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  1. tysonrss

    A Link Between Worlds Boss Rush

    Please tell me that there is one...we've had one since Spirit Tracks. It would be a shame to not see it in the game.
  2. tysonrss

    A Link to the Past Needs to Be Retconned

    Playing A Link Between Worlds, I realized the sages are each descendants of the sages from Ocarina of Time. Since Ocarina of Time didn't exist when A Link to the Past came out, the concept of each of the maidens weren't really explored. In fact I think they all had the same sprite with the...
  3. tysonrss

    General Zelda Should I Be Satisfied?

    I recently got a job and it pays 7.85 an hour, not a lot and im part time. I try not to spend willy nilly but I had to purchase Link between Worlds. It will be here tomorrow. I don't get paid until later this week..but I couldn't resist the urge to buy Ocarina of Time 3D (digitally). Even after...
  4. tysonrss

    Pokemon Origins

    Ladies and gentleman...my prayers have finally been answered... A series based on Red/Blue staring Red and Green....words cannot describe the happiness I feel here...they have listened to us... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lyi2RSVxqg
  5. tysonrss

    Is is Bad or No?

    If you go up to someone and ask "do you think having sex with a child is bad", you'll most likely get a nasty response, they'll likely say it is. However, is it? Is sex with a child really bad? Just because something isn't accepted doesn't make it bad, especially if teh child consents to it...
  6. tysonrss

    What Rules Hatred

    Who here agrees the centerpiece of hatred comes from opinions and disagreements? Do you think there is a way to put an end to this or to compromise? Or is pain the only way humans can come to understand one another?
  7. tysonrss

    Life of an IT Consultant

    So I've grown up with computers, I know how to build them and take them apart, I know how to fix certain problems. I've kinda worked with programming a few times in many forms, such as scripting, programming itself..using hex editors and looking at data and modifying it, it's all fun--to me that...
  8. tysonrss

    Pokemon Magma Ruby/Aqua Sapphire

    For over a year there has been a remake of ruby/sapphire in the mix, a trailer finally being released now. It really does seem official once you see it yourself, it looks very superb. I can't wait until the demo is released on June 10th. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZIM_244e3s Note...
  9. tysonrss

    Pokemon ROM Hackathon

    We are a group of anonymous ROM hackers that will be hacking together for 24 hours to collaborate on a ROM hack starting on 2013-05-12 at 08:00 CST (GMT -5). We just want to have fun. Anyone is welcome to participate, but you should make sure you are able to use the toolchain prior to the...
  10. tysonrss

    California Chick-Fil-A Surprise

    I remember when I first joined, I got into a heated discussion in a thread about chick fil a and the CEO's stance on gay marriage. So I thought I should post this. Huffington Post
  11. tysonrss

    Traditions with Pagan origins

    I finally came up with a somewhat good topic to talk about. Something a bit different from what we're used to in this section. I bring you all a topic to discuss Easter! But no, not about what you're doing for Easter or if you're religious or celebrate it, rather, to talk about the origins and...
  12. tysonrss

    Meteors and Revelations

    It's been almost a year since I've given up my "faith" in religion, though I still believe in a God. But I guess I've been wondering a little oo much lately and since I was once religious I thought these things to be some sort of sign of things to come. I could be wrong and all, perhaps I am...
  13. tysonrss


    Before laughing at the title of the thread just think about it. I have been for awhile wondering if it's possible, and through science it just might. Through medicines or something maybe. I read that a Russian scientist says it may be possible in 30 years. To be honest, I don't see the need...
  14. tysonrss

    Relationships and a Movie

    So hello peeps. What are your views on if you're in a relationship, should your other be going out to the movies with a guy(if you're a girl) or a girl(if you're a guy)? Is that disrespectful? Any thoughts? Example: A guy friend of your girlfriend asks her to go to the movies.
  15. tysonrss

    Human Cloning

    'm a bit curious about how folks feel about the cloning of the human genome and how Scientists claim that such experiments could help cure diseases as a whole. I've been surfing the web as usual and came upon disturbing news about human cross breeding with animals and such. Crazed scientists...
  16. tysonrss

    The Infowars

    Has anyone heard of Alex Jones? If not... He's a Texas radio show host who talks about World affairs and politics, stuff of that nature. He's the guy who infiltrated Bohemian Grove-a place where top Government officials go for vacation, only Man are allowed. They are said to do rituals and...
  17. tysonrss

    Poems and Drawings for Your Love

    So has anyone ever done that? I have and I don't know if she appricates them, she says she does though. But to me I don't even know I do them, it seems played out these days, no one seems to really care. It's either you give great sex or they're not into you. Poems and things like that seem...
  18. tysonrss

    A Link Between Worlds (Rumor) Majora's Mask 3DS to Be Announced Friday

    According to a tweet though nothing is certain. It does indeed spell "Majora's Mask 3DS" to me. EDIT: Seems fake, because I see no tweet such as that on NoA tweet page Sorry for wasting folks time. Mods, go ahead and lock :)
  19. tysonrss

    PC Online Games

    I'm looking to playing with folks on computer games. The ones I have thus far are as follows Unreal Tournament 2004 Little Fighter 2 Hero Fighter Serious Sam Serious Sam 2 Sonic Robo Blast 2 If anyone has these games, lets play! For Wii I have: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 [PAL]...
  20. tysonrss

    Study Finds Fox News Viewers' Average IQ is Slightly Above Retardation

    Source: http://news.yahoo.com/intelligence-institute-study-shows-fox-news-viewers-iq-034622242.html I know its Yahoo source but still makes an interesting topic as anyone could probably see that Fox News viewers appear to have a low IQ indeed.
  21. tysonrss

    Worse Things in Life

    I saw this story this morning and thought I'd share.
  22. tysonrss

    "This is Gay"

    I've never fully understood why people say this when they're raging online or just in general when something don't go there way. They say "this is gay" or " that's so ****ing gay dude" or online, "***** you like to take it up in the *** you little ******" when they are losing the game, or if a...
  23. tysonrss

    Google and ZD Error

    It's been about 2 weeks since I've been using internet explorer to get on this forum. And I hate Internet Explorer, I use Google Chrome for everything else. I get an error when I click on "forum" from the homepage on Chrome. Could someone tell me what is wrong? I can't stand this browser.
  24. tysonrss

    Darkness in the Heart

    For generations there has always been talk of the concept known as ""Darkness". While many in this generation perceive it as just a "dark empty space", it has been in olden times been refered to as something that is evil or negative. That "hurt" or "pain" that is in the deepest areas of ones...
  25. tysonrss

    Victims Becomes the Supressors, Critique of Political Zionism

    For many years, Zionism has been a threat to the world at large, it holds significant power in American politics, no dares criticise Zionism or its bankrupt ideals out of irrational fear of being labled a "anti-semite'. Some say Zionism "is the belief in the right of the existence of the State...
  26. tysonrss

    Some Advice

    Okay, here we go. I have been talking to a girl for a little over 2 weeks. Our bond grew very quickly and we have told each other things that we would never tell anyone else, we trust each other, so she and I say. However, she's been in a "relationship" with someone for a long time but it...
  27. tysonrss

    Web Cam Strangers

    Are there anyone here that has done web cam with people they never met before? I've only done the web cam thing once and it was with someone I knew and it was weird as it was. Now I'm scheduled in an hour to do one with someone I never met, not to mention it won't be in my room. It's going...
  28. tysonrss

    "He's Too Nice" Phrase

    Well obviously, I'm sure many of us at this forum has heard the phrase, be it male or female, but mostly male. This morning when checking my yahoo I came across this article about the phrase. Being in my current situation I felt it was necessary to check it out. The following begins the...
  29. tysonrss

    Difference Between Male and Female Fashion

    I came across a thread in this section that talks about men wearing high heels(or anyone wear high heels, whatever)and so I became curious to see if this phenomena really exists. I came across this article. In it I read the comments section and was curious of the opinions there, some men felt...
  30. tysonrss

    Genetically Modified Milk is the New Substitute

    You know that human breast milk is very important for babies’ development. (If you don’t know this, go ostentatiously bottle-feed a baby doll near a farmers market! It will be fun, I promise.) But for various reasons, sometimes new moms can’t breastfeed — they need medication that shows up in...
  31. tysonrss

    Online Dating

    Does it work out? Has it for you? It seems I always find someone I can relate to that lives in another area that I can't access to. The people here where I live suck and are idiots. But I've always found someone online where their personality and life are similar to my own. Well, I'm not...
  32. tysonrss

    Speak Japanese?

    Though who understand the language, I am looking for people to help translate Dragon ball : Super Goku Legend. It's a SNES game that never made its way to any other territory. however, the game is almost finished, there are 2 portions of translations needed. Would anyone like to help?
  33. tysonrss

    The tysonrss Games

    Within the hour I will be holding a single matchup with someone whom I deem worthy, this person must fight. They must beat me. They must totally pwn me into oblivion. If they do not, I will, yes WILL destroy this pathetic mudball of a planet. You have one hour, one hour to form the correct team...
  34. tysonrss


    What are your favorite BGMs? I've heard better music from past Zelda games but there are 3 that strike me as awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3XT6k7k0pI&feature=channel&list=UL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnPuh-cGMBg&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN1vFESbfZk
  35. tysonrss


    What makes people fringe at the sound of the word, besides of the things that happened during WW2? People say Nationalism is wrong, but I don't see the problem in having pride in your color. Though my story is a bit different because I don't have pride in my nationalility at all(Black/White...
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