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  1. AnimeBassoon

    Majora's Mask Gorons and the Moon

    O.k. i have only one thing that i dislike about the game Majora's Mask. I hated the part on the moon where you had to be in goron form and roll around preforming 90 degree turns. Then you fall and have to restart the whole proses over again. Uggggggh! So, how many people find this part just as...
  2. AnimeBassoon

    That Crazy Boat Salesman

    Hey everybody, I just have a few questions and ideas. Just who is Beedle? Also, in WW are there multiple Beedles? If not how does he get around so fast on his simple boat shop? Where does he get all of his stuff? Is link his only customer ever? Is the Beedle with the helmet the same as the...
  3. AnimeBassoon

    Majora's Mask The Legend of Zelda Galaxy?

    Hey, Do you guys and girls think there should be a fake trailer for this idea? My idea is to have the "aliens" from MM come down and in a way abduct Link and all his awesomeness and have a space adventure. As a game I think i would totally suck but as a silly trailer for fun I think it could...
  4. AnimeBassoon

    Ocarina of Time Have I Been Doing This Wrong The Whole Time!?

    Hey people, I was wondering if I am the only one that does the Spirit Temple and The Shadow temple in reverse order. I personally do the Spirit Temple before the Shadow Temple. However, according to the many walkthroughs I reference, they all do the Shadow Temple first. Anybody else do this too?
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