42. Musicfan

    Anime Based RP Sign Up.

    You can be any character you want from an anime or a game.(aslong as the character is not invincible.) You can have as many as you want. You need to provide a wiki link (preferably the wiki that focuses on the show) about the character. This will be more of an adventuer rp there will be a...
  43. Musicfan


    This is an RP based on George Orwell's 1984. You are members of the outter partie who are beginning to question big brother. You have to avoid detection from the thought police. Every outter partie house has telascreens and microphones. If your character has childern you do not control them...
  44. Musicfan

    Animal Farm

    This is going to be based off of George Orwell's Animal. You are a farm animal on Mr Joans' farm. Name Animal Personality (No magical ablitys or any thing like that)
  45. Musicfan

    How Did You Use to Play Pokemon when You First Started.

    For me i made a team of all one type for the gym leaders and did little to no grinding. It bit me in the butt each time I played.
  46. Musicfan

    General Art Spreaders Prologue

    Dear Sir Charles VIII, A black mist has velied the city of Nünrberg. I has begun to choke our harvest. It has withered an no amount of water we pore brings them back Any member of the community that comes in to contact with the mist develops arounder the under arm neck and...
  47. Musicfan

    Spreders(random Rp Based in the Past)

    (The title will make sence.) Will: was working on his familys farm. He was helping to pick the harvest.
  48. Musicfan

    Random RP Based in the Past

    Hello this is an role play were any thing gose there is no set strory this is just for fun. There are some limitations no extreem powers with out consequences. Have fun with it dont take it serisly but if it gets out of hand though I will ask you not to post hear(in this threed) any more. My...
  49. Musicfan

    Do You Want Another Game Like Pokemon XD/Coliseum

    Well I've been thinking about this for a while. I relly enjoyed both games and the concept behind them.There is so much they can do with the wii u. I think that the time is right.(also don't say ther was PBR)
  50. Musicfan

    Pokemon League(for Every One) Role Play

    (Hello welcom to our little pokemon Role play any questions send a PM to Me Unvipark Atticus fig hylinordonlink we will get you to the right person.) Musicfan climed up on a beem and sat on it again. (Any other mebers what to be added to the pm list I will edit you in..)
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