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  1. Kylon

    General Zelda What Final Boss Would You Like to See Re-appear?

    Of all the truly amazing antagonists in zelda everyone has one that they want to see again. For example mine is Vatti. What i want to ask you is what or who is yours?
  2. Kylon

    General Zelda What Final Boss Would You Like to See Re-appear?

    Ganon Vaati Dark Link Nightmare Veran Onox Majora Bellum Malladus Demise
  3. Kylon

    A Link Between Worlds Which Race Should Be in Zelda 3ds

    Throughout Zelda history different races have been told about in the story. These races have sometimes died off in the storyline. Sometimes we get to play as the different races like gorons, zora, etc... My question here is wh ich races should return in zelda 3ds? I personally would like to see...
  4. Kylon

    Does Anyone Have Any Evolution of Axew or Arcchen in Pkmn White

    I really need a axew and archen to fullfill my Pokemon white dream team I'm willing to trade almost anything for one
  5. Kylon

    Most Favorite Side Kick

    Zelda from spirit tracks Line beck from phantom hourglass Midna from twilight princess King of red lions from wind waker Navi ocarina of time Fi from skyward sword
  6. Kylon

    Spoiler Fi Related to Ghirahim?

    WARNING MAJOR FINAL BOSS SPOILERS.From the the first time I saw Ghirahim in his final form I noticed it was pretty much a recolored Fi. If you pay attention during the final battle with him he flashes into a sword twice(Fi can do the same thing). The first time he does it for about a second. But...
  7. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Ingo's Stupidity

    we all know that ingo tries to trap link in lon lon ranch after you beat him twice and get epona. I always just sit there thinking ok now what is he gonna do taunt link. seriously i think ingo needs to go back to school.
  8. Kylon

    General Classic Ocarina of Time I Can't Find the Running Man

    I was playing ocarina of time and I was doing the mask side quest and when I got the bunny hood I knew I had to give it to the running man but I don't know where he is I need help
  9. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Navi in the Final Boss Battle

    While playing through oot I remembered navi telling link that she couldn't help fight ganondorf because of his dark magic in his castle I would suppose that's why anyway but after he collapses his own castle ( idiotic move cause he could have died himself) navi sais that ganon can't hold her...
  10. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Spin Attack or Sword Beam

    This thread is about special sword Attacks I think it would have been a great power up as long as it wasn't to over powered my personal favorite still stands at the spin attack Let me know which one you guys would have liked to seen in ocarina of time
  11. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time I Want a Do Over

    Hey guys this thread is about mistakes you've made in oot and wanted to start over on my most annoying one was when in the spirit temple I ran forward to fast and a like like fell on me and stole ny shield I knew it was there but I had just died and I wanted to go fast but I actually did get the...
  12. Kylon

    What Do I Sell to the Guy Who Says Sell Me Something with C

    I've played through ocarina of time about 3 times and I never knew what to sell the guy patting his lap can someone please tell me what that is because I actually killed my self in the game because it frustrated me so much
  13. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Stalchildren Auto Death

    Ok so first you should go into hyrule field go near zoras domain stand in the shallow part of the water and when the stalchildren spawn the will come into the water die and drop hearts and magic I don't know if u can do this while swimming
  14. Kylon

    Majora's Mask Should I Have Died

    I was on the outside of the place where u get the goron mAsk and I turned to normal link and tried to jump into the water I landed head first on the ice
  15. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Thank God I Have the Fairy

    One time when I was fighting bongo bongo I had basically beat him butwhen he charged at me and I went to attack him he killed me I was screaming like what I had him but then I noticed I had a fAiry and i killed bongo bongo Post some ways that a fairy has saved you
  16. Kylon

    Adventure of Link Why Do I Suck So Much at This Game

    i am reallygood at every other zelda game ive ever played in my life but i cant even get past the iron knuckle in parapa palace the first palace :(:( its probably that im used to there being no jump button becuase i beat oot before this
  17. Kylon

    Majora's Mask Odolwa Easy Death

    all you have to do is spin attack when he is open rotate the controlstick and he will stay open but if u stop he will move i actually found this out cuz i tried to fight him as recklessly as possible CAUTION THIS WILL NOT WORK IF U DONT ROTATE IT bombs and arrows will work to just throw...
  18. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Easiest Win Against Bongo Bongo

    All I did was spam arrows and jump attacked with the biggorons sword Post in the comments if u don't agree or tell me which bosses I should do next
  19. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Easy Rupees

    Just go to the Poe shop and break all the jars simple huh
  20. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Most Beautiful Scenery

    The place wih the best scenery has to be hyrule filed Post some of ur favorites
  21. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Biggorons Sword Sidequest

    Wen you buy the the goron knife it will break after a few attacks I was mad as anything but then I found a sidequest to get one that doesn't break the sidequest wasn't hard it should only take one try Once you finish it you will get the biggorons sword that doesn't break and the sword does...
  22. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Easiest Way to Beat the Water Temple Boss

    All you have to do is longshot him towards you and trapp him in a corner and slash away at him he will die an if you do it right he cant escape back to his water or watever it is he will eventually die P.s I will be trying to find trick to beat every boss easier if I can
  23. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time The Easiest Way to Beat the Fire Temple Boss

    All you have to do is climb onto the edge and when he comes out hit it and start jump attacking it Comment some better ideas if you have any
  24. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Most Annoying Boss Not Including Ganondorf

    For me phantom ganon was just straight up annoying I mean like it took me 9 times cuz I kept gettin annoyed and quit I actually do like phantom ganon but I'm not got at seeing which painting he will come out of and moving and shooting arrows and all the other stuff
  25. Kylon

    Ocarina of Time Is Dark Link Really That Hard

    Actually wen I fought dark link i thought he was one of the easiest mini bosses ever it was fun for me to have a good one on one sword fight I only used my shield and sword
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