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  1. Ominethious

    Spoiler BOTW Interesting Theory information

    Not so much a theory in of itself [if there's a better place for something like this, please do relocate], but i feel the need that these things should be looked upon. Though I may jump around spastically. A few interesting things worthy of note to come from BOTW's main plot is; - How does...
  2. Ominethious

    Space, to colonize or not to colonize.

    That is the question. My opinion: Whether it be SpaceX or NASA; We really need to advance into space colonization. It has been 50 and some odd years since we put a man on the moon. I feel it is time to finally start making the solar System used to its fullest by mankind.
  3. Ominethious

    Should the US take military action against North Korea

    Is a re-ignition of the Korean War still an acceptable action for the US to take in spite of North Korea owning 20 or so nuclear weapons? Even with the backing of Korea by China? I would argue the US has no other choice than to take a swift military ground force strike on North Korea. As for...
  4. Ominethious

    Favourite unfinished comic?

    Mine would go to one by the name of "Property of Hate". It is a mass of metaphors, symbols, and motifs of the thoughts we as humans have, while also providing hilarious diolouge and a plot behind it all. I'll give a little snippet of the comic, probably won't understand the context but the...
  5. Ominethious

    Is Islamic extremism (Isis, Al Qa'ida, etc) the fault of the Crusades?

    Not trying to completely excuse the actions of the groups listed. However think about it.. Would you consider this Ironic, because its almost like an "Islamic Crusade" to take vengeance against the European countries of old sending 4+ Crusades into the holy Land to pillage, murder, and...
  6. Ominethious

    The Demon Syndicate OOC

    This will basically be where you'd post your character submitions, and talk about the RP. Now without further adoo;
  7. Ominethious

    The Demon Syndicate

    Setting: It is modern day in a world not unlike our own. Magic and Science coexist, though views on both differ from place to place. Merging magic with technology is a difficult, complex task that only a few select members within the Syndicate have accomplished. Most of humanity - the major...
  8. Ominethious

    Favorite Companion Character

    As the title says, who's your favorite? Mine is Midna, from Twilight Princess.
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