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  1. Seethe

    BioShock Infinite

    I think I need to consider finishing up BioShock 1 and 2 before I even consider looking into this game. I've really enjoyed BioShock so far, I just don't have a chance to play it as much as other games because of my save file being on Amanda's PS3. Either way, I'm still excited to see the series...
  2. Seethe

    GoldenEye Packaged With Golden Classic Controller

    Unless you happen to like a ugly *** gold color or just simply collect things of this nature, it's nothing special. There is really no deal behind this bundle at all. You pay $20 for the gold controller just like the rest. The thing reminds me of the original Xbox controller. At least it looks...
  3. Seethe

    Batman: Arkham City

    I was disappointed when there was no news at E3 about this game. It's about damn time some updates are finally coming along. Though, the Fall 2011 release has me a little upset.
  4. Seethe

    Finished Games of 2010

    This thread is exactly what the title says it is. Games that you have beaten this year along with your thoughts about said game(s). Pokemon: Soul Silver Red Dead Redemption Batman: Arkham Asylum Katamari Forever Metal Gear Solid I just finished Metal Gear Solid earlier today. Sadly...
  5. Seethe

    No HD for Wii

    I think it is a little too late anyway. It would be nice to see their next console feature HD like the rest. But right now everyone already has their Wii, and I believe everyone is content. I wouldn't bother with something like this. But then again, Nintendo is known for "upgrading" things and...
  6. Seethe

    How Zelda Enters And Interacts With The World Of Spirit Tracks

    All of a sudden Spirit Tracks is all over the place after not having a single update at all...
  7. Seethe

    Game Recomendations Thread

    Ps3 Game Suggestions? I have a CD in the bank that matures on Friday. I'm going to take $300 of it and buy myself a Ps3 and redeposit the rest, of course. The next-gen consoles have been out for a long time now and each has their own set of nice exclusives. Unfortunately, this makes choosing my...
  8. Seethe

    Final Fantasy III (NDS)

    "An earthquake opens up a previously hidden cavern in Altar Cave near the village of Ur on the floating continent. Four young orphans under the care of Topapa, the village elder, explore the earthquake's impact and come across a crystal of light. The crystal grants them a portion of its power...
  9. Seethe

    Nintendo Officially Announces DSi LL

    I just purchased my DSi about 3 weeks ago so I am a little disappointed in this. I like the current size of the DSi. Even the DSL was a great size. I think I will pass on this one. Size over Quality? No thanks... Then again, maybe they will manage to make the quality the same on the larger...
  10. Seethe

    Accumulated Rupees

    One of the things I love about Phantom Hourglass is the fact that Link doesn't have to get bigger wallets! Though, adding that element to the game could have created more gameplay and more things to do, sometimes I get mad while playing other Zelda games and not being able to collect all of the...
  11. Seethe

    15-Year-Old Set On Fire Over Video Game Debt

    It's amazing... the stupid things that people will do over video games. Babylonian law FTW! Thoughts?
  12. Seethe

    The Lack Of Zelda

    Nintendo isn't doing much to advertise one of their major titles and the game is just 2 months off. Apparently this worries quite a few people. Then other's say things along the lines of "This is simply a part of Nintendo's new MO -- hit consumers fast and hard with media right before the game...
  13. Seethe

    Seething Designs

    I've been messing around with graphics for a little over 2 years now. I've come a very long way considering I started with Photoshop 6 or 7 (I can't quite remember). I've learned Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Page Maker, Dream Weaver, 3D Studio Max and more. Signatures are what originally got me...
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