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    Do You Look to See Who Posted Before You "like"?

    Do you look to see who posted something before hitting the "like" link? Be it here, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, etc., is it most important to show support for content you actually like, show support for your friends, or not show support for someone you don't like? I "like" what I...
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    Pieces of Heart

    Why do random people throughout Zelda games possess spare pieces of heart? They seem like not such a delicacy because people will just give them to you for stupid little errands and they're hidden in, sometimes the most inconspicuous, locations--as if others have come upon them but not seen the...
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    General Modern An Original Zelda Game?

    After completing TWW for the first time (which I LOVED, btw) and now playing through TP for the first time in about a year, and having played SS about ten times, I've noticed that these games are exactly the same. Same weapons, same hero, same bosses, same side quests, same message. The only...
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    How Much Money Would It Take You to Accept Someone Being Killed at Your Choice?

    Given the scenario that you could, with impunity, receive as much money as you wanted, but you'd have to know that this money is being granted to you for the murder of a random and anonymously selected human being, would you? You'd never find out who died at your decision or the nature of the...
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    Your Must Have Smartphone Apps

    I have an iPhone 4S but I've switched between iPhone and Android. There are a few apps for each operating system that make my life much easier, but since I'm currently using an iPhone, I'll list my favs for iOS. The Weather Channel App GMail NBC Netflix Redbox Instagram Facebook...
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    Common Courtesy

    I saw this photo a few weeks ago and it's resonated with me ever since. History books and other types of media have shown us that less than a century ago, it was socially normal to, not only acknowledge others' presence but to know the people around you--in your town, neighboring towns, schools...
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    What's your primary language? What kind of accent do you have? Do you speak any other languages and, if so, which ones and how well? Would you like to learn any language? I speak English. I have a New Jersey accent. I speak Spanglish and I'd like to brush up on it so it sounds more like...
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    What Do You Look for in a Snack Food?

    Sweet, savory, salty, protein-packed, cheesy, crunchy, moist, cold, warm, sammichy? What do you crave when you need a snack? Feel free to share your favorite snack if you have one and please leave a very detailed explanation why. I like corn tortilla chips with salsa, queso, or spinach...
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    Are You Neat or Messy?

    I'm instinctively messy but as I've grown up, I've become somewhat of a neatfreak. How does your room/car look right now? Be honest. ;)
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    General Zelda Favorite/ Least Favorite Fairy Fountains?

    As I'm playing The Wind Waker, I've noticed that the fairy fountains are beautiful--definitely my favorite, aesthetically, in the series. Second, aesthetically, would be the fountains in OoT. The walk to the fountain and the beautiful way the perfect fairies with ornate designs rise from the...
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    How Do I Post YouTube Videos?

    How do I embed the videos to a post instead of just posting the link. I tried using the embed code on the site and it just showed up as text. :S
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    General Zelda If You Could Choose to Have Zelda's Theme Music, Whose/Which Would You Choose?

    I, myself, would be positively giggly (har har) to have Ghirahim's theme play when I entered a room. :ghirahim:
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    Self Confidence

    Do you have it? Do you have too little or maybe a little too much? Why or why not?
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    Which Wii U Games Do You Have?

    I'm getting my Wii U tonight and I still don't know what game(s) to get. What have you played? Please tell me which you've enjoyed and which to avoid. Thanks! :)
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    Is Homophobia a Choice?

    First, to clarify, I'd like to say that this isn't meant to mock the "Is Being Gay a Choice?" thread, but it IS a response. That said, since this is the Mature Discussion section, let's address this question as such. Homophobia | Define Homophobia at Dictionary.com Unlike other phobias...
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    A Day in the Mind of Your Significant Other

    Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I've been thinking if, given the opportunity, would I spend a day in the mind of my significant other? Would you? If you don't have a special someone, sub in "crush". I'm on the fence because it could bring couples closer or tear them apart. The advantages...
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    "Can Hyrule's Destiny Really Depend on Such a Lazy Boy?"

    That quote is by Navi in the beginning of OoT but "Link" is recurrently referred to as lazy and/or incapable. I can't seem to construct a concrete theory as to why this personality characteristic is often attributed to the hero. Has anyone else noticed this theme and have a theory why? I think...
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    Spoiler Link As a Kokiri

    I'm sure this question has been posed before but I searched the threads and couldn't find it. Sooo... When the Deku Sprout explains to Link that he is a Hylian, he explains that "some time ago" a mother gave her baby to the Deku tree to save him from being a casualty of war, blah blah blah. And...
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    Favorite Holiday Movie?

    Mine are: Jingle All the Way and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York I love to laugh always and the holidays are no exception. You?
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    Merging Credits

    Is it possible to link credits from Nintendo eShop for 3DS to Wii points? I use a regular Wii. >:(
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    Surprise! Your Favorite Celeb Is on ZD!

    Surprise! Your Favorite Celeb Is on ZD! Who is the celeb? Which ZD member is most likely to have been the celeb and why? What would you do? Leonardo DiCaprio Pancake because Leo is a very talented actor and would enjoy masquerading as the most legendary breakfast food on ZD. Keep it a...
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    Could You Consider a Game Great if It Weren't Fun?

    I recently started playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star and, while I was initially very impressed by the graphics, the much-improved quality of dialogue, and the unique concepts, now five hours into the game, I've found that I'm not necessarily having fun as much as I feel like I'm completing a...
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    Virtual Console Recommendations?

    For the past two years, I've been playing the same games over and over: SMB SMB 3 Super Mario World Super Mario RPG Paper Mario PM: TTYD SM64 Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 OoT (all variations) MM TP SS Startropics Startropics II And I just finished: ALttP Phantom Hourglass...
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    Spoiler Peatrice/Cawlin Side Quests

    Which options do you choose for the Peatrice and Cawlin side quests? I've tried both and I think it's a lot more fun to break up with Peatrice because of how she fake unloves you. I also like to give the letter to the hand in the toilet after specifically promising Cawlin several times that I...
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    Relationships and Politics

    Would you end an existing relationship, or refuse to start a new relationship, of any kind because of differences in political/moral/religious beliefs? I personally feel that everyone has something to offer the world and I try to find that instead of quarreling over beliefs with which I...
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    Taxing Places of Worship (in US)?

    I'm undecided but I've encountered a lot of strong opinions from both sides. Freedom of religion is a constitutional right but seriously is that document and subsequent amendments handled in modern government? Thoughts?
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    Do You Work Out?

    I used to be a dedicated gym buff but it has waned in the previous few years. I have an appointment to join a new gym today and I'm pumped! What do you do to stay in shape?
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    SPOILERS! Fledge Side Quest Controversial?

    The Fledge side quest makes me kind of uncomfortable. In order for him to become stronger, Link gives him two stamina potions. He then goes from struggling to do less than ten push-ups to thousands. Is this sending a bad message to the kids who play the game? For his stamina to increase that...
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    Gaming for Charity

    I've been playing Skyward Sword while posting live updates to my blog to try and beat it as quickly as I can in honor of its anniversary and it occurred to me that something like this could be done for charity. I searched the forums and I haven't seen any other posts about DGN gaming for...
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    When to Add a SPOILER?

    I'm still unsure when to make a spoiler tag because most forum discussions are a spoiler in one way or another. Can someone tell me when alerting a spoiler is needed?
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    Customizable Link?

    If given the option, would you customize "Link"? For those of you familiar with The Sims, I mean that type of customization. For example, you could play as a chubby Link with brown eyes, dressed up like the Canon guy in TP, with cargo boots. Maybe unlock more options as the game goes along. Like...
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    If You Could Harness the Power of Any Playable Song in the Franchise...

    If I could harness the power of any playable song in the franchise, I would choose The Sun's Song, hands down. My sleep schedule is whacky and I'd love the power to control when it's dark and when it's light.
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    Chain Reaction! Read the Rules!

    I have a fun one! It's like that game show Chain Reaction that used to be on GSN. Format: I'd start with a word, let's say Jail. Person #2: Jail Cell Person #3: Cell Phone Person #4: Phone Line Person #5: Line Dance ...etc. Objective: Don't be the one who breaks the chain! Try...
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    Rich People = Money Hoarders?

    I came across this article and I don't know what to make of it. I'm not sure I either agree or disagree. Any thought? Billionaires
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    Do You Use Tobacco Products?

    I'm a smoker, aged 26. I have been smoking cigarettes regularly since I was 19. I hate it and want to quit.
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    Starting a New Game - Fun or Tedious?

    Are you a back-to-back gamer? Are you always playing some game? After I beat a game, I go straight to the next and I find myself annoyed at the beginning of each new games because I'm not used to the controls and the obligatory back-story, though essential to the progression, is long and...
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    What Are Your Favorite Zelda Parodies Online?

    Being a fan means being able to appreciate jokes at the expensive of what you love. I recently saw the Legend of Zelda rap on Youtube and wanted to know if you guys know of any funny parodies that you'd like to share!
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    Phantom Hourglass How Long Did It Take You to Beat Phantom Hourglass?

    Hi! I've just beaten the Wind Temple in Phantom Hourglass (playing 2-8 hours a day). I'm in the NE and supposed to get hit pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy. I could be out of power for days but I can charge my 3DS in my car. My question is how long does it take a relatively skilled player to...
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