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  1. dekusprout700

    Zelda's Unbroken Bloodline Is ABSURD

    Link is an incarnation of the Spirit of the Hero. Ganondorf is an incarnation of Demise's hatred. Zelda is a descendant of the Goddess Hylia. What the ****??? The former two can keep on reincarnating or being reborn, but the latter can be destroyed. You would think the Goddess would've been...
  2. dekusprout700

    Do you love or hate Revali? And why?

    Revali is both my favorite and my least favorite Champion. He's the reluctant Champion, the one who had to be asked twice by Zelda to pilot a Divine Beast. And let's be honest, he's the most complex out of the four supporting characters. Creating A Champion stated that he was never satisfied...
  3. dekusprout700

    Link Is His Own Grandpa

    TP Link is confirmed to be OOT Link's blood descendant. Yet according to Skyward Sword lore, he's also supposed to possess the Spirit of the Hero, which all Links are implied to have. And if you believe the reincarnation theory, which Nintendo themselves leave open (they literally state in...
  4. dekusprout700

    Why did Revali tell Link not to ask Zelda about him?

    Revali tells Link not to go asking Princess Zelda about him, basically saying that her "royal memory" probably wasn't what it used to be anyway. Skip to 2:25. https://youtu.be/3BmBmOAHLd8 I find this odd, because Revali likes talking about himself, and likes others talking about him, writing...
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