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  1. Nicole

    Legend of Korra: Season 3 - SPOILERS

    Easy for you to say when your sexual orientation is always the one represented. I could argue that a Korra/Asami dynamic would improve the show.
  2. Nicole

    Legend of Korra: Season 3 - SPOILERS

    Well currently there have been 0% lesbians in Avatar so, using your statistics, we might as well be more accurate and include some. :)
  3. Nicole

    Legend of Korra: Season 3 - SPOILERS

    I'd like to thank not only god but also jesus for all the Korrasami at the end of the finale. Remember when I used to ship that just to spite Makorra shippers? Well now I'm really attached goddamnit. Some people argue that since Nick took Korra off the air that there's more of a chance for some...
  4. Nicole

    Would You Go Out with Korra?

    um YEAH I WOULD shes hot athletic girls are hot lets note that the only people saying yes are girls lol
  5. Nicole

    Why is Homosexuality a Problem?

    girls are hot ladies can you honestly tell me you've never walked down the street, minding your own business, stumbled across a total babe and thought "wow 10/10 would bang" i didn't think so
  6. Nicole

    White People & the "N" Word

    I'm only going to reply to one bit because the rest of this thread is more trouble than it's worth and I've already made my point. If saying the n-word is so necessary for white people to get by in life, take it up with the black community. I'm not sure why eliminating a slur from your...
  7. Nicole

    White People & the "N" Word

    I live in the United States. A white man with a criminal record is more likely to be called back for a job than a black man with a clean record White people are more likely to abuse drugs but black people are more likely to go to jail for abusing drugs White people are more likely than black...
  8. Nicole

    White People & the "N" Word

    This thread focuses on white people because white people are the privileged in western society. No, it is not okay if any other race besides blacks use the n-word. The issue is not limited to slavery. No one is blaming present-day whites for slavery. What white people are being blamed for is...
  9. Nicole

    White People & the "N" Word

    This thread has shot my blood pressure through the roof in approximately thirty seconds and I'm going to tell you why. Redskin is a racist stereotype and you should not be saying it. Native Americans were systematically forced off their lands, raped, and murdered. Black people were...
  10. Nicole

    Count To 500 Before a Hylian Knight Resigns!

  11. Nicole

    I Have an Announcement to Make

    Okay first of all everyone here needs to understand that coming out isn't just a matter of social stigma - it's a matter of potentially being kicked out of your house and not being able to provide for yourself, it's a matter of being bullied to the brink of suicide, it's a matter of being...
  12. Nicole

    Sex Before Marriage

    I feel your post is problematic in the way that it suggests that one must be 100% fully and completely asexual to be excused from having premarital sex. That's... not how it works. I don't care if someone is 100% asexual, 50% asexual, 1000% sexual; they aren't required to have sex before...
  13. Nicole


    I'm going to my first concert tomorrow to see Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony (aka bubblegum pop artists lol). I have VIP tickets for a pre-show acoustic performance and a meet and greet, so I'm pretty happy. So I was thinking, what kind of experiences does everyone here have with concerts? What...
  14. Nicole

    Why is Homosexuality a Problem?

    What I want to know is, all religious connotations aside, why is homosexuality a problem? We're beating a dead horse with the religion discussion. I want to know from a United States citizen, or anyone who is a citizen of a country that guarantees the right to the freedom of religion and is...
  15. Nicole

    Do You Want to Have Kids One Day and how to raise them

    I can 100% guarantee that I will not give birth ever in my lifetime under any circumstances. A girl can't get another girl pregnant, so provided something tragic doesn't happen to me, I'll never ever be pregnant. And that would be ideal for me. Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl. I don't...
  16. Nicole

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I was wondering if the maximum gender options vB allows is limited to male and female. I think it would be helpful if there were other gender options (such as genderqueer or nonbinary and the like) but I'm not sure if that's possible with the software. Could someone look into it?
  17. Nicole

    Your Current Playlist

    I have four playlists - a sad playlist, a happy playlist, a love playlist, and a workout playlist. The last is the longest and it's the one I use most often. Sad playlist: Happy playlist: Love playlist: Workout playlist (really long so I'm gonna pick out the most important songs):
  18. Nicole

    Kansas Anti-Gay "Jim Crow" Laws

    On Wednesday, February 12, the Kansas House of Representatives approved a bill (72-49 in favor) that could allow for anti-gay discrimination that some are likening to the Jim Crow laws. The bill has yet to pass the Kansas Senate and be signed into law by the Kansas governor. So what do...
  19. Nicole

    How Many Hours Do You Sleep a Night?

    On school nights I get anywhere from 5-7; lately it's been leaning towards 7 because I've been better with getting my work done earlier. On weekends... wait, I sleep the same amount. I have basketball early on Saturday mornings and I work early on Sundays. No more sleeping in for me. :(
  20. Nicole

    Why is Homosexuality a Problem?

    Good to know I'm on the same level as rapists, murders, and child molesters. Hmm since (contrary to what my profile says) I'm not a guy, I wouldn't know firsthand. Chances are, guys will ruin your life too. Tbh the biggest problem I see with homosexuality is that you can be mistreated for it...
  21. Nicole

    Why is Homosexuality a Problem?

    Homosexuality is a huge problem because girls will ruin your life.
  22. Nicole

    Things That Creep You Out

    Clusters of small holes and the word "moist."
  23. Nicole

    Tattoos and Piercings

    I had my ears pierced when I was in second grade, but it hurt when I finally took out my earrings the first time so I never put them back in and the holes closed. I'm really not a fan of earrings so I don't really mind. I don't expect to get any piercings in the future but I have considered a...
  24. Nicole

    Born to Be Bad?

    I actually watched that exact video in one of my science classes and I found it simultaneously fascinating and horrifying. I love the sciences (if you consider them sciences) of psychology and sociology in terms of humanity. I think it's incredible to get a glimpse into why we act the way we do...
  25. Nicole

    Selling Yourself

    With that logic, we should make the entire Internet illegal. Just think of the STDs that exist in sleeping around for free - which isn't illegal. Also, it's not as easy to "just become a cashier or something" as you may think. There's a reason unemployment or underemployment rates are...
  26. Nicole

    How Easily Do You Date?

    ^ yes Personally, if a total cutiepie came up to me and asked me out, chances are I'd say yes, provided that he or she isn't a total tool. I have no problem with non-serious, just for fun dating. I think there's a significant difference between going on dates and being in a relationship. If I...
  27. Nicole

    The Robin Thicke Controversy - "Blurred Lines"

    I suppose you're saying that it means more of him trying to get a good girl to try bad boys rather than a girl to have sex in general? That sounds like his intentions were better, at least. It seems like it's just the wording itself isn't tactful and that's why this has been blown up to be such...
  28. Nicole

    The Robin Thicke Controversy - "Blurred Lines"

    I think what a lot of people are getting worked up about stems from one line: "I know you want it." I've heard that people are offended by that in particular because it could be incredibly reminiscent of what a rapist says to his victim. I have no firsthand experience with rape victims or...
  29. Nicole

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    I'm agitated so I'm eating
  30. Nicole

    Favorite Nickelodeon Show?

    KOOOOOOOOORRRRRAAAAAAAA I consider A:TLAB and LoK to be the same series, really, because they're directly connected and produced by literally the same people. It's been my favorite show since I was 10. My five- and two-year-old cousins watch Korra now and I'm still watching it as a teenager...
  31. Nicole

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm happy because -there are lots of super good TV shows to watch!!! -I finished my 15 page math packet in a day -fall basketball tryouts are this Friday -I should make varsity this winter season which means varsity letter and fancy letterman jacket -I have lots of pretty new outfits to wear...
  32. Nicole

    Is Communism Really That Bad?

    Agreed with Ventus. In theory, it could work. People would all be equal and would receive the same housing, healthcare, salary, and so on. The problem with this? People aren't all equal. I don't mean blacks vs. whites, men vs. women, etc. Each individual to the next is not the same. We do not...
  33. Nicole

    Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book One Game Thread

    i'm glad the town won but i hate josh good job everyone else :rosa:
  34. Nicole


    Well, coming from someone who has both been heartbroken and has broken off relationships, I know that it's just a part of life. I'm not saying it's ever okay to be an ******* about it, but not every relationship is going to work out and that's okay. Some people will be all right with being...
  35. Nicole

    The Greater Error

    I think it's important to be both passionate and objective in a situation. I honestly think being overly passionate or overly objective are equally bad. Extreme passion leads to closed-mindedness, which you can see very clearly anywhere on the internet especially. Any video game forum will have...
  36. Nicole


    To be completely honest, I feel like you're trying to hard to put a label on yourself. Love, attraction, gender, isn't always black and white. There are variances in levels of attraction and emotion and trying to fit yourself into a tiny label box is probably more stress than it's worth! I think...
  37. Nicole

    Favorite Midnight Snacks

    hahaha my favorite midnight snack is my entire refrigerator It depends on the night, and if I'm feeling healthy or junkie. On a good night, I'll have a yogurt or fruit and definitely peanut butter on crackers (there's a few ways you can go with this; last time I put bananas and chocolate syrup...
  38. Nicole

    A Calling

    I partially agree with Axle as to what a calling actually is. I don't believe a person is "destined" to do any one thing, just as I don't believe a person is destined to be with a certain spouse or soulmate. However, in both cases, I would say that there are careers or people that are great fits...
  39. Nicole

    Planning For The Future

    Actually one kidney goes for about $228,000 on the black market. That's enough to send me to Harvard for four years and cover room and board and books and all that jazz. I haven't ruled it out. Ideally, starting out, I'd like to work at some sort of an ice cream place making minimum wage, but...
  40. Nicole

    How Trusting of Others Are You?

    I once read in a Cracked article that intelligent people are more likely to lie to people yet are also more likely to naively put too much trust in people. I like to consider myself intelligent and I think I do a lot of both of those things. I'm trusting to a fault. I will put my full trust in...
  41. Nicole

    Planning For The Future

    I've been planning my future since eighth grade. Middle school, high school, college, and beyond. I have a general plan of what I'd like to do with some specifics, but not specific to the point where I'm emotionally committed to traveling only one path. I have an immediate plan and a life plan...
  42. Nicole


    This is great. Absolutely wonderful. You articulated everything I wanted to but failed to convey. A+ post. Again, the true definition of a feminist (as posted by Atticus) is someone who works for equal rights for both sexes (and any other sex that anyone considers themselves to be). I...
  43. Nicole


    I try to live without regrets. I can't say I regret much, if anything. Perhaps the only thing I'd change if I had the chance was being shy and keeping to myself growing up. As a child, my mom worked long hours and I stayed, by myself, at my aunt's - that is, there were no other kids around. I...
  44. Nicole

    Best Advice You Ever Got

    "You don't owe anybody anything; you don't owe anybody an explanation for your happiness." In general, the best advice I've ever gotten. I've taken from many different sources and condensed the general idea, but the point behind this is that sometimes you need to put your happiness first and...
  45. Nicole


    I can't tell if you're joking I'm fully aware that a career in sports in incredibly hard to come by even for males. But it's magnified for women. That hard work you mentioned? As I said, boys are encouraged to work hard at a sport from a young age. Girls typically come into it later. Girls can...
  46. Nicole


    I think this is because I originally misspoke. I don't mean the actual opportunity as far as legally, contract-wise, rules-wise, what have you. I mean socially, at a young age, it is not encouraged. It is extremely hard for girls to get on the same level as men because men are often encouraged...
  47. Nicole


    I'll have you know that I know a damn lot about sports considering I've played over 5 organized sports in my life and am a varsity athlete who might be playing in college in a few years. Please don't talk about stuff when you're, well, wrong. And no, it's not accepted. I can't go play football...
  48. Nicole


    I don't see how it proves nothing. Even with the adjustment, that's still a wide disparity. Most careers are available to both men and women. Which ones aren't? One of the highest paying ones in America: professional athlete. There are some sports that have professional women's teams...
  49. Nicole


    Keep in mind that in these countries women are THREATENED to keep quiet and are at risk of being ASSAULTED, RAPED, OR MURDERED by a predominantly male government. If you lived under those threats, I'm sure you'd, for the most part, keep quiet too...
  50. Nicole


    I'm honestly seething right now but I'm going to keep this post short for my own health. 6 out of every 10 college graduates are female. (x) But. Women make less than 80 cents to every dollar a man makes. (x) And that's just in America. Let's not forget other, less fortunate countries where...
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