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  1. Echolight

    How would you feel about a Pokémon and Zelda crossover?

    In my mind, a Pokémon and Zelda crossover would be where you would have animals, or maybe even Pokémon, and they would help you battle enemies from Hyrule. Link could have an animal/Pokémon companion, name them, pet them, and they follow you around. Just a Zelda game with slight Pokémon themes...
  2. Echolight

    Avatar: The Last Airbender, who is your favorite character(s) and why?

    Mine will have to be Prince Zuko. I love his character arc,
  3. Echolight

    Echo's random short stories she makes up

    Blizzard Snow pelted down on my shoulders. I shivered, my teeth chattering and my fingers almost blue. I trudged through the snow, my feet numb with cold. I could feel my life slipping away. Darkness grew closer and closer. I forced my eyes to stay open as I shakily put one foot in front of...
  4. Echolight

    What do you like to do to calm yourself and relax?

    Whenever you’re feeling stressed, sad, or angry, what do you usually do to calm yourself down and relax? Play games? Read, draw, write, take a walk, what do you like to do? I myself use drawing as a way to relax. Focusing on drawing can help other stuff from entering my mind and stressing me...
  5. Echolight

    Do you want link to have an instrument in BotW 2?

    (Az gave me inspiration for this, so, thanks Az! ❤️) So, I think if he had an instrument in BotW 2 would be very nice. I don’t think I was particularly disappointed when he didn’t have one in BotW, because I was just so amazed at the world I saw before me, and being able to do all this stuff...
  6. Echolight

    What race would you want be?

    Zora? Rito? Gorons? Kokiri? What race would you like to be? Why? I would like to be the Zora, specifically the zoras in BotW and TP. They just have such a beautiful and calming home. I love water, it calms me and I love to swim in it, very relaxing. Also, I just think Zora are very beautiful...
  7. Echolight

    Where do you want to live?

    Where to do want to live? Suburbs, The City, Country? Do you already live where you would like, I live in the country, and I rather like it here, no busy roads, which means less of a risk that my cats would get run over, and a big yard too. Plus, we have a pasture behind our backyard, which...
  8. Echolight

    What town in The Zelda Series would you want to live at?

    What place in the Zelda games would you want to live at? Zora’s domain? Castle town? Clock town? Kakariko Village? If so, which version? I honestly would want to live in Zora’s domain. I love both TP and BotW’s versions the best. It just, the place is so soothing to me, with the calm music and...
  9. Echolight

    Should some future Zelda Games have a different main playable character?

    All Zelda games so far has had the main playable character be Link. Should a game change it up? Should it instead be about a Gerudo, or a Zora? Or just a different Hylian? What do you think of this? I personally am fine with it, but not that energetic about it. Link being the main character is...
  10. Echolight

    Favorite Zelda Characters Drawn by Me!

    If you want to see your favorite character from Zelda drawn, just post it here, I will draw it, color it, and show you!
  11. Echolight

    Birthday Wishes

    What do you want for your birthday, anything in mind? Books? Games? Movies? My birthday is on the 21st of this month, so I will tell you guys what I want. I really want some headphones Minecraft would be nice and this one probably won't happen, but I would like my own computer and Warriors...
  12. Echolight

    Do you want to see more multiplayer games in the Zelda series??

    The title basically explains it. We already have a few multiplayer Zelda games, such as Triforce Heroes, and Four Swords. Do you want to have another Zelda game that’s not solo? I am fine with it, as long as they make it good.
  13. Echolight

    Taka's Tale

    Chapter One: Golden beams of pure light shone across the savannah as dawn broke. A lion, followed by his mate and two cubs, confidently strode through the tall, tan grass. One of the cubs slowed down, to be beside his mother. That cub was slightly smaller than his brother, and often was found...
  14. Echolight

    Are you an Extrovert or an Introvert??

    Are you an Extrovert or an Introvert? I am definitely a introvert. I’d rather hang out with animals than people lol. I am a shy person as well. I hate calling, rather text, and the internet is a life saver if I want to socially interact with people. Talking like I talk with my family to others...
  15. Echolight

    Pineapples on Pizza: Yes or No

    The ultimate debate. Pineapple on pizza. I know that many people like pineapple on pizza, and many don’t. Do you like pineapple on pizza, or no. I love pineapple on pizza, it’s so yummy :)
  16. Echolight

    What’s Your Favorite Color?

    What’s your favorite color? Do you even have a favorite color? My favorite color is blue. I like cool colors the best, and my favorite among them is blue, all types of blue. Also, while your telling your favorite color, try to guess what my Dad’s is, you’ll probably not get it....
  17. Echolight

    Play Tri Force Heroes Together

    @Dizzi @MapelSerup and anyone else. Hey guys! We can play Tri Force Heroes together, if you want. Please post your friend code so we can connect. My friend code is: 2337-4640-1665 Lets play! *Must be from the USA, silly regional thing*
  18. Echolight

    Favorite book genres

    What are your favorite book genres? I personally like fiction best, fantasy, ghost mysteries, and books with lots of emotion in it. Also books where at least one character dies in it. (It makes the book WAY more attached to you once someone you like dies in it, and that makes a REALLY good book)...
  19. Echolight

    More Memories In BOTW??

    What if Zelda actually kissed link in Botw, but Link doesn’t remember. I think if he has memories about those times in the sequel, and he finds out they loved each other, it would be really cool. That could be what Zelda is talking about when she asks if he remembers her. If he remembers the...
  20. Echolight

    Midna’s Lament RP Thread (Sign Ups)

    (Spoilers if you haven’t played Twilight Princess) Ok, @Twilight Shadows and I made this rp thread, enjoy <3 After Link defeating Ganon, and Midna closing the only way to the light world, she finally went back to her own realm, The Twilight. Before, she had fallen in love with Link, and maybe...
  21. Echolight

    Should Link be Playable??

    We are all really excited about the upcoming game, botw 2. But, who will be the protagonist in the game? Link, or Zelda? I personally think both, but some people want only Zelda to be the playable protagonist and Link not at all. What do you think, should Link even be playable?
  22. Echolight

    How do put my blog on the list of blogs??

    I am thinking of putting a blog up, and they have general blogs, but how do you get on the list of blogs?
  23. Echolight

    Echo Avatars

    I can make avatars for people :) I will not do sigs, just avatars. Will make them with pencils, colored pencils, and markers. The reason I will not do sigs is because they are usually a small rectangle shape, and I can’t really make small, rectangle photos. They are free, for now.
  24. Echolight

    The Great Journey RP thread (sign ups)

    A tribe of cats that lives in the mountains is attacked by ferocious wolves. They try to defend their home, but with the shortage of prey, they are weak and hungry, so the wolves eventually drive them out. They have to explore into the unknown, get stronger, and go and defeat the wolves once and...
  25. Echolight

    Cats vs Dogs

    Which one do you like best? I am more of a cat person really, I have seven cats, ranging from 10 yrs old to 1 yr old. They are just so fluffy and cute! I mean, who could hate this:
  26. Echolight

    BOTW 2 fanfic

    Welcome to my little fanficion corner, where funny, sad, or cute stories I make are posted. None of the art I use in this thread belongs to me.
  27. Echolight

    THE ADVENTURE: A Botw Fanfic

    Link had just finished defeating the four divine beasts, and he was on his way to defeat Ganon, when two unlikely people joined up with him.
  28. Echolight

    My warrior cat comic (Opens in April)

    my good warrior cats comic come and see!
  29. Echolight

    Echolight's art

    my 'good' art
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