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  1. MohakVaati

    NES Link on Farmville

    Wow, that is really cool. Man, that's something I would never think of...
  2. MohakVaati

    The Music of Spirit Tracks

    I loved the music in Spirit Tracks. It was just so......Zelda-ey. The overworld theme, like you said, was excellent. I'm really glad that they put such excellent music in this game. Once I heard the music, I was immediately convinced that this game would be very good.
  3. MohakVaati

    Pikachu Voice Actor

    Wow! That's pretty cool. I haven't seen that before, so I think it's really neat...
  4. MohakVaati

    Temple of the Ocean King

    Yeah, I hated this place. I mean, it was cool the first few times around, but repeating almost everything...UGH. That really annoyed me. If it weren't for the little checkpoint, I would have given up and not finished the game ever. It's funny though, one time, I kept stopping in places that...
  5. MohakVaati

    If Zelda Wii Were Like Zelda 2 and More Thoughts on the Ghost Girl

    Welcome. Yeah, they most likely will not make it like AoL. I think it would be pretty cool, but not something they would do. Unless it were some spinoff game.
  6. MohakVaati

    Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver(the Official Thread)

    March 14th? URGH... That's a long time for me :(... What to do till then?
  7. MohakVaati

    Favorite Retro Console

    SNES. Such an awesome console, it had some of the best games.
  8. MohakVaati

    Times You Thought "Hmm..."

    Am I the only guy that doesn't actually hate Navi. I mean she might have been a little annoying, but she was more helpful than, say, Midna. Plus she said "Listen" in a funny way.
  9. MohakVaati


    I don't watch that many anime shows but I do watch Bleach, Dragonball, and Death Note.
  10. MohakVaati

    New Theory on Swordless Link in Zelda Wii

    I never actually thought she resembled the Master Sword. The funny thing is that right before the first time I stumbled on this picture, I was reading about the Fairy Queen. I instantly thought they were the same, or at least similar.
  11. MohakVaati

    Better Than Phantom Hourglass?

    IMHO, Spirit Tracks is much better than Phantom Hourglass. First off being on land just feels better. The music is really great. Graphics are a bit better than Phantom Hourglass. It's harder and the puzzles are much more fun. Boss fights are truly epic, and a lot of fun. The game also uses the...
  12. MohakVaati

    Release Now December 9th, Not the 7th...?

    The 8th?? 0_o Weird. Around here it says the 7th. I'll have to check that out though.
  13. MohakVaati

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    I can't find my ssbb disc, so I haven't played in a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. I remember I played with Luigi and Toon Link. My worst would probably be olimar(ironically my brother's best is him, he owns with him).
  14. MohakVaati

    God of War Series

    I have I and II and I borrowed chains of olympus. I really can't wait till the third comes out.
  15. MohakVaati

    Professor Layton

    I've played through some of curious village, and I liked it. I might get the Diabolical Box soon.
  16. MohakVaati

    Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    I don't have it but I've seen it and it looks pretty good. I'm still debating whether or not I should buy it, I might buy it soon though.
  17. MohakVaati

    Phantasy Star Online

    I wish I've played them, I played some universe on my 360, and it was pretty good.
  18. MohakVaati

    Got the Game

    There's more sidequests in the game than PH. I just did the tower of spirits the third time, it was pretty hard.
  19. MohakVaati

    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    Same here, came out when I was two. It was also the first Zelda game I played, I used to watch my older brothers play it, But I didn't play it till I was 6.
  20. MohakVaati

    When Do You Plan on Getting Spirit Tracks?

    I would get it the day it comes out, but of course, I just bought a game, and even though I will pay for it, my mom willn't let me get it. So probably after new year's.
  21. MohakVaati

    Games You Bought Recently

    I just today bought New Super Mario Bro's Wii, and it's really good. Multiplayer is awesome.
  22. MohakVaati

    Oracle of Seasons vs Oracle of Ages

    I'm pretty far into both of those games, and LA, too, and I've got to say that they're up there on my favorites list, for sure. But, I can't decide which one I like best, they are both fun in their own ways.
  23. MohakVaati

    Spirit Tracks, Boomerang, Spirit Flute, Whirlwind

    Hmm... I never saw that boomerang video, looks pretty good. Nice ice and fire idea.
  24. MohakVaati

    Spirit Tracks Multiplayer Gameplay

    I like this new multiplayer, it seems pretty cool. Can't wait to try it :D:D
  25. MohakVaati

    Age of the Characters..

    Yeah, I don't like it that much either. I mean, golly, they're pushing the limits. Well at least link isn't and old guy though, I would be pretty darn mad if he was...
  26. MohakVaati

    Which Character Would You Be?

    I have no clue....Link.....'s........Uncle? I think he is all right, I guess.....
  27. MohakVaati

    Anookies and Yetis

    It's possible... Yeti's lived up in mountains, so they wouldn't get flooded.
  28. MohakVaati

    Which Zelda Games Have You Played?

    I've played and/or own: The Legend of Zelda (halfway done) Alttp(Not done, forgot how far I got) Oot(Finished) MM(Finished) OoS(I have it but I don't have a gameboy color, go figure) Wind Waker (Have it, didn't play too much, bro sold it, but I plan on buying it again) Minish Cap (Finished)...
  29. MohakVaati

    Zelda Wii at E3 2010? Fresh Changes?

    Cool, I really hope they make some things different, but keep some things the same, you know, the small things that make a Zelda, a Zelda.
  30. MohakVaati

    First Spirit Tracks Commercial

    I like the commercial, it's pretty cool, good idea, but it kind of reminds me of some other game commercial I saw recently, but I forgot the name.
  31. MohakVaati

    Minish Cap: The 3D/2D Zelda

    I do agree that it felt more like the 3D Zelda's than most of the other 2D's did. The first time you did the thing where Ezlo was like a parachute, I was immediately reminded of Wind Waker :P
  32. MohakVaati

    Bosses too Easy?

    Yeah, some of them looked so cool(Fyrus comes to mind) but were easy, or at least easier than you would expect.
  33. MohakVaati

    A Partner That Doesn't Leave (possible Spoilers)

    Of course there is the possibility of Link leaving Zelda...
  34. MohakVaati

    Heart Pieces Will Be in ST!

    I really am hoping it's heart pieces. The lack of heart pieces bored me in PH.
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