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  1. Hanyou

    Do You Find the Bible to be Fascinating From a Literary Perspective?

    Definitely. I find myself especially invested in the Old Testament and gospels, which means it's not so much the Christian side of things that's interesting to me from a literary perspective. Genesis, Exodous, Job, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, Esther, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, Song of Songs, Psalms, and...
  2. Hanyou

    E3 outside of Nintendo

    I honestly just hope we see another Elder Scrolls game. Elsweyr, preferably. I guess Fallout 4 would be nice.
  3. Hanyou

    Religious People's Views of Other Religions

    As trite and silly as this sounds, I believe what I believe because I believe it to be true. I am a Christian because I believe in certain tenets of the faith. Yes, I do also believe in a virgin birth and resurrection. Yes, I recognize that this is not inherently rational. Yes, I, a rational...
  4. Hanyou

    Jurassic World (June 2015)

    Looks like an action movie. I love the original--it has that classic Spielberg charm and a sense of wonder, awe, and terror. The second movie missed the mark because its writing was terrible, the third missed the mark because, well, its writing was terrible and it didn't really have a story...
  5. Hanyou

    Superhero Movies 2015-2020

    I don't care about comic books and superheroes for the most part, but I've always liked Batman. I guess that means Batman v. Superman is the one I'm looking forward to. I also love that new Daredevil show (binge-watched it in 2 days), but that's not a movie.
  6. Hanyou

    Deceptively Upbeat Songs

    Most songs by They Might Be Giants. My favorite among their dark-happy songs is "Don't Let's Start." For example, here are a few lines: D, world destruction Over and overture N, do I need Apostrophe T, need this torture? Don't don't don't let's start This is the worst part Could believe...
  7. Hanyou

    Movies that are better than the book

    Blade Runner. I love Philip K. Dick's original, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, but the movie is a sublime experience. Its visuals, music, and fairly straightforward story, in combination, are transcendent. The book is a well above-average science fiction book with Dick's usual themes...
  8. Hanyou

    Sega Dreamcast Classics

    One of the things I love about the Dreamcast is the sheer youthful exuberance of it all. Most major games, even the less-than-perfect ones, feel fresh. There was this great atmosphere of creativity to Sega in its best years that set them apart from all other game companies, and the Dreamcast...
  9. Hanyou

    Summer Wars

    Great movie! Mamoru Hosoda consistently makes good stuff. Also liked The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and the one about the wolf children.
  10. Hanyou

    Sodomite Suppression Act

    Appalling. While this man is clearly an outlier, this is an example of how the views of the religious right, taken to an extreme, are oppressive and against every principle of freedom we ought to believe in. Of course, no sane adult would agree with him, but it's still terrible to be reminded...
  11. Hanyou

    IMO: Libertarians care more about being correct than real-world results

    First, I know there are several people here who will take issue with your comments about left-libertarianism. I'm fairly sure it predates right-libertarianism. Socialist libertarians tend to be interested in tearing down social structures that are oppressive, and include capitalist...
  12. Hanyou

    What religion are you?

    1.) How? 2.) Also, you say organized religion should be eradicated. How should it be? 3.) Also, why single out organized religion if you object to religion in general? I see some hypocrisy in your "ought" statement, considering that you position yourself as an enemy of both ignorance and...
  13. Hanyou

    What religion are you?

    I am Christian. I don't have much else to say, other than my faith is both deeply personal and public insofar as it influences the way I interact with other people and the way I see the world. I find that it has enriched my life, so I am glad for my faith.
  14. Hanyou

    Your Thoughts on MJ.

    I like the Sonic 3 soundtrack and when I hear his music, I enjoy it. I don't seek his music out, however. As for Michael Jackson the person, he was strange and did some questionable things, but it's unfortunate his reputation was tarnished over claims which have since proven to have no real...
  15. Hanyou

    Dark Humour

    Bill Burr is probably my favorite comedian, but I never found his humor particularly dark. Same with Louis C.K. and (modern) Marc Maron -- my reaction to their standup isn't "wow, that's dark!," but "that's perceptive/funny!" Considering the subject matter of their jokes, I'm surprised that I...
  16. Hanyou

    IMO: Libertarians care more about being correct than real-world results

    Well, first we need to establish what sort of libertarianism you're talking about. It's safe to assume you're talking about right-libertarianism, not left-libertarianism, which the critique doesn't seem to address. So already your perspective is on shaky ground. Secondly, there are multiple...
  17. Hanyou

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    Xenoblade was my favorite RPG of the last generation, edging out Tales of Vesperia and Skyrim. This game looks like a worthy followup.
  18. Hanyou

    How have your political views evolved over the years?

    I was liberal because my dad was liberal during the Clinton years. When I started to think for myself, I became a neoconservative. I now fall somewhere on the spectrum between conservative and right-libertarian. If pressed to choose one or the other, I might pick right-libertarian, although...
  19. Hanyou

    Worst video game sequels ever.

    Super Mario Sunshine is not only NOT a worthy successor to Mario 64, one of the best Mario games, it's also a bland game in its own right. Almost everything about that game feels clumsy, from the mandatory, long, tedious objectives, to the ill-conceived watergun, to the story, to the voice...
  20. Hanyou

    Sonic Adventure 1 and 2

    As someone who started with the Genesis games back in the early 1990s, I'm going to be a bit blasphemous and say that SA1 is in my top 5 favorite Sonic games. I have an absolute blast playing it, and while there are clearly flaws in execution, I think it has the right balance of gameplay...
  21. Hanyou

    Are JRPGs too complicated

    The systems are usually pretty easy to understand. Considering even MMOs are somewhat mainstream, and are generally much more complex than JRPGs, I don't think they're difficult to approach.
  22. Hanyou

    Representation in Media

    I do think there are exceptions. For example, the protagonists in the Lord of the Films all appeared European, and I think that was a good move. Lord of the Rings is a British story, and its cast should look the part. The cast of Shyamalan's disaster of a film The Last Airbender should have...
  23. Hanyou

    Representation in Media

    As a brown person, most of the representation I see for people who look anything like me in the media is...well...terrorists. And frankly, that's fine. It speaks to the collective experience of a whole bunch of people in target demographics, and probably to the experience of the...
  24. Hanyou

    People Who Are Too Patriotic

    I like my country (the United States), but find few things more obnoxious than blind patriotism. The idea that your country can do no, or little, wrong is not only destructive, but against what most people in my country claim to believe in. It also makes us completely blind to the evils...
  25. Hanyou

    Tales Of... series

    Which ones have you played, and by what rubric are they poorly-written?
  26. Hanyou

    Best opening sequences

    Starting with my favorite: Perfectly sets up my second-favorite Zelda game. This is a story of mythical proportions, and this manages to summarize a fair amount of history in a simplistic but ambitious way. What I'm saying, I guess, is that this is as iconic and perfect in my book as the...
  27. Hanyou

    Tales Of... series

    I like to think of Tales of Symphonia as my first real JRPG apart from Pokemon. While it took about 20 hours for me to even start to appreciate it, by that point I'd fallen in love with the world, the characters, the visuals, and the music. The gameplay was also fantastic. Vesperia is the...
  28. Hanyou

    If You Were President Of Nintendo...

    If I were in a position to do so, I'd prioritize the development if a sane cross-platform account system. Liberate VC games. I'd also prioritize development of first party titles in both new and old franchises. The 3ds and WiiU had a dearth of games on launch. People buy Nintendo consoles for...
  29. Hanyou

    Bioshock Infinite (Discussion)

    I'm aware of a rough outline of the plot, but I'll try to watch a playthrough or something. Would that suffice or would I miss something? I'd rather not have to deal with the gameplay myself. In any case, I'm still not sure how the ending makes it the rousing, super-intelligent work of...
  30. Hanyou

    Bioshock Infinite (Discussion)

    I didn't finish it. I was bothered by its general tone. The game felt very full of itself, funneling me from one lush cutscene to another with all the fake pathos of a faux Disney theme park ride, feeding me its trite anti-religion, anti-American message like I hadn't heard it all before. I...
  31. Hanyou

    Portal vs. Portal 2

    I like Portal, but I love Portal 2, mostly for the story and presentation. There's much more to digest, and it has more of what I liked about the first game. There's charm in the simplicity of Portal--I think it's part of why people liked the game in the first place--and I like the...
  32. Hanyou

    What Are Some Good Punk Rock Bands?

    My favorite, with their all-time classic: Also can't go wrong with Bad Religion, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, The Ramones, and pre-Sing the Sorrow AFI. Also, if you listen to The Offspring, pick up their self-titled album first. It's far and away their absolute best. These are the bands I...
  33. Hanyou

    Favourite Open Worlds in Gaming

    I first played it in 2005, about one year before Oblivion came out. My first reaction was that it was ugly, combat was atrocious, and it felt dated. These are timeless reactions to the game. But one of the best things about it was the world-- I felt like I was reading great science fiction...
  34. Hanyou

    Favourite Open Worlds in Gaming

    1. Morrowind. 2. Morrowind. 3. Morrowind. Otherwise, excepting Oblivion, Bethesda has a style for open worlds that I really like. Skyrim and Fallout 3 are pretty solid. I don't think Xenoblade's an open world game, but I often hear it described as one. If it is, it's my second-favorite open...
  35. Hanyou

    Game Nostalgia: The unfair advantage

    I more often see the reverse. If I say Ocarina of Time is my favorite game (and it is), and that I think it's the most well-made Zelda game for its balance of gameplay elements (and I do) there's a knee-jerk reaction on the part of many gamers to claim that I simply prefer it due to nostalgia...
  36. Hanyou

    Do Mediocre People Deserve to Reproduce

    I haven't cherry-picked, though. When you claim something isn't logical, the question becomes what your premises are. I'm not entirely sure we disagree, and I didn't mean to suggest that the "logic" statement was the entirety of your point, but I do want to challenge the idea that one cannot...
  37. Hanyou

    Should let's playing be a source of income for many?

    If there's a market for it and it's not a violation of someone else's rights, people deserve to get paid for whatever other people are willing to pay for. So yes, since it's obviously functioning as a valid source of income, let's players should get paid.
  38. Hanyou

    Game of the Year ; pt. I (1985-1995, The Retro Era)

    Guess this will complete my list. These threads are really making me think. 1985: Super Mario Bros. 1986: The Legend of Zelda 1987: Phantasy Star 1988: Super Mario Bros. 3 1989: Phantasy Star II 1990: Super Mario World 1991: Final Fantasy IV 1992: Ecco the Dolphin 1993: Myst 1994: Sonic...
  39. Hanyou

    Game of the Year pt. III (2006-2015, the HD era)

    2006: Okami 2007: Super Mario Galaxy 2008: Tales of Vesperia 2009: Arkham Asylum 2010: Super Mario Galaxy 2 2011: Portal 2 (Holy ****--Arkham City, Sonic Generations, Skyrim were also released this year.) 2012: Xenoblade (no contest--nothing else I've played from this year came close) 2013: Rune...
  40. Hanyou

    Game of the Year pt. II (1996-2005)

    I'll rank them. 1996: Super Mario 64 (this one's easy) 1997: Riven: The Sequel to Myst 1998: Ocarina of Time 1999: Harvest Moon 64 2000: Skies of Arcadia (also the year of Shenmue, so this is a close one) 2001: Tony Hawk 3 2002: Morrowind (another easy one!) 2003: The Wind Waker 2004: Tales of...
  41. Hanyou

    Top 3 Harvest Moon Games

    I haven't played all of them, so I can't comment on the best, but I'll give you my favorites. 1. Friends of Mineral Town/Back to Nature To me, this is the crowning achievement of the series, offering absolutely everything the series is known for with utmost polish. On top of more addictive...
  42. Hanyou

    Do Mediocre People Deserve to Reproduce

    Bill Burr's my favorite living comedian partly because he acts like he has no filter, and this is a great routine of his. But I'm against all forms of regulation against life, liberty, and property, and a law like this would violate both liberty and property. So good joke, bad policy. This...
  43. Hanyou

    Trying to get into metal...

    Glad you like them! They're remarkably consistent--out of 8 albums, I can't even think of 10 songs I dislike. Great stuff.
  44. Hanyou

    Why Is IMDb So Esteemed By The Movie Industry?

    Can someone provide examples of IMDB being "esteemed" by the industry? I wasn't aware of that. In any case, IMDB looks like a site's worth of bandwagoning to me. I don't always agree with professional critics, but their reviews generally seem more level-headed, and the Rotten Tomatoes...
  45. Hanyou

    Trying to get into metal...

    Let me recommend my favorite band: Symphony X.
  46. Hanyou

    Nintendo's Opportunity: Creating the Ultimate "Nintendo Box"

    There are so many games I love that, last time I checked, aren't available on the VC. Pilotwings 64. The DKC games. Harvest Moon 64 (third party, but come on--this is a classic that deserves to be on there). The VC should allow me to play as many classic games as possible, as soon as...
  47. Hanyou

    Last Hobbit movie out, no more Tolkien? I think not!

    I think Children of Hurin would be the next best choice for an adaptation, but I really hope Jackson keeps his hands off of it. Considering the estate's opinion of his movies, that shouldn't be a problem.
  48. Hanyou

    Preferred 3D Mario Level Design

    Galaxy is my favorite Mario game, but I think 64 had the best level design because it really hammered home the sense of freedom. Few other games capture that feeling half as well, but Mario 64 not only allowed you to play at your own pace, but had level design to back that up. I constantly see...
  49. Hanyou

    Thotes on Super Mario Galaxy/Super Mario Galaxy 2

    I played each of the three revolutionary Mario games when they were new--that's Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Galaxy. Super Mario 64 was, and is, an amazing experience. Playing it was an almost spiritual experience for my ten-year-old self, and for over a decade, it...
  50. Hanyou

    Favorite Sonic Character to Play

    Tails isn't my favorite character, but he's definitely the best to play in the definitive Sonic game--Sonic 3. The game's levels have a great exploration element, and playing as Tails opens up the levels. That said, I usually play as Sonic & Tails, so I've rarely actually played as him.
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